8 Best Tips To Write A Recipe Blog Post On Food Blogs

I am not a food blogger, but I love to cook, and it is one of my hobbies in my free time. But as a content writer and SEO, I have figured out many flaws in food-related blog posts that I will discuss here.

If you write food-related content on your blog, this blog post is must read for you. And after reading this, you may start writing an excellent blog post that may rank on top in many search engines.

So how to write a recipe blog post?

1. Use the original images of the food.

Almost every new blogger uses stock photos when writing content for the first time. I was also among one of them.

Stock photos are good, but you should know that thousands of people have used them either for personal or commercial use.

Instead of using stock photos, you need to click your images and post them on your blog. I know only a few people can do this, but that will make your blog stand out from others.

The algorithm of search engines will help your images rank as unique. For clicking pictures, you can use your smartphone to place the dish in a bright place to look fantastic.

Also, use portrait mode or bokeh effect to make the background burl and look professional.

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2. Use a conversational tone.

People came to know the recipe of a particular dish on your blog. They will read further about how you have prepared the dish.

This is very important while writing that you should have to use case if you are talking to someone when you write any recipe post.

You have used “I” and “you” in the place of “we” or “they” because doing so will connect the readers to your post, and it will be easy for them to prepare the dish.

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3. Write the ingredients list at the beginning.

The leading information that a searcher is looking for in a recipe post is mainly two things.

  • List of ingredients.
  • Recipe description.

These two things should be listed at the beginning of the content. After writing these two essential things, you can start your story about how your grandma taught you this recipe😂. You can write ingredients as a list in a table and mention the quantity too.

Writing these two things on the top helps search engines and people look for the answer quickly.

4. Write as per recipe schema.

Schema data is a form of microdata that helps search engines to create snippets. If you follow the instructions from the above image and write a recipe in the same format, your content from your blog will rank quickly.

While a blog post about a recipe, you should write it as per the instructions above. The information also includes categories, tags, and breadcrumbs.

  • Ingredients.
  • Cook time.
  • Method of cooking.
  • Nutritional value.
  • Category of the recipe.
  • How to prepare.
  • The number of servings.
  • Suitable for vegetarians or non-vegetarians.

5. Write step-by-step instructions.

Write a step-by-step description of the recipe in detail so that no one get’s confused while reading it.

While writing the instruction, mentioning these things in your content will be much more helpful. Try adding this information.

  • Size of utensils used to prepare food.
  • Amount of ingredients used in grams, teaspoons, or tablespoons.
  • Type of oven or gas used.
  • Garnishing items.
  • Budget or prices of items.

6. List similar food items.

After writing all this information, you should also mention similar food items that require the same ingredients. Doing so will help increase page views as readers may also read about other recipes.

This will also increase your internal links, which is good per SEO. But this technique may not be applicable for new bloggers as they may have significantly less content to link with each other.

To avoid this from the beginning, you can write about a single niche or topic, such as making a chicken in 10 or 15 various ways. By this, you can save time.

7. Use infographics.

In my previous posts, I mentioned how you could rank your content on search results by creating infographics.

Using infographics on your post makes it unique because hardly a few food bloggers add this thing to their site.

You can include serving sizes, nutritional value, and ingredients on your images and as your primary post images.

Make sure to keep the size of the infographics vertical that can be easily shared on mobile and social media platforms.

8. Use videos.

Another helpful resource of information is a video. If you have a youtube channel related to your blog, that’s amazing. Just embed your videos on the posts, and your blog will become super helpful.

If you are camera shy, then don’t worry. You create a video without showing your face or speaking anything. But make sure to edit it well and keep all the information about the recipe on the video.

For this, you can take help from your friend or family member.


If you are just started your blog, I hope that these tips may help you write a great blog post. Also, don’t forget to read more content here at degreesetup. You can also look at these blogs that I have taken the reference from to write this post.

FAQ about writing a recipe blog post.

How much time will it take to write a recipe post?

Writing a standard recipe post, it can take you about 2-3 hours. If you are working alone on your blog. Also, you can add time for the preparation of the food.

What should be the word limit of recipe blog posts?

A recipe blog post contains 800-1200 words.

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