10 Amazing Benefits Of Blogging For Businesses.

Benefits Of Blogging For Businesses

Creating a blog can be a great option if you own a business and want to increase your visibility online.

Blogs help businesses in many ways; if you don’t have one, you might miss out on something big.

As per my analysis, Almost 99% of the well-established websites have blogs. From Amazon to NASA, everyone has and creates their content.

Most blogs are on WordPress platforms, and according to its stats, about 2.75 – 3.25 million blog posts are published daily. That’s a massive number as everyone wants to be on the top.

Here you will get to know why and how creating a blog section on your website can benefit your business and get you more online exposure on the internet.

1. People get to know about you.

First, you should create a website if you own a shop. Doesn’t matter if it is small or big. Just create one so that you can appear on the search results.

A website for a year costs somewhere between $50-$80. So it is affordable even if you don’t want to do online operations with it.

Then create a blog section where people learn about your business and the types of products and services you offer.

On your blog, you can write content about.

  • User guides. (For tech-related products and business)
  • Recipe. (For bakers and caterers.)
  • How to guide. ( Use in most websites.)

2. Generates Sales.

Blogs generate sales. Thousands of bloggers, including me, write blogs on multiple topics, which can help earn a good amount of money.

For business, bringing traffic to your site and increasing sales is vital.

This can be done by targeting popular products users are searching for.

For example, If you own a gift shop and deliver products online, it would be best to write about seasonal content.

You write about ” Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas” or “Christmas gift ideas for five years olds.” While writing, you can recommend your product in between the list.

If you sell products on Amazon, paste your links on the content.

3. Get organic traffic.

Blogs and articles on your website can help to generate organic traffic. You can create a specific type of content that can generate traffic on your blog.

  • Answer a specific question by writing a response post.
  • Give brief information about the product that is popular.
  • Compare your products with others. (Make sure you follow copyright rules)

4. Get honest feedback.

After reading your blogs, your readers may give you feedback. This could be related to your content or product but make sure after writing articles, you provide a call to action signal by telling your readers to give their opinion.

Later you can use those comments as feedback and implement them to improve your business.

5. Generate Leads.

This is an intelligent way of getting e-mails from your potential customer if you are running a business. After writing the content, wait for about 5-6 months and analyze which ones are your top-performing content.

After identifying the top-performing content, you can create a newsletter and collect e-mails from your readers.

Interested people will sign up for your newsletter, and you can use their e-mails for promotions, coupon codes, or freebies.

6. Build a niche community.

Business blogs and websites are super focused on a particular industry. If your business is quite old now and you have been creating content for a while now, you can easily create a community with your customers and readers.

A niche community can be built using creating.

  • Forums.
  • Social media groups.

7. Get to know your competitors.

If you are blogging, you must use two tools to get your analytics right and see what content is performing well on your blog. These tools are from google.

  • Google search console.
  • Google Analytics.

The type of content you have written, and if it is popular, you may be oblivious that some other company or writer has written it.

Use the exact keywords that your content is ranking and identify your competitors. If you are not ranking above them, then make sure to edit your content and put the best resources to make it on the top list in SERP.

8. Generate extra income.

The majority of people do blogging to make money. I don’t know if you may agree with me, but if you put ads on your blog, you can easily make money.

However, business and services websites do not use any ad platforms and networks to show ads on their website because their competitors might appear on the ads.

Instead, you can sell ad space on your blog and show advertisements per your wish.

9. Share about upcoming projects.

Thru your blog, you can share what new product you may be about to deliver to your customers in the upcoming days or months. Also, you can write about various deals, seasonal sales, and discounts.

10. Get ideas from your customer.

As I have mentioned above, you can get ideas thru comments on your blog posts from your customers. But create a specific page on your website where people can easily interact with you.

You can give a phone number or create a google form to get ideas.

Later you can write about them on your blogs and mention the names who gave ideas. This will engage the visitors and keep visiting your blog to see their names on it.

11. Upload in-depth reviews from your customers.

If you sell products on amazon, people may give reviews, but those reviews are short, and people won’t take action to buy the product. They either go to read an in-depth review or watch a video related to a product.

But what if you can do all these things with the help of your customers, it can benefit your site more.

You can use this idea that I am going to share, and you will also benefit your customers.

When someone pays for your service, make your customer give a review that should be honest.

You can give them a specific word limit and ask them to write a review with actual product and service images.

If they successfully do this, give them a coupon code of 5%-10% or cash back so they can reuse the product next time.

Who can write content for your blog?

As a business owner, it would be tough for you to write content on your blog. To create a successful blog, you need to invest in hiring people such as.

  • A copywriting writer or content writer to write blogs.
  • Digital marketer to promote your business online.
  • SEO expert to optimize your content for the internet so that I can rank in the top positions.

If possible, find a person who has all these skills that are related to each other so you won’t find any difficulty in finding them.

Use sites like LinkedIn, Problogger, and Upwork to hire people.

How much do you need to spend on your business blog?

If you want to create a business blog, you can quickly start it for under $100 a year to set it up on your own. Professional website developers may charge about $250-$400 for creating a website. Writers may take up to $30-$50 to write a blog post.

You need at least $500-$800 per year to run a business blog.


When should you create a business blog?

You can register a domain name as soon as you know of what business you want to do.

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