How To Use Content Cluster And Get Traffic On Your Blog?

how to use content cluster in blogging

I have talked about many reasons why your blog fails in my previous posts but do you know it can be fixed easily if you have a niche blog?

Today you will learn about content clusters and how you can use this to increase traffic and authority on your blog. Many bloggers don’t pay attention to content clusters or groups you can easily create and benefit from. Let’s see about this topic in detail.

What is a content cluster?

The content cluster can also be called a content group, where the content is created on any single topic in large numbers. Now the numbers increase over time, but in blogging, a content cluster can be created by writing 8-12 blog posts on a single topic.

Many bloggers have complained that their blog is not getting traffic. First, I have cleared that to succeed in the blogging field. You need to have a niche on your blog.

The second thing is to develop the authority of your blog by creating more content around your niche.

Note: While writing the blog posts, do in-depth research about the topic you are writing about. Also, analyze the competition and workly accordingly; don’t copy their content.

Read what steps you need to follow to create a content cluster on your blog.

How to use it on your blog?

The easiest way to create a cluster of your content is to split the topics into pieces.

Suppose you own a blog related to golfing. To create a content cluster, find the topics you have covered most and least.

Let’s say you have three categories on your golf blog.

  • Golf clubs.
  • Bags.
  • Balls.

The main problem with your blog may be that you have covered all the topics simultaneously. For example, one day, you write about clubs, and the other day you write about bags.

This is a common mistake that most bloggers and writers make, and to avoid it, you must first cover all the topics about a single thing, such as clubs.

Write as much content as you can write in your blog about golf clubs, such it types, cost, weight, how to use them, and when to use them.

Once you write a ton of content about the clubs, you will see that you are getting traffic, and then you can move to write on the other topic.

This thing can be implemented on any blog. You just have to niche down and write every minute detail about the topic to gain topical authority.

How to distribute your content to create authority on your blog?

The content on any blog can be distributed in two ways: vertically and horizontally.

  • Verticle distribution: The main topics of the blog.
  • Horizontal distribution: The sub-topics in the main topic.
how a topic is distributed in a blog

This is just an example of how to blog topics should be distributed.

  • Topics in the red color on the top represent the main headings.
  • Topics in the blue color represent sub-topics.

You must write at least 10 in-depth posts to create a content clusters. For example, you can write about 10 blog posts about “protein-rich food.”

Here are some of the blog titles:

  1. What are the best sources of protein?
  2. How do you get protein being a vegan?
  3. Does soybean have the highest protein content?

Likewise, you must cover 10-15 posts on one topic and do the same with others. At first, when you create your blog about the topics and write about a single topic deeply, you will see the results.

What are the advantages of creating a content cluster on the blog?

Creating a content cluster is part of planning, and things go well when you do things with a plan. You can read below about the advantages of creating this topical cluster on your blog.

  • Increases topical authority – When you write about a specific topic by collecting resources and researching it deeply, the authority of that particular search term increases, and your content shows up.
  • Boost traffic – The more content you create in clusters, the higher the chances of appearing on the topic.
  • Make your blog trustworthy – After writing 10-15 posts with well-researched data, it makes your content trustworthy, and readers might come back to your blog to get information.
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