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Delete Older Content On Your Blog

Should you delete older content on your blog? If yes, why, how, and what benefits you will get from doing this. In this post, I have mentioned all the information related to deleting your older blog post and content from your blog.

Older content(non-performing content) means your published content that does not add value to your blog. Such as it is not getting traffic, helping your blog make money, or helping your site visitors get the information they want.

If your blog is quite old now, you are eligible to delete the older content. New bloggers at least need to wait for about 8-12 months to get results on what type of content is working on their blog.

Deleting the older content is not necessary, but this increases the site’s authority.

Read about outdated content removal tools.

Should you delete older content on your blog?

There may be many reasons you should delete your older content. But if you are unaware of SEO rules, consult a professional before deleting your older posts. Otherwise, you may end up deleting the valuable posts on your blog.

Reasons why should you delete your older posts

There are multiple reasons why you should delete your older content. Some of you may know that, but some people won’t know about it. Mostly the new bloggers are those who have created their first blog.

Low traffic

The biggest reason to delete the content from your old blog is that it’s not getting enough traffic.

If you have a blog with 100 articles, you are getting about 100,000 visitors per month. With each article getting an average hit of 1000 per month. But there may be 10% of articles in your blog with under 500-100 views per month that type of content should be deleted.

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Post not structured well

The structure of the blog post is essential writing. You may not have structured tags commonly used in articles and blog posts. Here are some standard tags that you may have missed out on using.

  • H1, H2, H3….H6 tags.
  • Alt text in images.
  • Bullet points.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Images and video content.

Outdated content

The third reason to delete your content is that it has outdated content. The content about technology or information related to anything which does not exist today.

Outdated content is something that has low search frequency. Due to this, even your content appears on the first page but no one-click because they don’t want this information.

Old news

If you own a news-related website, you can delete the older news. If your site covers the nation, international and local news, you can consider deleting the local news content as very few numbers of people read this compared to the other two ones.

Does not satisfy the user intent.

Your content does not satisfy what users need. And they bounce back from your site and find the results that they are looking for.

This lowers your rankings, and you lose the small amount of traffic you were getting from other visitors too.

This happens when you write content without proper research and citations. Also, sometimes thin content on your content is unrankable on the search engines.

Content is too competative.

New bloggers with no experience in SEO and competition write content they like without researching and analyzing the competition.

Hundreds of authoritative sites may be ranking for the same content you have written.

The lack of traffic on your content is due to:

  • Same content as others has written.
  • No uniqueness.
  • Does not contain any data or original research.

What to do if you don’t want to delete the older content?

You can perform other things on your blog if you don’t want to delete your older posts. There may be many reasons for it, such as:

  • Your content may have backlinks.
  • There may be minor traffic on your content.

Update the post

To update the blog post, get new information from authoritative sources. At the same time, updating the older post change the values of stats and data if you have any with the new one and link out the external sources.

If you have images and videos on your blog, consider them changing with a new one.

Merge the content

You can merge your old content with a new one. To do this, you must copy your old content and paste it into a new post. But make sure while removing the post, delete all your URLs from the internet.

Change the title of the content.

Changing the title may also help your older blog post, but you may get 404 errors on your site.

By changing its title, you can add more content about a broader topic to your blog post.

How to delete the older content on the blog?

Deleting older content on the blog is simple, but just deleting the post from a database or CMS you are using is not enough. To delete your content entirely, you must also remove it from the internet.

If you have watched the above video, you may know how to remove the links easily from the search engines using the google search console.

But to make it easier, you can see the images below to delete your older content.

Steps to remove the content from the web.

  • Step 1 – Copy the link to the content you want to delete. It should look like (www.yourblogname.com/contanturl).
  • Step 2 – Now, visit the search console and look for the removal option in the Index tab.
  • Step 3 – Click on the new request and paste the links to your content. You can also choose “remove all URLs with this prefix” to remove the entire category.
  • Step 4 – Do this thing with the bing webmaster too. You will see a remove links option there. Just paste the link you want to remove.
  • Step 5 – Lastly, the primary step is to delete the main content from your WordPress dashboard or CMS.
ezgif.com gif maker 7
Search console URL removal tool
ezgif.com gif maker 6
Bing webmaster URL removal tool

Note: You can temporarily block a URL using these tools. To delete the URL permanently, you need to delete

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