7 Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail! – Know The Solutions.

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The Main reason why most blogs fail is people don’t do research before writing the content. They don’t have deep knowledge about the topic and write it to gain visitors to their blog. This is the main reason why most blogs fail.

Blogging is not an easy thing to do, especially today. According to the earth web, there will be about 600 million blogs worldwide in 2022. So with this massive amount of blogs, you can imagine how tough the competition in blogging is.

With this number of blogs, the success rate is significantly less in blogging. As per my analysis and reading of several articles, I learned that only 10% of the blogs reach success and start generating income.

Due to this, many blogs fail, and ultimately people leave blogging. Here you will get to know several mistakes made by new bloggers, which make their blogs like low-hanging fruit.

These tips also can make your blog pass thru the failing phase, and you can recover it by making changes to it.

1. Lack of niche knowledge.

Today, to become successful in blogging, you must choose a topic. Now multi-niche blogs are outdated and can only be handled by big firms, large groups, and companies.

To do blogging, you have to have sound knowledge about the topic. Suppose you want to blog about dirt bikes. You must own a dirt bike to present yourself as an expert on your blog. That’s how you will get ideas and write content about various things about it.

A lack of niche knowledge can make you look like a wanna-be blogger who creates content just to get traffic and make money from the blog.

These people can also be termed as a fake blogger who put content with prior knowledge about the subject. Ultimately, their blog fails because they don’t cover deeper topics than other bloggers in their niche.

2. No blogging content strategy.

I made the mistake of not making a content strategy when I started this blog in 2019. I used to search keywords daily and then write content about it, which is entirely wrong.

Content strategy is important because, with this, you can easily plan the type of content you will publish on your blog.

To make your blog successful and avoid it from being a failure. Here are some of the best things you can do to content strategy and make your blog compete with others.

  • Take at least a month – Make sure to be clear about the niche or topic a month before you make your blog. This means you must take at least a month to plan your blog. During this time, research the domain name and the topics you want to write about, and then create a blog.
  • Stick to one topic – A blog can be created within a few hours. Now it’s time to write the content. Get ready with at least 10-15 articles and write all these topics in the first month. Remember, the first few months of your blog are crucial; if you can put content in this phase, your blog’s success will increase.
  • Start scheduling posts – As a professional blogger, you should be disciplined about publishing online content. Fix a time when you will be able to publish your content, or you can write content two-three blog posts daily and schedule them to get published at your given time.

If you are interested in content writing tips, you can read this complete guide on Content writing tips.

3. Not creating quality or purposeful content.

Blogs without good content have a high chance of failing. Blogs without purposeful content can never make it to ranking on the first page; hence, no one will visit them.

As a blogger, your first goal is to solve the problems of people searching on the internet. It can be done quickly by writing well-researched quality content.

Quality content is that which has detailed answers to a specific question with an original idea. This content is mainly written after research, writing, and editing hours.

The main aim of your content is to solve the doubts and provide the answer to the search query so that they don’t have to look for the answers in other blogs and websites.

4. Copying others.

If you are a beginner, you may take ideas from other blogs and implement them in your blog. But it is never advised to copy their content. You will be in trouble if you copy content from other blogs and websites, as the content will be plagiarised.

Your blog can be taken down and penalized for using copyrighted content. Some bloggers just read the first few blogs, gather common points, and make blog posts.

If there’s nothing new in your content, how will it appear on the search results, and why will people read it?

Most people use blogs to get information and look for short and sweet answers that are explained most straightforwardly.

Know how you can use copyrighted content on your blog!

5. Not using social media.

Getting success in blogging thru only writing content is a slow process. You have to wait for months to see the ranking on the SERP. Due to this, most bloggers lose faith in themselves and quit. Bloggers the reason is that they are not getting the results.

This is one of the main failing issues of your blog. But you can use social media as a catalyst and speed up things to get traffic on your blog.

If you use social media, you may get traffic much quicker, whether organic or not. But if you promote your brand or blog on social media, the chances of getting traffic increase up to 30%.

6. Making money should not be your priority.

If you don’t have enough content and a reasonable amount of traffic, don’t monetize your blog. People come to your blog to seek information, not to see ads.

Too many blog ads annoy visitors and bounce to other sites to find the answers. If the bounce rate of your site increases, the ranking decreases.

After writing 20-30 blog posts, most people apply for Adsense to show ads on their blogs. This is not recommeded. At least you should wait for organic traffic to reach thousands of visitors per month to monetize your platfrom.

Most bloggers promote their affiliate products at the start of their content which is wrong. If you want to sell a product thru your blogs, give detailed answers and information about the product and then add a call to action to sell the product.

7. Not competing with others.

Many bloggers and SEO gurus will advise you to write content of low competition keywords, which is fine. This practice should be done by every individual blogger who starts a new blog.

If you don’t compete with your competitors in blogging, the other blogger can easily steal your ranking by writing content on the same topic.

Low-competition keywords help your blog gain authority and increase your rankings. After writing an ample amount of content, you can gain authority.

Now the main thing you have to do is write high-competition keywords. At first, your content will not rank, and it may take a month to see it on the first page.

But writing content consistently and updating it frequently will help you make your positions on the top.

Why do people quit blogging?

After analyzing various blogs and reading about 36 articles and 12 videos about blogging, the main reasons most people quit blogging because of.

  • Day job.
  • Other commitments.
  • Need quick results.
  • It is not their hobby.
  • No proper guidance.
  • Lack of motivation.

What are the best ways to get success in blogging?

It depends on person to person and the type of industry they are blogging about. Some people who have technical knowledge get success in blogging more quicker than nontechnical bloggers. They need to have a proper understanding of writing for the web and SEO.

If your blog is not getting results or you have a new blog just started, here are some quick fixes that you can do to make it successful.

  • Stick to one niche.
  • Maintain consistency and publish content.
  • Collab with other bloggers and share your thoughts and ideas.
  • Avoid writing spammy content.
  • Use extraordinary and real images.
  • Use original research and fetch data from your survey.

Final words

As blogging is a competative field, there’s no guarantee that anyone can achieve success instantly. I believe that if you read more about your niche, you can write more on your blog. Remember, consistency is king. If you write more content, you will get more feedback and write content according to that.


What to do if your blog fails and you don’t want to work it on anymore?

You can sell or blog using platforms like flippa, Sedo, and empire flippers.

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