16 Blog Authority Increasing Tips Worthy To Read In 2023!

Blog authority

If you have recently started blogging and want to create blog authority, you must know it in detail. In this post.

There are a lot of factors that can make your blog authoritative, but many people don’t know about them. They don’t even practice certain things.

But what is an authority blog, and how can it help your blog grow on the internet?

An authoritative blog contains original information with detailed research and analysis about a specific topic. The blog author should have expertise in a particular niche to write comprehensive descriptive content. An authoritative blog ranks higher on search engines and brings traffic.

When a blog covers almost all the queries and topics related to a specific niche and provides detailed information to its readers, it can be called an authoritative blog.

If you have heard the term “authority blog” for the first time, don’t worry. I also had the same question when I started content writing and blogging a few years back.

But I sometimes failed in various blogs as I focused more on multi-niche topics. I had to learn new things about SEO and Blogging.

Now, you can learn to create authority for your blog by paying for or buying courses from digital marketers and Seo experts.

Build an authority blog with these steps.

steps to create blog authority on your niche

1. Your expertise in the niche.

Before starting your blog, you have to question yourself these things –

  • Why have you created it?
  • Have you got knowledge about the topic?
  • Do you have an interest in writing the topics on your niche?
  • How will you make money from it?

All these four questions are connected to one thing, expertise, or interest of yours.

If you are not interested or have expertise in a specific topic, your blog will not succeed. Here, expertise does not mean you must get a certificate or degree from any institution to run a blog.

Expertise comes with experience and original research. Writing this blog post took me over a week as I researched various things on various platforms.

In my research, I included.

  • Article reading.
  • Watching videos.
  • Reading white papers.

Also, I have been doing work on this for more than five years now, so I like to learn and write about these topics.

Other than that, I also gained interest over time in SEO and Blogging. So I choose this(SEO) as a niche for my blog.

You can choose anything you like but don’t run after money. As I have observed, many bloggers choose high C.P.C. topics, but their blogs fail due to a lack of knowledge and interest. Because they don’t have diverse knowledge about the topic, their interest gradually reduces.

If you want to know more about niche websites, read this article I have written – Read about niche blogging by clicking here.

For example, create a blog about gaming if you are interested in gaming. Don’t blindly follow others and jump to write things about digital marketing, tech blogs, and other things after money.

Get access to hundreds of micro niche site ideas

2. Important pages and contact information.

degreesetup blog footer for blog authority

To create authority in the blogging field, you must create some vital pages before doing any other work.

This also helps your visitors to get connected with you. If they have queries about a specific topic, they can ask directly thru the mail or using social profiles. Also, many companies may contact you after your blog gets famous for advertising opportunities.

  • About Us Page Tell about yourself, your blog, your plans, why you have started blogging, and your educational background.
  • Privacy Policy Page – Mention how you will use your users’ data here. This includes their name, e-mail address, and personal information. If you use WordPress, it automatically creates a privacy page.
  • Legal Disclaimer Page You must have a legal disclaimer page if you sell any product or have a YMYL site. This prevents you from suffering any legal issues from the users.
  • Contact Us Page On the contact page, if you sell products or have a local business. You must include your address and contact details such as e-mail, phone number, etc. So that it can create trust and people can reach out to you if you provide any service in your area.

If you don’t know how to write on these pages, you can look at the page generator on the links above.

3. Make social media profiles.

Now social media profiles are essential for creating authority. It is a kind of signal that makes your content valuable.

But what should you include in your social media profile to make your website/blog worthy?

Types of content you can create on your social media profiles.

  • Memes.
  • Reels.
  • Information posts related to your niche.
  • News.

Suppose you have a Facebook and Instagram account. You can write a few lines about your blog or website. And also, add other platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest to get external links from your blog.

You can gain followers or create a community around your niche on social media pages and get connected directly with your readers.

You can also ask for suggestions and recommendations about content from your readers.

Sometimes Google manually checks the websites. If you include social signals, it makes your blog trustworthy.

How to gain followers on your social media profile thru your blog?

You can practice things like gaining followers on your social media profile.

  • You can create a giveaway contest on your social media.
  • You can go live and chat with people similar to your niche.
  • If your blog is doing well, sharing tips with other bloggers would benefit you in gaining followers.

4. Unique content.

“Content is the king” no matter what platform you use, whether youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or blogging. To succeed on all these platforms, you need to have unique content.

When most people start blogging, they copy other blog posts, add some of their ideas, summarize them, and publish them on their blog.

Doing this will waste your time and will not bring traffic to your blog, nor will your content it rank on the SERP pages.

If you want to stand out in blogging, write unique content. But how will you do so?

Unique content contains.

  • Original research.
  • Using real images.
  • Use of graphics(Infographics, Data) and self-made videos.
  • Personal experiences.
  • Honest reviews, polls, interviews with experts, and discussions in forums.

While writing content, avoid using tools such as Ai content writers. Because using them, you won’t get any benefit from it.

5. Do original research.

Original research may take a couple of hours or a week to bundle up your content, depending on your writing post or topic.

But you can reference other blog posts to understand how others rank for writing a particular post.

Here are some suggestions for doing original research while writing the post.

  • Visit government websites if you write any data-related posts to get the most accurate figures.
  • You can watch the news to get detailed information about a trending topic.
  • Ask questions on or survey social media groups and forums and include them in your post.
  • Read research papers if you are writing on topics about science and technology.
  • If writing about a product. First, buy it and visit its official website to learn more, then provide your experience after using it for 3-5 days.

6. Become an expert on forums.

A few years back, I made an account on Quora, where I used to provide answers related to SEO and blogging.

Now I have many content views on Quora’s profile and ask questions about something I don’t know about.

There are many experts on Quora worldwide. They provide the best and most authentic answers to your questions.

You can share your knowledge on this platform and give a link to your blog. With this, you will get a backlink from Quora, and you may also get traffic from there.

7. Create Google My Business Listing.

If you want to increase the revenue of your business locally, you must list your business and services on the google my business platform.

This will make your presence online and help your blog/website authority as clients and users visit to take your services.

People also give reviews on google my business, so make sure to provide your clients with the best quality products and services.

You will see a tremendous increase in traffic from your city or state if the reviews are positive and have good ratings.

Click here to create your Google business profile.

8. External linking to authoritative sources.

Many people don’t practice external linking on their blogs. If you don’t know, external linkings are among the SEO factors.

But while you link out external sources, link to a trustworthy website such as Wikipedia, WebMD, Google, Research Gate, etc.

But linking sources externally should only be done when it’s needed. You should link to external sources when the topic is susceptible, needs lots of evidence, or belongs to the YMYL category.

It also gives search engines a signal to provide valuable information to users.

Remember, one thing doesn’t give external links to poor websites and pages. This will decrease your authority overall.

Getting featured on someone’s blog is not that easy. There are two things you need to do.

  • Guest posting.
  • Get millions of traffic, make your blog famous, and get featured on multiple websites.

Now guest posting does not work as much today as it used to work several years ago, but if you have gained experience in content writing and your blog is 6-8 months old. People might give you a chance to write on their website.

This way, you can increase your authority and ask for backlinks for your blog. But it would be best to remember to reach out to those blogs relevant to your niche.

10. Create newsworthy content.

Writing content on trending topics can make your blog appear on the Google news feed. However, new websites and blogs can take time to appear on the news feed. Reading guidelines can help you to appear on the news feed.

You need to do things to make your post appear on the google news and Discovery feed.

  • Do not mislead your readers.
  • The date and author’s name should appear on the post.
  • Contact information.
  • Information source.

11. Give interviews or appear on other’s blog

Appearing on others’ blogs is the best way to make some connections; by doing this, you gain some popularity in your community.

You can approach other bloggers in your community and exchange your views on each other’s blogs. By doing this, you will get many advantages and multiple benefits.

  • Backlinks.
  • Popularity.
  • Free advertisements.
  • Gain new followers and visitors to your site.

12. Community collaborations.

To become famous in your niche and gain authority, you must make professional relationships with other bloggers.

You can create content for their blog or youtube channel and get a pitch or shoutout from them for your blog.

This will help both parties, even if they share or create content in the same industry. Here’s how you can help them.

  • Write guest posts.
  • Give suggestions.
  • Help each other with website designs.
  • Youtube scripts.

13. Not getting panalities.

Websites with penalties for putting content on their blog that violates the policies of search engines can harm the blog authority. Search engines don’t like these kinds of blogs and de-rank them from the rankings.

To build blog authority, your content must comply with search engine policies and avoid getting penalties from Google.

With time and creating content with consistency, your blog will appear on the first pages of search engines, which will increase your blog authority.

14. Backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the major factors for ranking on search engines. The more backlinks you have, your blog’s authority will be better.

Some bloggers create backlinks by doing things like.

  • E-mail marketing.
  • Collaborations.
  • Writing sponsored posts on others’ blogs.

But I avoid these things as the response rate is relatively low. Below is one of the best things I have learned to create backlinks on my blog.

  • Creating infographics.
  • Providing data.
  • Showing actual research on your posts.
  • Reviewing products by first-hand experince.

15. Industry outreach.

Industry outreach is reaching out to people similar to your niche to get exposure in your community. This can be done quickly through e-mails, industry outreach, Applauding others, and doing reviews.

People who accept your invitation may work with you or feature your content on their platform. Hence this is a great way to make your blog authoritative.

16. Creating content clusters or topical authority.

Topical authority increases when you write in-depth information or 10-15 posts about a specific topic. You have to create a content cluster on your blog for each topic. When you do this, the possibility of topical and blog traffic increases.

Note: Getting backlinks from websites on your niche will be called quality backlinks and help your blog to gain authority.

Does blog authority increase over time?

Blog authority increases with time as your website or blog starts getting old, and your published content also starts getting on top. If you stick to the same niche and publish content constantly regularly in a short period, you will gain authority.

You should also know some essential things about blog authority and how it increases over time.

  • Major authoritative sites may link you to your blog niche if you create linkable content.
  • Updating your old content with current trends and updates is also a significant reason for increased blog authority.

Practice all these things, and you are good to go.

What is E.A.T in blogging?

Google E.A.T. comes from the quality raters’ guidelines, which tell you to create original and trustworthy content.

  • Expertise – As an expert in a particular niche, you must produce content like an expert. Before writing any content, read about it and write positive and negative points.
  • Authoritativeness – To create authority, as I have mentioned above. Be authentic and share original information. If you are an enthusiast, point out links to original and genuine content where you have done the research. Also, only link out to that site that has high authority.
  • Trustworthiness -To build trust with your readers, write new content and write about your personal experiences with images taken by you. You can also embed videos from youtube if you have any.

E.A.T. is one of the essential parameters for SEO, and before this update, many deceptive sites were ranking on search engines. But now, users can quickly get relevant and trustworthy information after this update.

Read this searcher quality evaluator guideline to have more deep knowledge.

Why should you care about YMYL?

Your money your life(YMYL) topics involve finance, medical, mental state, and investment. Before writing content on these topics, you must strongly build your E.A.T. profile.

Suppose you are an individual. I recommend not choosing any YMYL content. But if you do, you should include your educational qualifications. This is a must-do practice to build authority.

Before starting the YMYL topic, you must consult an expert.

For example, if you want to start a blog in a health-related can, you can take their advice or link their bio to your post to make it authoritative if you know any doctor or physician time.

Similarly, you can take advice from others with expertise in a particular field and link them to your blog.

How much time does it take to make your blog authoritative?

Once you create content for a new blog or website, getting a reasonable amount of traffic may take 6-8 months. And ranking many websites or blogs is also based on algorithms and various factors.

Here are some tips you can use to create your blog authority quickly.

  • During the initial start, make sure to target long-tail keywords.
  • Write atleast two blogpost per week.
  • Do not run after backlinks and content promotion.
  • Focus more on content research.
  • Create social media profiles.

Can anyone create an authority blog?

Creating authority in a particular niche is not a cup of tea for everyone. First, the person who wants to start a blog should have some technical knowledge about blogging. Secondly, they should have good interest and knowledge about the topic.

Building authority in a blog takes time. No one can say that a blog will fail or succeed.

Let’s understand with a simple example, suppose you are a doctor and want to create a blog about health, and the first post you figured out to write is “How to cure cancer?”.

Curing cancer is a YMYL topic, and thousands of articles have been written on this topic, no matter if you are a doctor. Your post has a very low chance of ranking on the first page.

This happens because there are many high-authority websites; you will not outrank them quickly instead of writing about an essential and high-value topic. You can write about the best cancer research in your area.

You will rank much faster, and you will also get potential patients.

What is DA PA in the authority blog?

Moz calculated D.A. (Domain Authority) and P.A. (Page Authority). This rating has no relation to the ranking factor.

  • Domain Authority – Domain authority means how your domain is ranking in a specific niche on the SERP pages.
  • Page Authority – Page authority is based on how your content ranks on the SERP pages. Page authority is rated on a single page.

Both D.A and P. A is measured on a scale of 1 to 100.

  • Low page authority – 1 – 20
  • Below Average – 20-40
  • Above Average -40-60
  • Good -60-80
  • Excellent -80-100.

FAQ about authority blog

How do you establish blog authority faster?

Creating quality content with proper research and proof can make your blog better.

Does an authoritative blog easy to monetize?

An authoritative blog attracts traffic as it appears on top pages, so you can monetize and earn money from it.

How to find affiliate programs for the authoritative blog?

If your site has traffic, add a few lines about taking affiliate commissions to your site so the companies will make contact with you.

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