10+ Food Blog Ideas (For 2022 Bloggers)

food blog ideas

Are you confused about finding a niche for your new blog?

If you are thinking of starting a new food blog and searching for ideas, read this post, as I have mentioned more than ten food blog ideas for your food niche blog.

Currently, if you consider covering all the food topics in one blog, that will not be possible, especially if you are doing this alone. Instead, try to niche down or start a micro-niche site to cover a specific topic, and then when you establish your site well, you can cover the more important topic.

There are many food bloggers worldwide, and a billion users search either for recipes or new food tips they can prepare. This Is an excellent topic to start a blog for those who want to scale it up in the cooking business.

I researched how you can write posts and monetize your blog using various ads and affiliate programs for writing.

Note: The ideas I have shared here contain affiliate links, and there is no guarantee of success in these ideas. It is up to an individual how they put content on their platform. Degreesetup.com will not be responsible for your profits and losses.

1. Cloud kitchen.

The restaurant industry is changing as people are ordering food online. Big restaurant owners and individuals are looking forward to opening cloud kitchens. Cloud kitchens are easy to open and require small space and fewer materials.

Since there are only a few bloggers in this specific niche, you can write about multiple things about cloud kitchens, such as opening costs, space required, popular food in cloud kitchens, and much more.

How to earn money thru this niche?

You can join an amazon affiliate and another affiliate network that deals with kitchen equipment. But for selling or recommending the products, try to review them once you start making a profit from the blog.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • skycookhouse.com
  • homecloudfood.com
  • cloudykitchen.com

2. Food for people with diabetes.

According to WHO, more than 422 million people globally have diabetes. And if you are a medical or health professional, this blog niche is best for you. You can help other people by sharing the information.

This niche comes under the YMYL category, so you must be careful while writing the post and avoid publishing any wrong information. Just focus on food recipes and how they will help maintain and reduce the blood sugar level.

How to earn money thru this niche?

You can review food products that help lower blood sugar levels and provide an affiliate link. Also, products like glucose monitors and other health-related devices can be recommended in your blog.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • mealsfordiabetic.com
  • lowglucosefood.com

3. Salad blog.

Salad is a typical food that everyone eats daily. But as I was searching on the internet, only a few blogs have extensive information on salad types, benefits, and recipes.

This niche is for fitness freaks who care a lot about nutritional and healthy food, and this could be a good niche for them.

How to earn money thru this niche?

Salad cutting tools and seasoning products are good affiliate products. You can mention a link or the product in your post. Other than that, you can run ads on your blog.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • saladinformer.com
  • saladtaster.com

4. Gym nutrition.

Talking about the current years, more people are joining the gym today. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to make a space in food blogging as people search for healthy and tasty food.

You can share many recipes related to oil-free, high protein content, and fat-free foods. But remember, this is a competitive niche, and you must write a blog post with in-depth research.

How to earn money thru this niche?

Affiliate products such as protein powders and olive oils for less fat food can be a significant source of earnings. You can easily earn about $10 -$40 on these products.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • foodforfreaks.com
  • gymbrunch.com

5. Special occasion recipes.

Recipes for special occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New year, or any family functions. Almost everyone makes this.

People find some recipes on the internet to feed their loved ones. This would be an excellent opportunity for those seeking to write this content.

You can write about various vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.

How to earn money thru this niche?

Affiliate products such as curry powder, seasoning powder, and sauces would be great options to recommend on your posts.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • mindmyrecipe.com
  • recipeforfolks.com

6. Kid’s breakfast.

This would probably be the most searched query among all topics in this list. This blog will help all moms searching for breakfast ideas on the internet.

You can write instant breakfast ideas that are healthy and can be prepared within a couple of minutes. Such as a 30-second scrambled egg. Other than that, you can also write how to present food so that kids can quickly eat.

Few bloggers write on this topic, so it would be easy to rank in this niche if you work with consistency.

How to earn money thru this niche?

You can also affiliate links to breakfast plates, lunch boxes, water bottles, and dinner sets for kits. You can use ads after reaching 10k or more visitors per month.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • littleonesfood.com
  • tastefortoddlers.com

7. Baking blog.

I know the baking blog is one of the most competative niches, yet all the topics have not been covered. As this niche is quite competitive, you need to think out of the box and cover a specific topic that is new or has not been mentioned in any other blog.

You can choose to write about any food that can be baked, not limited to cookies to cake. Other food items, such as potato chips and banana chips, can be baked. You focus on writing those topics rather than what other people are writing.

How to earn money thru this niche?

Recommending products like baking items and electronic food appliances would be an excellent option for your baking blog. You can also promote other baking courses available online and take commissions.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • bakesecrets.com
  • bakethebun.com

8. Ready to eat meals.

Ready-to-eat meals are popular among people who travel a lot. Most people search for it on the internet if it is a long journey.

This would be an excellent opportunity for starting a food blog where you can recommend multiple ready-to-eat foods. It’s a recommendation. Please buy products, test them on your own, and write about them on your blog.

This will add authority and trustworthiness to your site and help your blog succeed faster. You can add things like MRE, snacks, and drinks that can be easily made outdoors on your blog.

How to earn money thru this niche?

The majority of earnings you can make thru affiliate products by recommending them on your posts.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • readytoeatreview.com
  • quickhotfood.com

9. Vegan site.

There are a lot of people who follow a vegan diet. If you are vegan or anyone in your family, you can write about recipes and how to prepare vegan food.

You can write about dairy alternatives, protein sources, nuts and seeds, and many other things people seek.

Other than that, there are vegans, like health and religious ones, who eat these kinds of food. Research about them and write things in detail.

How to earn money thru this niche?

You can recommend plat base chicken sausages, mock meats, and dairy-based products derived from plants.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • theveganfoods.com
  • foronlyvegan.com

10. Exotic foods.

Most people are unaware of this exotic food, but some risk-takers love to eat these foods.

You can write about bizarre, weird, and strange food across the globe. The amount of traffic you will get by making this blog is humongous.

You can watch a couple of youtube videos and write content for research. There are a lot of videos that can be converted into text form.

How to earn money thru this niche?

Most earnings can be from display ads, as there are no or fewer products in this niche. However, traffic will be high as people love to read about new things.

Blog domain name ideas that are available right now.

  • neverseenfood.com
  • exoticplatter.com
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