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Do you find it difficult to write longer blog posts?

Not every blogger is a wordsmith and can write longer blog posts. But to make your blog and website succeed at some point in time, you need to add longer posts to your site.

Here are some essential things you should know about how writing longer blog post helps your site.

  • Long-form of content helps in better ranking on SERP pages.
  • Helps your blog to generate revenue thru ads if you are using an ad platform such ad EZOIC or Adsense.
  • Longer posts increases EAT if they have written several posts on a particular niche with deep research.
  • A long blog post adds value to your site as it ranks on multiple search terms.

At degreesetup.com, you will know how you can grow your site by writing a longer blog post without making your audience feel bored and lazy while reading it.

Before I tell you how and what things you should include in your blog posts to make them longer, here is the definition of long blog posts.

What are long blog posts?

A blog post or article contains more than 2000+ words. It is considered a long blog post. It should have multiple file formats such as images, text, and videos to look well structured. It takes around 15 – 20 minutes to read the content as it is valuable and deeply researched.

How to write a longer blog post?

You can add five things to make your blog posts longer. These five things consist of text, tables, images, animations, and videos.

Long blog posts are the outcome of a well-researched and informational topic. It takes time to create them, and using the below elements can be helpful.

Longer blog posts must include these five things.

  • Text – Text is the primary content of your blog post structure. It alone can be used as a form of content and covers about 70% – 90%.
  • Tables and data – It is vital if you are giving any information such as categories, price lists, and names that require tables. It must be used to make your content look better and longer. You can also use charts to show the data if the blog posts are informational.
  • Images – Image provides a visual treat to readers. Using the right images on blog posts helps readers rank on search engines. Using 3-5 images in a post can make it longer. Also, if you use infographics, you can attract more visitors.
  • Animations – Mostly, I am not in favor of using animation in articles and blog posts. But if your blogs are more focused on designs and products, animations are a must-use. Using them to blog posts your content is helpful, and the CTC chance also becomes higher.
  • Videos – Videos can be helpful content as not many people use them in their blog posts. If you have taken any information from a video, you must include them in your post. Just paste the HTML code using the share option on youtube.

How long should be the ideal blog post?

A blog post containing 1800 – 2200 words, including images, tables, and videos, can be considered an ideal blog post.

But you can go for writing more words to your post, as it would take hours to do so. Currently, I am writing blog posts of average words of 1500 – 1800 words in this blog.

There are some topics that I am looking forward to writing in the future, which will have 2500 – 6000 words in a single post.

But the point is most users don’t want to read lengthy posts. They want quick answers. To solve this issue, one thing you can do.

Write the relevant information in the first 500-600 words in your post and the additional rest information you can write below. Also, to make your content look better and more valuable.

As the users tend to read the first few paragraphs with curiosity and attention, engage them with questions or shocking words so that they can read further.

Why do long blog posts rank better?

Long blog posts rank better on SERP pages due to multiple reasons. And that would be a big reason you should practice writing longer blog posts.

  • Contains multiple keywords – Long blog posts consist of multiple sub-headings and topics that rank on several keywords. So chances of visitors to your site increase.
  • Visitors increase rankings – If there are a lot of users on your site, the user retention increases, which also puts your content on the top. This can be easily be achieved with organic traffic.
  • Get backlinks – Getting organic backlinks from authoritative sites are the most challenging practice In SEO and one of the factors in rankings. Sites link back to any site if it has any information data in images or text. So practice creating valuable content.
  • Takes time to outrank – Longer posts rank better the main reason behind this is the quality of information. Writing longer posts takes time, but it becomes competitive to outrank it once it is ranked on the first pages.

How much time does it take to write a longer blog post?

If you have read my previous blog post about response posts there, I have mentioned that it takes about two hours to write a response post of 1200 words.

Below I have made a table where I have mentioned the average time of writing a blog post with a particular word limit.

Average Words Per blog postBeginner (0-6 months)Experienced (1-2 years) Professional (3+ years)
600 words60 minutes45 minutes30 minutes
1000 words120 minutes90 minutes70 minutes
2000 words200 minutes180 minutes120 minutes
3000 words300 minutes240 minutes180 minutes
5000 words 1 day10 hours6 hours
Table for an average time of writing a blog post.

And writing longer blog posts would take an experienced writer about four hours. If you break down this here, the actual time it would take you to write.

  • Keyword research and search analysis – 20 minutes.
  • Writing SEO title and subheadings – 10 minutes.
  • Writing the main content – 1.5 hours.
  • Adding images by graphic design and table – 1 hour.
  • Editing and proofreading – 30 minutes.

FAQ about long blog posts

How much does a long post cost?

With the price of $0.05 a 2000 word blog post cost about $ 100.

How much does a long blog post take to rank on SERP pages?

If competition is low it will take about 2-3 months and if competition is high 8-9 months.

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