How Much Money Do Blogs Earn In 2024? Know Some Important Factors.

Do you know how many people read blogs every day?

About 70%-80% of internet users read at least one or two blog posts daily! There are 5.5 billion internet users worldwide, and about 4 billion people read at least one blog post daily. It can be news or any other topic.

Most bloggers make their first $100 after 6-8 months of blogging. The earnings of a blog can be manipulated by writing a decent amount of posts. Besides that, SEO and promotion also play a vital role in blog earnings.

When a blog is over 3 years old, it is expected to earn between $500-$800 minimum just displaying the ads.

Significant factors for blog earnings

These factors affect the most in blogging. Talking about the money a blog makes is dependent on the factors below. Make sure to read them all and work on all these things to increase.

Type of content

There are various types of content bloggers can use on their blogs. However, text content is generally considered the best overall. People search the internet to find quick answers. By using both text and images in your content, you can make it easy to understand and presentable.

The more appealing your content is, the longer people stay on and interact with your website. This can increase your earnings and also help you generate leads.

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Niche of content

I have discussed this many times in my previous posts: having a niche is essential. Don’t just put any content on your blog.

For example, if you own a gardening blog and post clothing-related content, you may not attract a quality audience.

Google also states it’s better to have a niche blog than a general one, especially for individuals.

Number of posts

The more content you post on your blog, the more you earn. You need to have a clear strategy and create a content plan for your blog. Stick to one topic and cover all the content within that area. Doing so will increase your earnings and expand your post library.

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Ad network

Ad networks play an essential role in earnings. Premium ad networks such as AdThrive and Mediavine are among the best networks in Western countries, particularly the USA. Meanwhile, AdSense is regarded as the best option for South Asian countries.

In Western countries, I have observed that AdThrive offers CPC rates of up to $32 or even higher. In contrast, CPC rates in India can be as low as $0.03 USD. However, you can offset your earnings with the volume of traffic you receive.

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Affiliate network

The most commonly used affiliate network among most bloggers is the Amazon affiliate network. However, niche sites have a significant advantage even with few readers. They can promote high-return products on their blog, especially if they have a loyal audience. I’ve witnessed individuals earning $100 in affiliate commissions by selling just one product on their blog.


As mentioned, Western countries tend to have higher CPC rates, resulting in significantly higher earnings for blogs than those in Asian countries. By creating content that targets audiences in the USA, Canada, and European countries, bloggers can potentially earn up to 20 times more compared to what is typically earned in Asian countries.

For instance, I receive $12 to $18 for every 1000 visits to my blog from the USA, whereas the earnings for the same number of visits in India amount to only $0.30. This substantial difference is primarily attributed to advertisers allocating less money and investing less in advertising on digital platforms in Asian countries.


A blog starts earning after 5-6 months, and I am talking about three-digit money here. An excellent strategy to make your success by creating a unique, helpful resource that your reader appreciates. You must create more content based on their feedback and market trends around your niche.

Things that affect blogging earnings.

I came up with three critical things that affect the blog earnings most. Paying attention to each can make your earnings stable or increase with time.


Every day, thousands of bloggers publish content on their blogs, and, rarely, your blog does not have will not have a competition or a rival blog. To compete with other blogs, make sure you put the best helpful and resourceful content. If you lack in doing so, your blog will definitely lose the rankings.


Timely updation is a must in blogging. If you don’t do so, people will not get to the fresh content and stop reading your blog. Create a blog schedule where you update, add, and remove your post according to your audience’s needs.

I have seen many blogs ranked down as they stop paying attention to updation the content.

Essential things that you should know for updating your blog post:

  • Make sure to visit all your trending posts once a month.
  • List keywords using Search Console and Google Analytics and write content on those topics.
  • Remove non-performing content. This should be done every six months.

Technical awareness

Technical awareness consists of trending SEO updates and upcoming platform updates in the blogging industry. As AI programs are launched daily, we must go through these updates, know about the updates, and perform the required changes on our blog.

Will blogging still be profitable in the upcoming years?

Yes, blogging will still be profitable in upcoming years for the following reasons.

  • It is the quickest source of information.
  • AI platforms cannot replace it as they cannot do original research and have a limited dataset.
  • People like to get opinions and reactions from humans, so they read blogs.
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