Zedge Account Suspended! What To Do Next?

If you are a Zedge content creator, ensure you can get your account suspended anytime. I am confidently writing this article because a few months back, my account was suspended. I had made $87 on that particular account in only 15 days. I used only to upload wallpapers and give my 1-2 hours a day on this platform.

One day I got an email from Zedge that my account was suspended. Well, I was pretty shocked as I had followed all the guidelines while uploading my content, but I figured out there were some flaws and mistakes I had made, so my account was suspended.

I kept on trying hard and contacted the Zedge team several times. But they replied that once the account is suspended, there is no way to get it back.

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The mistake that I Made due to which my account Zedge was suspended.

I went through my content and made the following mistakes due to my suspended Zedge premium account.

  • I have created a digital artwork of “John Wick.”
  • I uploaded a ringtone that has a tone from Supermario.
  • I uploaded a half apple that resembles the brand “Apple.”
  • I created Ai images of shoes that had the logo of Nike.

I think these reasons were enough for Zedge to suspend my account. Other than that, I would like you to read all the content guidelines before you upload any content on your creator account.

Does Zedge reverts suspended accounts?

Once accounts are suspended, they can not be restored to normal. However, after talking to Zedge customer support, they have told if a person has completed the $200 threshold and after that, the account is suspended, then payment will be made.

Tips for uploading content on Zedge Premium Marketplace.

  • Create unique content – People use Zedge for downloading wallpapers and ringtones mostly. If you post lame and simple wallpapers, hardly anyone will download them.
  • Be consistent – Upload daily so that users can get new content and choose new things each time they visit the platform.
  • Go with the trend – Find what is trending on the internet. Look for an upcoming event, special day, or festival and upload related content.
  • Be original – Do not include copyrighted images, videos, or music in your created content. This can be the main reason for account suspension.

Can we create a new Zedge account?

Yes, we can create a new Zedge account even if your old account is suspended. I created 2 new accounts after my old account was suspended.

But there are some rules that you should know and follow while creating your new Zedge account. Here are the steps.

  • First, you have to delete your account. But this is not possible on our end. Marketplace accounts can only be deleted by the Zedge support team. You need to send an email requesting to close your account.
  • Make sure to use only one Tax ID for creating your account. Don’t create multiple accounts using the same Tax ID. To create more than one Zedge marketplace account, you can use your family member’s Tax ID and create an account in their name.

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