I Asked Google Bard These Questions About Blogging, And Look What I Got!

Google Bard came out with unique features; as a blogger, I was curious how it would respond to the most asked questions in the blogging community. So I asked them, and let’s see what answers they gave me.

I have asked these questions about current trends and how blogging can be done using AI tools. Here is the question, and you can see these answers in short. I have come across the three most important questions right now but in future, I will surly add more content as I test more things on these AI platfroms.

How Ai Tools Will help Bloggers in blogging?

Answer – AI tools can help us in create or generate ideas, improve grammar, analyze the data, and make it easier to promote the content.

How Ai Tools Will help Bloggers in blogging

Will blogging be dead?

Answer – Blogging will not be dead because people will need the new content and AI tools can generate and summerize the content from preexisted content. So as far now if you are into blogging do it with passion.

Will blogging be dead

How to compete with other bloggers and stand out?

Answer – The best way to compete with other bloggers is by creating a unique and amazing content. If you add experiment, self tested reviews and original data then your blog and it’s content will surely rank.

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