Does Your Blog Need A Niche?

I was searching about this topic on the internet that whether a blog needs a niche to fit in or you can write about any topic.

The answer was shocking as most of the information was outdated, and they suggested no need to create a niche and a micro niche site.

But most of the things have been changed now. If you want a blog, that can only be done by proper planning and writing about a specific topic.

To start blogging today, you first need to find the niche in which you are interested. Then find whether other people are interested in searching for a topic related to it or not. Use keyword research tools to find the most searched queries and write detailed content to make your blog.

A niche blog is focused on one specific topic or a product. You may create this as your brand if you keep working on it.

For example – People do research before finding any product online. However, on an e-commerce site, you get a discount compared to the original site, but if someone buys new Nike shoes from amazon, they first visit the official website,

Here is a niche site that is focused on shoes.

Can you start your blog without a niche?

Starting a blog without a niche won’t be possible today. You need at least one topic you can write about on your blog. Creating a multi-niche site or blog won’t work today as you will not rank on the search results due to low authority.

In 2018 when I started my first blog. Back then, I didn’t even hear the word “niche.” As I was writing topics whatever I liked. I remember writing my first article about the “4G internet,” in which I shared information about its speed and devices.

In one-month duration, I wrote about 25 blog posts about various topics, such as space, weather, clothes, and smartphones. I was also very inconsistent, so my blog ultimately failed.

Even six months later, I was getting no or minimal traffic on my blog. So I started searching about increasing traffic on site.

While reading tips on the internet, I learned about creating a niche site that can help individual bloggers grow fast on the internet.

Benefits of having a niche site.

  • Traffic in a short time – If you have created content on a specific topic, it is quite a popular topic. Still, it has minimal information on the internet. You can get explosive traffic in a concise period.
  • Increase authority fast – with a niche blog. You can increase your authority quickly by writing content not created with deep research and analysis.
  • Monetization methods – Monetizing niche with specific products using affiliate links can generate a decent amount of income.
  • No team requirement – Starting a niche does not require any man force. You can set it up individually using a WordPress CMS and start writing content.
  • Site structure – If you ever head about silo structure, niche blogs and sites are best to build it up. Covering several topics about the main topic is a critical point in creating a silo structure.
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