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Become a niche blogger

Today niche blogging has become one of the popular hobbies or sources of income in the content creation field.

But only a few people have deep knowledge about niche blogging, and there are many questions inside their minds related to this topic.

I have collected all information related to niche blogging and summarised it so that it will be easy for you to understand how you can become a niche blogger.

What is niche blogging?

Niche blogging means creating content on the web about a specific topic in the most detailed way possible. The content is created to target people’s special interests living in a particular region for their age groups, demographics, and region.

In niche blogging, there’s a sub-category known as micro-niche. In this, a product, topic, or service is taken, and content is created in text, image, or video and published in a micro-niche blog.

Niche and micro-niche blogs are almost similar, but in niche blogging, you can expand your content by writing about several other sub-topic. On the other hand, in niche blogging, you need to focus on only one topic.

Niche blogs take time to rank on the SERP. However, once they appear in the SERP, it becomes difficult for other sites to compete with them in content. There are many reasons for it, such as.

  • The authority of niche sites is more compared to multitopic sites.
  • Users get more information compared to other sites.
  • Higher conversion rates of users as the content is for a limited audience.

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Why should you start niche blogging?

There are many reasons why you should become a niche blogger. Let’s see each of the reasons in detail to have a clear idea, and you can move further to start your niche site.

Competition in the multiniche site.

new macbook price results

Big companies have used the internet to create online content in the past few years.

If you think of making a blog on investment, making money online, or finance, you must be careful because hundreds of content creators are doing the same over a long period.

As big tech and news companies publish hundreds of articles daily, it is tough for a small or individual creator to outrank them on popular topics.

For example, if you want to know about tech-related stuff, search about it on google. Let’s say here I searched for the term “MacBook price,” and after apple.com, you can see in the search result that all the results are from big tech websites.

That’s the reason why you should choose to start niche blogging because, in that, you can target a specific region.

Here’s another example of niche blogging: you must use long-tail keywords to rank on the top pages when you start writing content. Suppose you started a niche site on laptop prices, and there you had written about ” MacBook laptop prices in Dubai in USD,” there was the probability that it would rank on the first page of the search engine.

Similarly, you can create a niche blog on laptop skins, write 30-40 blog posts with quality content, and see how it performs.

Easy to create authority.

Niche blogging is fantastic for creating authority. As different people have different types of interests, they can easily make their blogging site authoritative.

Choosing a topic such as personal interest, hobbies, and related products is best for niche blogging because the competition is low on several topics. You have to find the right one.

To create authority in any blog or website, you have to create the best quality content, and to do so, here are some tips you can use to create authority in your blog.

  • Your content should contain detailed information.
  • The research you have done should be linked to an authoritative source.
  • Writing 10-15 on a single topic will be enough to create an impact.

It’s all about interest.

Most people blog as a hobby. They want to share their views about what they like and what they don’t like.

But at present, as I told you, blogging has become one of the best ways to earn money. Spending 2-3 hours daily on your laptop can make a lot of money.

But here’s a thing that you should remember. While writing the content, write for what your readers are searching for, not what you want to convey.

I know sometimes you may get bored while writing the content, so you must choose a topic that interests you more.

You can write content related to niche topics.

  • Gardening.
  • Movies.
  • Cooking.
  • Repair.
  • Home decor.

These are some common topics that you can create a blog about. However, these are just examples. There are thousands of niche and micro-niche site ideas that you can create a blog.

Do niche bloggers make money?

Today niche sites are one of the best ways to get an online source of income, as per the report published on bloggers on the rise. A niche blogging site starts generating about $500-$1000 monthly after a year.

But there are many other platforms that you can use to generate a good source of income from a niche site.

  • Affiliate links.
  • Create an info product.
  • Do paid promotions.
  • Display ads.

As your site becomes popular, you will start getting more paid advertisements and sponsorships, and with months and years passing, your income will also get massive.

Average earnings made by niche bloggers per month.

YearTotal articles/blog poststrafficearnings per month
1st year60-90 5k-10k $500 – $1000
2nd year200-30020k-50k$2000 – $4000
3rd year400-600100k-200k$5000-$10000
4th year800-1000300k-500k$20000-$30000
5th year1000-1200500k-600k$50000-$80000
These are average prices based on various sources such as bloggingherway.com, bloggersontherise.com, and bloggingtips.com

FAQ about niche blogging

Why niche blogging is popular?

Niche blogging is easy to do and competition is low you can get rankings fast on the SERP and earn decent money with your blog in a short time period.

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