Things To Do Before Giving Laptop For Repair

Laptops, computers, and smartphones these three gadgets have become the part of our daily life. But sometimes they get damaged, and we face some technical problems by using them continuously. So if you are planning to give someone to fix it, here are things to do before giving the laptop for repair.

Before giving your laptop to a repair shop, you need to do some of the practices given below to be on the safer side in terms of the privacy and safety of your device.

You can do these things independently or take advice from your friends or family members and ask them to help make these things possible for you.

1. Take Backups.

Backups are critical before you give your laptop for repair. Having backups means you can use the data on another device when you don’t have the main device with you.

There are two possible ways that cal helps you take backup.

  • Using cloud storage.
  • Using Hard-disk drive.

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage is best to use when you have very little data to back up because files to the cloud storage can be backed up to a certain limit, then you need to pay for it.

For photos and video storage, you can use google photos or d for photos and video storage drive, but it has a 15 Gb of backup limit. After that, you have to pay for the storage.

Hard-disk backup

You can buy or borrow someone’s hard disk to backup your important files before giving the laptop repair. It’s better to have an external hard disk as it can make things a lot easier, and it is not too expensive compared to other storage devices like SSD.

Make sure to put a password on your files if you have borrowed someones’ hard disk.

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2. Remove cache and history.

Most people don’t even consider removing cache and history from their browser before giving it for repair. As browsers save data, images, and site names in the browser, anyone can know about your privacy and what things you search on the web.

If it is your personal laptop, you should consider deleting the history from the browser because people from repair shops can sneak into your browser and your personal browsing history.

3. Logout from all social media accounts and other websites.

Social media accounts are the most sensitive thing on anyone’s laptop. Make sure if you are giving your personal device to use or repair log out from social media accounts, then handle your device.

Now, if you use too many platforms, it’s hard for you to log out from every platform. And to do it quickly, you can clear all the passwords from the browser.

4. Delete personal files.

You can either delete or hide your personal pictures, videos, and documents but don’t keep them in those folders easily accessible by anyone.

People can misuse your personal details, so it’s better to take the precaution first. You can hide the files or put the password on your personal data if you want the repair guy to see it.

5. Reset passwords or remove them.

If you are using a chrome browser, make sure to delete the saved passwords from the browser. Using too many websites, most browsers ask you to save the password, then the second time, it auto-fills the password when you revisit the site.

If you do too much banking and fund transactions, then you might be in trouble. Just delete the passwords in the auto settings, and you are good to go.

6. Get all your important documents.

If you have PDFs and documents files saved on the computer, copy it on another drive or back it up.

While repairing the laptop, the files can get deleted if you have especially saved them on the main drive or from a C drive. Suppose you got a problem with the software or operating system.

Move the files either to a secondary folder in another drive or external storage space.

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7. Make laptop easier to access.

Have passwords on a personal laptop is a must-have, but if you are giving it to someone for repair, remove all the passwords so that the guy can easily open it up to do their job.

Other than that, you can also remove the passwords from files and folders where you are getting problems. Just remember to remove the personal files in another folder.

8. Take out the secondary hard drive if possible.

Modern laptops have two storage drive units. One is a hard disk(HDD), and the second is a solid-state drive(SSD). In SSD, most important files, including the operating system and programs, are saved because it is fast compared to HDD.

And in HDD files such as photos, video, and other things are saved if you got some sensitive files, then you can remove them from the laptop. But do it only if you have handled the laptops and computers previously; otherwise, you will damage your laptop.

Here’s the video that can help you to take out Hard-disk from your laptop.

9. Estimate the cost for repair.

Repair shop guys can fool you out and take advantage of your damaged laptop and make the repair cost expensive.

To avoid this, first of all, make sure you figure out what went wrong with your laptop. For example, if there’s a technical problem or a hardware-related issue.

On average, the technical problems cost less because they format the laptop to repair them, but if it is a hardware problem related to processor or ram, it may cost you more.

Also, make sure to take the advice of 2-3 technicians or visit more laptop repair stores before you leave the laptop into a particular shop.

10. Search on the internet.

Sometimes things can fix thru the use of the internet. You can use youtube to do this as every type of video is there on the net about repairing a laptop. Figure out what went wrong with your laptop, and if it is a small issue, you can fix it at home.

But if you need to open a laptop to repair don’t do this as it will create more mess, it’s better to go to a repair store.

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What to do if your laptop won’t start?

The main problem comes when your laptop won’t start, and due to this, you cannot back up your files. In such a case, you cannot do the following things when you go to a repair store.

Ask the technician to open the laptop and give you the hard disk drive if you have two drives. As in SSD, I had previously told you that it only has OS files and other stuff, and using this, your personal files will be in your hands.

Inquire about the store before giving laptop for repair

The couple of things to do before giving the laptop for repair are as follows.

  • See the google reviews of customers nowadays every one has listed their shop on google my bussiness if the reviews and ratings are good then you can it your work done.
  • Visit atleast 2-3 shops and figure out where you can get the best repair price.

I don’t know whether this question comes to your mind or where you give your laptop for repair.

  • In a authorised service center.
  • In a local repair store.

You might be thinking that giving in a service center is best if you want things done correctly. And in a local store, the technician is not qualified to do the job right.

But as my personal experience, If you give your laptop to the service center, they will charge you with same service charge if even you got a small problem like if your laptop is hanging or some small program issues.

Normally,y authorized services centers can charge somewhere between 350 Rs – 500 Rs to repair a laptop for small issues if you are out of warranty. This is why because they have a fixed price point.

Talking about the local repair stores, they can do the repair job as low as possible but don’t buy hardware from local stores as most of them sell only compatible products.

So if you want good and genuine parts or hardware issues in your laptop, get it done from the authorized service center, and if your laptop has some software-related problems, get it done from a local nearby store.

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Things to check after getting your laptop

After the laptop is fixed, there are certain things that you need to check. Most of them are the original parts of your laptop, and make sure the guys from the store have not changed them.

To check it, what you can do is.

  • Check the device manager of you laptop and see the brand name of your internal device.
  • Check and run your laptop atleast in the repair store for 30 minutes. Dueing this time use heavy programs on your laptop to know if there’s any problem.
  • Check for programs and ask them to install the required ones.
  • Give the money only after your fully satisfied with their work otherwise you need to apy more if the problem is not fully fixed.

What to do if there’s no authorized service center in your area?

Search online if you need parts, and if there are small issues with your laptop, you can get it fixed in any local store.

What to do if someone took original parts from the laptop?

People do this is make money. They will take out the original ram and replace it will low-quality ram technology as they are cheap they can also do with other parts. In such a case, make sure you have a bill for your laptop, and then you can file a complaint.

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