12 Real-Life Q&A Questions You Can Ask To Youtubers!

If you are looking for questions or ideas to ask your favorite and inspiring YouTubers, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get to know about hundreds of question ideas you can pick and ask other YouTubers.

These Q&A Questions will also give you ideas about what the audience wants to know from the content creators or YouTubers. You can prepare your answers and connect with your audiences if you have a YouTube channel.

Before you read more about Q&A Questions, here are some advantages that most YouTubers do Q&A rounds on their channel.

  • It increases video engagement rates.
  • Creators get to connect with their audiences.
  • Subscribers and other YouTubers get a shoutout by doing a Q&A round.

These are some advantages, and you will get to learn more when you start building your audience and conducting more Q&A rounds.

Let’s take a look at the questions that are highly popular and most asked in the YouTube community.

Q&A Questions that are generally asked on YouTube.

  1. What is your full name or legal name?
  2. What is your stage name or name on YouTube?
  3. How have you decided to keep your name?
  4. What is your education?
  5. What is your age?
  6. Where do you live currently?
  7. Where is your home town?
  8. How many people are there in your home?
  9. Do you live with your family?
  10. How did you start YouTube?
  11. In which year did you start your YouTube channel?
  12. How much have you studied?
  13. Did you ever go to school or college?
  14. Have you completed your college degree?
  15. What’s other people’s reaction to you being a youtube?
  16. Are you a full-time YouTuber?
  17. What was your first job before you started publishing videos on YouTube?
  18. Are you happy to become a YouTuber?
  19. What did you want to tell your subscribers?
  20. What challenges did you face when you started making YouTube videos?
  21. Did people laugh at you when you told them about YouTube?
  22. How much time did it take to make 100 subscribers?
  23. How much time did it take to make 1000 subscribers?
  24. How much time did it take to make 100K subscribers?
  25. How much time did it take to make 1 Million subscribers?
  26. How much time did it take to make 10 Million subscribers?
  27. How much time did it take to make $100 from YouTube?
  28. Is YouTube a competitive platform?
  29. Did your friends know that you make videos on YouTube?
  30. What was your first income from YouTube?
  31. How much money have you made from YouTube?
  32. How much money do you make monthly from YouTube?
  33. Are your parents happy you are a youtube?
  34. What advice do you want to give to your audiences?
  35. How many subscribers did you meet personally?
  36. Who was the craziest subscriber you have ever met?
  37. Did you ever go to Youtube Fanfest?
  38. How many YouTubers did you know personally?
  39. How many views did you get in total from YouTubers?
  40. What are your plans for YouTube?
  41. Do you have any side job apart from YouTube?
  42. What is your favorite place to visit during the holidays?
  43. How many team members do you have to manage your YouTube channel?
  44. What was your highest income?
  45. How many videos do you create in a month?
  46. How do you spend your income from YouTube?
  47. How much money have you spent on your YouTube room or studio setup?
  48. What kind of camera do you use to shoot your videos?
  49. How much time do you spend editing your videos?
  50. Which editing software do you use?
  51. What advice do you want to give emerging YouTubers if they want to get success on their YouTube channel?

Q&A Questions for technical Youtubers

  1. Why did you start a technical channel?
  2. What is your primary niche in technology?
  3. How many smartphones do you have?
  4. How do you edit your videos?
  5. Why do you make videos related to technology?
  6. Did you ever go to CES(consumer electronic show)?
  7. Who is your favorite tech YouTuber?
  8. Did you ever collab your other YouTubers?
  9. What is your favorite smartphone brand?
  10. What’s in your bag?
  11. What is in your smartphone?
  12. How many products do you review in a month?
  13. How much time does it take you to shoot a YouTube video?
  14. Do you organize giveaways for your subscribers?
  15. What topic do you cover in the technology niche?

Q&A Questions for food vloggers.

  1. How did you start food vlogging?
  2. Which restaurant did you visit recently to make a video?
  3. Do you self-record your videos?
  4. How do you keep yourself healthy?
  5. Which was the first place where you visited to make your first video?
  6. How much do you earn through food blogging?
  7. What was the most expensive food that you had eaten?
  8. Which was the most expensive place that you last visited?
  9. Have you gone to any foreign country to shoot videos?
  10. What type of food is your favorite?
  11. Do you like fried food?
  12. Are you vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian?
  13. What inspired you to make vlogs about food?
  14. How much do you spend on vlogging?
  15. Name the best dish you have eaten.

Q&A Questions for fashion YouTubers.

  1. What is the best thing on your channel that attracts your subscribers?
  2. What kind of make do you like?
  3. How many clothes do you buy each month?
  4. Which cosmetic brand is your favorite?
  5. How much time does it take you to do make-up?
  6. Which is your favorite place to buy your fashion accessories?
  7. Did you ever go to Paris?
  8. Have you done a partnership with any brand?
  9. Which actors/actresses do you find most fashionable?
  10. Who is your fashion icon?
  11. Do you read fashion magazines?
  12. Have you ever done fashion photography?
  13. Have you competed in a fashion show?
  14. According to you, which is your favorite platform where you buy your clothes?
  15. What was your dream job, and how you ended up here?

Q&A Questions for travel YouTubers.

  1. How did you start travel vlogging?
  2. What is your favorite travel destination?
  3. How many countries have you visited so far?
  4. How many more people travel with you?
  5. What was the most dangerous place that you visited?
  6. What are your monthly expenses for traveling?
  7. Have you ever collaborated with other travel vloggers?
  8. How do you make money from travel vlogging?
  9. Do you get promotion offers?
  10. Which is your motherland?
  11. Do you edit your videos, or do you have a team?
  12. What was the first place you visited?

Q&A Questions for gamers.

  1. What types of games do you like to play?
  2. What was the first game you streamed on your YouTube channel?
  3. What was your first gaming console?
  4. How much do you spend on content creation?
  5. Do you stream your games on other platforms as well?
  6. Have you ever participated in gaming competitions?
  7. Which game is your favorite among PubG, Freefire, and Call of Duty?
  8. Are you a Call of Duty fan?
  9. Xbox or Playstation, which one is your favorite?
  10. How much have you invested in your gaming studio?

Q&A Questions for Automobile Youtubers.

  1. When did you start making videos about vehicles?
  2. What is your favorite car or vehicle?
  3. What is the most expensive vehicle that you have reviewed on your channel?
  4. How do you shoot your videos?
  5. How do you get vehicles to review?
  6. What tips will you give to those who are starting a YouTube channel in your same niche?

How frequently should you do Q&A videos on your channel?

Q&A videos increase engagement on your YouTube channel. And no matter how big your channel is, conduct Q&A sessions on your channel. You can organize this weekly or every month.

As I told you, Q&A videos increase

  • Audience engagement.
  • Increase subscribers.
  • Give you new content ideas.

These questions can be applied on other social platforms as well aprt from YouTube, so implement them there, too.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please comment below and ask anything you want to.

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