save mobile internet data when connected to a laptop.

When we connect our smartphone to our laptops or pc they suck all the internet data we have. If you own a new laptop you probably faced this problem and we wonder how could we save mobile internet when connected to a laptop?

To save your mobile internet when it is connected to a laptop you can change or disable the settings of automatic updates in your pc. Also, turn of Pc Sync, close background applications, and turn live applications that use your mobile data. If you use HD streaming you can lower the setting to normal or SD.

Most of us get only 1-2Gb of mobile data daily and if that too is consumed all by mistake we regret that if what we have done. Let’s figure out why your laptop is consuming your internet data without your consent and how to troubleshoot this problem with some easy tips.

Ways you connect to your laptop?

There are two ways that you can connect your mobile phone to your laptop for using internet.

USB Tethering

In this method, you need a USB cable to use the internet. Just search USB Tethering on your phone settings and on it to use your internet connection. With this method, you can use the internet at high speed just like a wired internet connection. Also, you can share files and photos on your PC to mobile.

Portable Hotspot

Mostly all of us use this method of sharing internet connection with the phone to Pc. But in this, you can only use this for using the internet not for sharing your files to your computer. When we use this method we lose data because of several setting in pc has been set over ” download when wifi is connected.

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Why Your laptop is consuming so much data?

A laptop can consume all of your data in a few minutes depends on your internet speed or technology you use.

For example:- If you use a 3G modem or phone which nowadays hardly few people use you may see that data consumption is slow compared to a 4G LTE connection which 10-20 Times faster than 3G.

1. Automatic updates

Automatics updates are so far the biggest reason why you are losing your mobile data when it is connected to a laptop.

This thing is underestimated by many of the people. Also when I got my new laptop I didn’t have a fixed internet connection then so I use to use my mobile hotspot.

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2. Background applications

In your pc several backround applications may be running due to that they connect thru internet to get updates. In photoshop the creative cloud uses internet and load lot of thing on the backgorund.

3. Antivirus

I use a quick heal antivirus and several updates occur on a daily basis whenever I connect it with the internet. This may be a reason why you’re doing your mobile data.

But only 10-20 Mb of data is used by my antivirus daily not more than that. I don’t about other antivirus but as per my analysis on average they also don’t use that much internet.

The problem occurs when you uninstall or reset your PC and install the antivirus. To update it may take several Mb’s of data.

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4. Youtube Videos

I like watching videos on youtube but doing this cost a lot of data. If you watch videos on youtube on high quality definitely it will take you more data.

Here’s some data on how much internet data is consumed when you watch a youtube video for per hour.

The higher the frame rate the more you will lose data.

Video QualityData consumed/Per/HourFrame Per Second
240p225MB24-25 FPS
720p (HD)1.1GB30FPS
720P (HD)1.8GB60FPS
1080p (FHD)2.2GB30FPS
1080p (FHD)3.1GB30FPS
1440p (2K)4.2GB30FPS
1440p (2K)6.3GB60FPS
2160p (4K)10.2GB30FPS
2160p (4K)15.9GB60FPS
Data Consumption Chart Per/hour on watching youtube videos

5. Live Tiles

Most pc users use windows as their operating system and in that, you may have seen the live tiles. This mostly occurs when you are using windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10.

The tiles may be consuming your internet data for no reason. You can see the tiles by clicking on the windows icon in your pc.

Tips to save mobile internet when connected to a laptop.

As i haev told you about the factors that may causing you to lose your mobile data. Let’s check out how you can save your mobile data when it is connected to your laptop.

1. Turn Off Updates.

Turning off the automatic updates will save lot of your internet. Many of us forget to turn it off because we frequntly use a permanent wifi or a broadband connection. But when your wifi is not working or you have issues with your fixed internet whe use mobile data.

For windows Users

 save mobile internet data when connected to a laptop

Click on the windows search option > type update in the search bar > Click on the Check for updates > Click on Advance option > Off all the updates.

For mac users

Open system Prefrences > Click Logo of apple > Disable the Automatic Updates.

macos sierra auto update sc macOS Sierra

2. Turn Off Background Applications

Several applications running in the background can drain your mobile data. Applications that require internet connectivity should be closed before you use a hotspot.

You can also change the setting of applications and disable it on the startup of your computers.

Also when you use the internet from your phone try not to open one or more than 2 applications in your pc. Because you don’t know whether your app needs an update or not.

3. Limit your connected users

 save mobile internet data when connected to a laptop

There may be one or more users connected to your internet connection it’s better to limit this by going to your hotspot setting and limit it to 1 user. Also, you can change your hotspot password frequently or once in a month so that the previous connected users cannot connect.

4. Set your data limit

 save mobile internet data when connected to a laptop

You have to find the one-time data limit option and in there the default option is given to set the data limit consumption over a portable hotspot is 200 Mb.

By using this setting you can set the data consumption and once you have reached your limit the internet connection will be closed. but don’t worry you can have internet access by switching it off.

5. Watch videos on low quality

Just use 360p qualities to watch videos on youtube to save your mobile internet data. I don’t know you may have observed or not but the video which has a lot of motion will consume more data.

You can observe this when going to youtube and watch a music video on 480p and now watch a whiteboard animation video in the same quality of the same duration.

You will find that the music video will consume more data because of image s produce . whereas in the whiteboard animation video you will see that fewer data have been used.

Is using mobile data is good in your Pc?

I cannot say on this topic clearly whether you should use mobile internet data with your pc or not. If you don’t have a fixed internet connection there’s no other option left but to use your mobile phone.

Getting a fixed internet connection may need some money and due to that, most people don’t get unless their family members or friends agree to use it or sharing.

And getting mobile internet is cheap however the plans are quite expensive if you calculate it on per/GB.

So if you want to use it for browsing and simple studying purposes you can do it. But this not meant for downloading huge file types.

Remeber when using your mobile data always use a password protected connection if you do so you will be on the safer side and people around would not be able to steal your internet.

What should you do in the end?

Now you know about the things and tips on how to save mobile internet when connected to a laptop. But if you often use the internet a lot then it’s time to get a wifi or line based connection.

You can talk to your friends about this or search it on the net to get an internet connection. In this way, you save some bucks.

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