8 Content Writing Guidelines That Every Writer Should Know!

Do you know the content writing guideline for writing content on the web?

Content writing is a skill that can be learned only by practicing it. You will get many benefits if you have good content on your website.

These are

  • Boost traffic.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Your rankings will increase.

Most companies and bloggers hire professional writers for writing content about their product or a specific niche.

But if you are an individual planning to write content for your blog, these tips might help you write a better and more resourceful piece of information for the searchers.

Here are some tips you can read and implement on your website and blog. These tips are taken from the content guidelines of various search engines such as google and bing. These tips can help you if you are writing content for a website or a blog.

1. Keep your content original.

Original content means you have to convey your thoughts and provide your opinion about the topic you are writing about. This will show your expertise on a topic to the readers.

Avoid copying or summarising the content from other websites. Instead, do your research and surveys. To do this, you can watch videos and read research papers.

Add self clicked images or designed them using graphic designing tools.

2. Research well and write in-depth.

Research what’s happening in the market and what your competitors have included in their content. If they have not researched well or missed any point, that may be a plus point for you.

If you find any loopholes in a topic that is not explained well, you can write detailed information about that topic and may rank on the search results.

3. Use the inverted pyramid method.

The inverted pyramid in blogging and content writing is what most people skip. To use an inverted pyramid on your content, ensure you write down the primary information at the beginning, then write about the body of the information, and then move forward to write a narrower topic that the reader may search for after reading your content.

Using this method you content will become longer and you can easily cover all the questions of your

3. Keep the tone conversational.

Write as if you are making someone understand a topic or talking to someone. Use an active voice while writing your content.

Using this method readers can easily connect with your content they may also read more content published on your website.

4. The structure of the content should be scannable.

The content structure here means your readers can easily see what information they will get when they see your content at first glance.

Your headlines and subheadings should be clear and give information about what is inside the body of your written content.

If you do, these readers can get the accurate information they want.

5. Perform SEO.

Optimize your content well and include these things to make it better so it can easily rank on search engines.

  • Use headings and subheadings.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Links internally and externally.
  • Optimize images.
  • Use schemas.
  • Build backlinks.

6. Add media.

Using images and videos can help your content stand out from others as your readers may find this helpful, and they can watch videos about the topic they are looking for on your platform.

Images with infographics and graphics are best to use with text content. Sometimes readers may just scroll thru the whole content in search for the pictures.

7. Edit and proofread.

Give at least 20-30 minutes of time to proofread your content. Read carefully each and everyline of the content and remove errors and grammatical mistakes. Mean while you can create a good structure for your content by formatting it into smaller paragraphs.

8. Add new info.

Keep an eye on your content and keep updating it with new information. Also see other results that are deranking your content. Analyse them and

FAQ about content writing guidelines.

Where you can learn content writing?

There are multiple resources that you can learn content writing on the internet. The best source is youtube or you can follow degreesetup.com

How much time it takes to learn content writing?

It may take you about 1-3 months to learn content writing on your blog or website.

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