We all are presently using web 2.0, which is the present state of the internet. And no wonder if you will be noticing web 3.0 soon. But what is it, and how blogs and websites will run on web 3.0.

What is a decentralized blog and website?

Web 3.0, which deals with the decentralized web, means if you create a blog or website, the data you will upload will get distributed in pieces, and only you will be able to make an update or remove it from the internet.

We are now at web 2.0, and companies such as Google, Facebook, youtube, etc. If the content you have published doesn’t meet their guidelines, they can remove it without taking your content.

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Things you will need to create a decentralised blog and website.

Decentralized domain name.

Decentralized domains work on a blockchain system, and they cannot be removed or added by anyone other than you.

These domains are accessible by private keys and can be kept in cryptocurrency wallets. The main thing is that there are no such renewal fees for blockchain domains, and buying them once will make you the permanent owner of the lifetime.

However, you can sell them and transfer them using the private keys from your wallet.

Currently, we use domain names regulated by ICANN( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). They store the data of the person who owns the domain name.

You can buy a decentralized domain name from an unstoppable domain using this link.

IPFS server system.

You need a particular decentralized hosting system known as IPFS(InterPlanetary File System) for hosting blogs and websites.

When you upload a file, they get split into many pieces and shared among many nodes. The owner of the blog is only able or remove the files from the server.

Unlike today’s hosting companies we have to pay hosting fees on a monthly or yearly basis but using decentralized blockchain tech in blog and website hosting and creating content is free for all.

Where to buy decentralized domains and make blogs?

You can buy blockchains domains from unstoppable domains by paying fees between $20 -$100 but to activate your blockchain domain you need to transfer this into a wallet and to do so you have to pay some gas fees in etherium.

For full information watch this video.

Advantages of having a decentralized website.

  • No domain renewal cost once you buy a domain name it will be valid for lifetime.
  • No hosting charges to pay as blockchain tech uses IPFS.
  • Only the owner of website can remove and add the content.
  • Domains names can also be used as crytocurrency address.

Disadavatages of having a decentralized website.

  • Not supported by the many browsers.
  • You cannot delete the content if someone have already downloaded.
  • The initial cost for purchsing blockchain domains is high compared to normal domain names.
  • Hosting websites in IPFS is comparativly slow compared to tradition web hosting.
  • Not suitable for people those who don’t have knowledge of coding.

My personal thoughts.

On a serious thought, I think blockchain technology can provide many benefits than making a website or doing a blog on it. There are flaws here in the present but They can be fixed over time.

As many browsers and search engines do not support blockchain technology now I cannot say about what’s coming next in a few months or years.

As a blogger, I will do experiments on this platform in the future and share my experience with it. But currently, in terms of SEO and hosting, I think WordPress is better to manage the blogging part.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can social media be decentralized?

    As if now at present the popular social media platforms run on a centralized servers system. But in the future, once web 3.0 and blockchain technology will gain popularity we will surely see decentralized social media platforms.

  2. Can government remove decentralized websites?

    No one can remove or delete the decentralized website and blog unless the owner or peer who has downloaded it removes it from their side.

  3. What are the platforms that people can use to access the decentralized web?

    Brave browser is among the popular platforms that people can use to access the decentralized web. You can download it on a PC or smartphone. Download it here

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