18 Super Profitable Blogging Niche Site Ideas 2023.

blog niche ideas

People are now more focused on niche blogs and websites as the trend of creating a multi-niche site has ended. The only way to do blogging with profit as an individual is by finding a niche topic.

Finding ideas for a blog is not an easy task. You must know the subject that you are blogging about.

Also, going with the trend in blogging will fail your blog if you are not interested in writing about the topic. Other than that, to become a successful blogger, you need to have qualities such as.

  • Interest in a specific topic.
  • Passions and deal with failures.
  • Writing knowledge on the web.

The niches that I have listed are done by researching the topic. Also, people were searching about this topic on the internet.

Notice: Degreesetup.com does not guarantees that these niches will generate profit for you. It entirely depends on your work, effort, and skills to make your blog profitable.

1. Remote jobs/Work From home.

“Work from home” this trend become popular since the covid began. As the pandemic broke out across the globe, it was hard for people to leave their homes and work outside.

As this started a new trend of working from home or you can say remote jobs for people. It can be a potential topic for creating content.

As many people still don’t know, you can create a blog on this space and share your knowledge if you have worked at home or previously done remote jobs.

Remote jobs are not new to people who have previously worked as freelancers and can understand what they require to set up a workplace at home. Other than that, as industries and companies are getting utilized these days, working from home will be adapted by a lot of people in future too.

To start a blog about this topic, you can write content about it.

  • Things required to work at home.
  • Things to do to get a remote job.
  • How people can do a job being at home.
  • Time management.

Earning can be done thru – Display ads and affiliate marketing.

Note: Display ads are the most common way to make money in all the blog niches. You can join any ad network, such as Mediavine, Ezoic, or Adsense.

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2. Vegan LifeStyle.

To start a blog about the vegan lifestyle, you should first practice it. You should include plant-based food items and avoid animal-based products in your daily routine. After doing so, you can write about your daily routine in your blog posts.

This is a good niche as the vegan lifestyle has become quite popular, and many people practice it from various regions.

There are multiple topics that you can cover on your blog. Some of the ideas I have found on the internet are.

  • Vegan recipes.
  • Protein alternatives.
  • Nutrients in vegan food.
  • Common questions about vegans.

Many topics have not been covered in this niche. If you cover them, you can create a super helpful resource for your audience and gain profit from it.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliates’ products, Cooking Utensils, and display ads.

3. Gaming Culture/E-Sports.

The gaming industry is more than $300 million, with approximately 3 billion active players worldwide. With this number of users, you can understand how valuable this topic is.

Gaming is a good niche from both user’s and monetization’s points of view. If you create a successful full blog on this topic, there is no doubt that you won’t make a profit from it.

There are 3 billion players worldwide; you will also face competition while writing the content.

If you are a gamer, you can discuss a single topic on your blog or create a micro niche gaming blog. This is helpful, and you may get positive results quickly.

Check out ten micro niche gaming blog ideas.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate links to gaming-related products and ads.

4. Fashion Trends.

Fashion is a fast-moving trend, and it changes in a short period. If we compare it with other niches, it is pretty competitive, as there are too many players in the industry.

However, in every niche, there is a loophole. You have to find one and write content about it. There are

Fashion bloggers can make millions annually if they put quality content with maintaining consistency.

You can also create a fashion blog with easy steps. But it would be best if you kept an eye on the latest trends and what’s popular in the market.

Other than that, you can include things like.

  • DIY Tips.
  • Fashion hacks.
  • Shopping tips.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate links to clothing products and ads.

5. Digital Skills.

Today, you must be sound digitally to make your business or anything you want to make popular online.

Today’s digital industry is worth billions of dollars as every company must be on digital platforms. There are hundreds of skills you can learn online and teach others.

Choosing the niche of digital skills is the most competitive today as most tech giants are already dominating the market by creating content.

You can learn any skill by doing any course offline or online. Work in the same industry and share your opinion and experiences by creating a blog.

You can create many blogs in the digital space.

  • Content creation.
  • Data security and analytics.
  • Web designing.
  • Content editing(Images and Videos).
  • Digital marketing.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate ads, sponsorships, display ads, and much more.

6. Investing.

Investing is a serious topic, and I would not recommend you create a blog near this niche if you don’t have experience with investing.

Google also says you can create a blog and publish content on search engines. If you copy-paste the tips and ideas from other platforms, your blog will not even rank.

You may be eligible to start a blog under this topic if you have been investing for an extended period. Other than that, you can also share your personal experiences as well.

There are new topics that came in a few years in investing industry. These ideas are.

  • Investing in NFTs.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Property.
  • Bonds.
  • IPOs.
  • Insurances.
  • Retirement funds.
  • Business partnership.

Read the complete list of micro niche ideas to know more about investing.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate links of investment platforms.

7. Smartphones and Computers.

This is no new topic. There are thousands of blogs about smartphones and computers, and if you create a blog in the same traditional way, no one will come to your blog.

You must think out of the blue to succeed in this niche. Just writing news and specification about the latest phones and computers will not generate profit for you.

People change their phones within a few months, and they do this after getting news from social media platforms or reading news on blog posts.

Similarly, the trend of buying computers and laptops has increased as people create more content for the web. Almost every small or medium company hire people with knowledge of computers.

You can create content for this niche by writing about any niche topic.

  • Smartphone chargers.
  • Camera lenses.
  • SSD.
  • Cover, skins, and cases.

Earning method – Amazon affiliates.

8. Sewing.

Sewing is out of a box niche. Many people don’t even think about creating a blog. As this topic needs the expertise to write, usually the competition is less.

Today most people buy clothes from online shops, and most of their outfit does not go well with the fitting. So most of them choose to tailor it instead of returning the product.

If you know sewing or have a basic idea about it, that is an excellent reason for you to create a blog on this topic. Most women prefer to sew their clothes on their own, and they find tips about doing on the internet.

Writing blog posts lets you share sewing tips, answer simple questions, and connect with others.

Things you can write about.

  • Sewing machines.
  • Cloth fabrics.
  • Buttons for clothes.
  • Sewing by hand tips.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate links to sewing products.

9. Real Estate.

Land and property are the only assets that most people buy or sell once in their lifetime. Before taking action, they do a lot of research work.

A blog about real estate dealing with common questions a buyer or seller has in their minds can be a good thing to start.

If you are working in this industry as a property dealer or as an employee in any such company, you can create a blog and solve most of the property-related issues thru your content.

You can create content about it.

  • Property tax-related issues.
  • Land prices.
  • Agriculture land.
  • Property mutuals.

Earnings can be made thru – Commissions and local display ads related to property.

10. Side Income Ideas.

Today people with day jobs are doing side hustles to earn extra money. However, most people want to do the same but don’t find ideas for a second job.

People spend most of their time on the internet, so they can utilize this by creating a side hustle.

You can sell products on e-commerce sites and create social media pages about a specific product using the internet.

You blog or do things like that.

  • Open an e-commerce website.
  • Sell products on amazon.
  • Give technical help.
  • Consultations.
  • Home tuitions.

Earnings can be made thru – Ads and affiliate networks.

11. Organic Farming.

As of now, most of us are eating chemical-farmed food products. This is leading us to a short life span and early symptoms of diseases like diabetes and blood disorders.

If you are interested in organic farming, you can create a blog or youtube channel to share your views and experience with people.

First, you have to learn about various techniques in organic farming, then implement them on your land or area and share the experiences thru writing content.

Most people think farmers don’t use tech to research and find ways to improve their cultivation. This is a niche topic; only a few people will come to your blog, but you will get high conversions on products like this.

  • Fertilizers.
  • Agricultural machinery.
  • Tractors.
  • Harvesters.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate products.

12. Adventure Sports.

Millions of people around the world do adventure sports. Also, thousands of them try every day a new sport for the first time.

There are more than 100 types of adventure sports that you can create a blog on. Among them, cycling is one of my favorite ones. If I got time, I would have created a blog on cycling.

You also choose any topic you like and blog about it. There is massive scope for bloggers to earn a good amount of income from this niche.

If you live near mountains, you can write about mountain bikes, and live near beaches. You can create content about surfing.

Doing this will increase your blog authority, and people can easily trust your content.

Earnings can be made thru – Recommending links to sport-related products such as scuba diving gear or mountain bikes.

13. Home Studios.

As more and more people create content, they need a workspace. No matter what content people are creating.

Whether blogging or creating a video, most creators do this at home by setting up their studios.

If you have been creating content for quite a long time, this topic is best for starting your blog.

Now, if you already have this on a youtube channel, that’s great! But if you create the same type of content in writing, that may help you immensely.

You may rank for both search results in video and on the web. To create a blog on this niche, you can share what types of computers, lights, chairs, and soundproofing things you have used at your studio.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate links to computers, chairs, and soundproofing panels.

14. Movie Facts.

After watching a movie or a web series, do you search for it on the internet?

Movie and series fans are pretty interested in all these things. You can create a blog with a solid fan following on a specific movie franchise or website.

I read a lot of things about a movie before watching it on a big screen. As a movie lover, if you are interested in blogging, this niche idea is excellent for you.

Choose a movie topic that is common and general, for example.

  • DC universe movies.
  • Marvel Studios.
  • Superheroes movies.
  • Thriller movies.

These are some topics that you can write about on your blog. Meanwhile, people also search about.

  • Movie watch time.
  • Release dates.
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Actors names.

15. Electric Vehicles.

If you own an electric vehicle, car, or bike, you can create a blog about this topic and share your experiences with others.

EVs are the future, and many countries have declared that they will go all-electric in the next 10-20 years.

This is a good and emerging topic for all new bloggers out there. You can create a blog and write about things like.

  • Chargers for electric vehicles.
  • Electric connection for a home to charge an EV.
  • Problems faced by EV owners and much more.

All these questions are common and will start rising in people’s minds when they start purchasing these products. This is a golden chance to start a blog on this topic.

Earning can be made thru – Affiliate links of products for Ev cars and bikes.

16. Space Tourism.

Space tourism is not started yet, but people have been talking about this since late 2021. It is an expensive topic and needs extra attention to detail if you want to create a blog on this topic.

A person who knows space and astrophysics and is well qualified in all these things is the best person to create articles on this topic.

Space tourism is expensive, and only financially sound people can do these things. So you can create a blog about this topic and provide related information.

  • Type of space tourism.
  • Medical information.
  • Fights that are going to be used.
  • Prices.

Earnings can be made thru – Advertisements.

17. Internet Of Things.

The products we use daily that have internet connectivity can be named a product of the internet of things.

As people use the internet more often and the number of users is also increasing, the products we use daily are also being changed by technical advancements.

The main changes are that the products can easily be connected to the internet and operated remotely. This is mainly done to make our lives convenient.

You can choose this topic as your blog’s niche, as finding a topic is hassle-free due to product availability.

People have already started using intelligent products like TVs, fridges, AC, and smartphones, and you can write related content.

  • Buyers guide.
  • Repair solution.
  • Hacks.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate products.

18. Shoes

Shoes are popular and have billions of consumers. Per reports, 19 billion shoes were sold last year; with that number, you can imagine how many people may have searched for shoes online.

Creating a blog about this topic can make your blog popular if you know shoes. Some collectors buy shoes for their hobbies, and sneakerheads only invest in sneakers.

On your shoe blog, you can write content about:

  • Latest shoes.
  • Shoe caring tips.
  • Shoe care products.
  • Restoring shoes.
  • Tips for buying shoes.

Earnings can be made thru – Selling shoes(dropshipping) or affiliate links related to shoes.

19. Blog for Content Creators.

If you own a youtube channel or have a decent number of followers, you can start a blog about content creation and setting up a home studio.

Most content creators in the starting phase don’t know how to conduct things like research, execute, shoot and edit videos.

You can write easy hacks about making video content and initial gears; most individuals can use and easily create their content.

Earnings can be made thru – Affiliate and sponsored links.

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