Who is Manish Pandey?

Hi, There my name is Manish Pandey ,I started this blog in the year 2018.

I got to know about blogging in the year 2017. Backthen I had no knowledge about blogging, content creation and SEO.

I created my first blog in blogger.com which was a complete disaster and it failed. But as I was curious I started investing my time to know more about digital marketing.

Back in 2018 my 3 blogs failed due because I had created a multiple niche website.

In early 2019 I got to know about content creation, Seo and all these things.

So I learned about content creation, digital marketing and seo from reading google Seo starter guide. It cleared all my questions and help me to start this blog degreesetup.com.

My education.

I did my bachelor degree in science and masters in arts with english language.
Other than that I have technical certificate as well in computer application.

How I started Degreesetup.com?

Degreesetup.com was started by me to share my technical knowledge in the field of blogging.

Here you will get to read the content related to blogging an how you can create a sustainable blog.

With over 10k+ readers monthly and growing degreesetup.com has helped many new bloggers.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.