Blog Post Cost: How Much Do You Need To Pay For It?

blog post cost

If you are a website or blog owner, you just need to expand your website at some point. To do so, you need content that should be added and updated regularly.

Adding content regularly is not possible for every blogger if they are working alone. They have two options:

  • Hiring content writers.
  • Buying blog posts from various platforms.

Hiring professional content writers is quite expensive as you have to pay them weekly or monthly, but on the other hand, buying content would be a convenient option.

Most bloggers don’t know the initial cost of buying content online and platforms where they can get it quickly.

Here in this post, you will learn about blog post costs. I visited several freelancers and content-selling platforms that provide and sell content to bloggers and website owners. After reading this, you may come to a conclusion about which one is the best for you.

So how much does a blog post cost?

Blog posts cost around $30 – $70 per post. Content writers and freelancers charge $0.05 to $0.10 per word on freelancing sites.

Buying content by professionals from sites like Writerbay and Topcontent Pro can cost you $150-$200 per blog post.

Words on a blog postAverage cost
1000 words$30-$70
2000 Words$150 – $250
4000 words$300-$500
Data from various content-selling platforms

Blog post prices also depend on the location and niche of a blog post.

For example, writers from western and European countries will charge more than Asian countries.

Factors that decide the price of a blog post.

The cost of blog posts depends on various factors. You should know this to avoid overpaying the writers. Also, knowing this information will help you while you buy content.

1. Experience and authority of the writers.

Hiring experienced writers will benefit you as they have a lot of web content writing experience. Other than that, if you are looking for writers from a particular niche, find those people who all have some authority.

Experienced writers have spent at least 2-4 years in content writing and copywriting.

To know whether a content writer has some experience in writing or not, you can check things on specific platforms by practicing some tricks.

  • Search by their name on social media platforms, most importantly, LinkedIn.
  • Check out their writing portfolio. Every experienced blogger has this.
  • If they have a blog or website, read their content to understand how they write content.

Hiring an experienced content writer also gives benefits.

  • SEO knowledge.
  • Content editing experience.
  • Can write fast and deliver content.
  • Easy to understand your need and format content for your blog.

2. Platform.

There are multiple platforms you can opt to hire content writers for your blog and website. Among them, the most popular ones are.

These are common yet most used platforms for hiring a content writer for your blog.

If you want a limited amount of content on your blog, you can use freelancing platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork, where skilled writers charge about $50 – $200 per blog post.

However, you can also use job posting platforms such as problogger and weworkremotly to post a job and hire a writer as an employee, which would be as per your requirements. These platforms charge about $80-250 dollars to post a job.

You can choose any platform according to your budget.

3. Blog posts length by a word limit.

The number of words calculates the prices of blog posts. Generally, the prices of blog posts start from $0.05 per and go up to $0.10. Professional writers charge more, and their prices go up to $.50 – $1 per word.

I have created a table about the blog post cost per word limit. These are the average prices and the Information I gathered from forums and content-selling sites.

Blog post length(Word limit)The average cost in USD
500 words$30 – $60
1000 words$100 – $150
2000 words$300 – $500
3000 words$400 – $700
These are the average price for the blog post.

The above prices are average and can be changed depending on how much time the writer spent researching and editing the content. Other than that, the other factor is the site’s niche, which you can read further.

4. The niche of a blog post.

Writers can reduce or hike the prices as per the blog’s niche. It would be best to research the blog niche before creating your blog.

YMYL topics are costly to write. They have specific requirements.

  • In-depth knowledge about the topic.
  • Professional background or expertise in the topic.
  • The writer should have been mentioned on authoritative websites previously.

Here are some examples of YMYL (Your money, your life)topics.

  • Insurance.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Education.
  • Health.
  • Life advise.

These are some common examples of YMYL topics either you can avoid them or find a writer with the expertise to write these things.

Essential things to see before buying blog posts.

Before you buy any content and publish it on your blog or website, there are certain things that you need to see and examine.

1. Buy only non-plagiarized content.

Google and other search engines are strictly against duplicate content. It will not only de-rank your site from the search pages but give a penalty to your site. Due to this, the website authority also decreases.

Search engines work on algorithms and can quickly identify which content is stolen from which pages on the internet.

Before you hire a content writer for your blog post, tell them to avoid duplicate content and check from your side to be on the safe side.

2. Delivery time

Generally, most bloggers provide blog posts within 24 hours of the order. But if the content is too long and needs additional research, it may take them 3-4 days to deliver it.

You can start publishing articles with 800-1200 words during the few months, as I mentioned in my “response post.” Then you can start adding longer content.

Doing so will save money as you have to pay less for the smaller posts. Also, you can change writers as per your budget.

Blog post prices based on content niche.

The prices of content vary on the topic. For example, the medical and health-related topics need the correct information and evidence to support the Information and help rank on SERP pages.

Topics based on content Content price average of 2000 words
Finance and insurance$250 -$400
Consumer tech$200-$250
Digital products and marketing$300-$400
Average price and Information based on high CPC topics

How much should you charge for a blog post if you are a content writer?

If someone is hiring you as a content writer and you have good experience in writing, you can charge them $50 – $70 for writing 1000 words.

If this is your first project, ensure that you provide the best quality content possible you should not worry about the money. Delivering good content to your client increases the chances of getting future projects.

As a content writer, it depends on multiple factors on charging for a piece of content. There are many things like.

  • Writing experience – If you have more than 2 or 3 years of writing experience, you can charge similar to professional writers.
  • Work experience – If you have worked for many companies and firms, the cost of writing increases.
  • Educational background -Most people prefer hiring people with degrees or certifications in journalism, mass communication, or any specific language.
  • SEO knowledge – There will be a plus point for you if you know SEO.


Blog posts are the website’s primary content and add value to your blog. A single blog post can significantly affect your blog’s growth. However, blogging is a game of patience, and you should wait a while.

But if you focus on adding more quality content by yourself and buying others’ posts, it will take you no more time to settle your blog.

FAQ about blog post cost

How to calculate the blog post rate?

Just multiply the total words by the cost per word. For example 1500 words x 0.05 = $75

What should be the budget to buy a blog post?

During the initial days of blogging, for $500-$600, you can easily buy 10 -15 blog posts of an average of 1200 words.

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