Why Should You Not Create Multi-Niche Site?

Many people have produced multi-niche sites in the past few years. Some of them may have worked, and some are still hoping to appear on the top pages of search engines.

Well, the wait is over now if you are thinking of creating a multi-niche blog site; google has just ended your dream with its latest update.

I always keep an eye on google updates from major to minor. I have been doing this for since past five years. And still, I make some mistakes, due to which many of my sites were de-ranked after core algorithm updates.

On the other hand, some blogs are doing well by following all the rules of google and their guidelines.

So if you own a multi-niche site or thinking of creating it, you should read this post till the end. This will help you decide why should you not create multi-niche site and why to go for an authoritative one.

Individuals should not create a multi-niche site because, as per google helpful content update. Most people create multi-niche sites to gain traffic by writing about various topics without expertise in that field, or they have found some topics that have been trending on the internet.

This does not give readers a clear idea about your site; they can move to other sites to find the answers.

Why is it not good to have multiple niches on your blog?

Today if you want to start a small niche blog, as per google’s previous updates, you need to build E.A.T on that particular website or blog.

Building E.A.T is not an easy task. It takes a couple of months to do so. Also, you need to add quality content to your site.

Similarly, starting a multiple niche site today, one person cannot write about multiple things at once.

It does not cover detailed information about a specific topic.

Multi-niche sites cover topics that are trending or have high search volume. Due to this, these sites do not have detailed answers for some topics that can only be mentioned on a niche website.

They only cover common questions like.

  • How to make money from Instagram?
  • How make money from Facebook?

On the other hand, if a website is focused on a digital marketing niche, you find many contents there, such as.

  • How to make money from Instagram?
  • What type of pages can generate money on Instagram?
  • How do you monetize an Instagram page to make money from it?

Difficulty in finding writers.

As an individual, I can say that it is difficult to find writers for your blog. Finding a content writer is not easy. You should look at whether they have expertise in that particular field or not.

You must check their backgrounds and look at their previous work to hire writers. Also, you should have sufficient funds to pay them in return for writing your content.

Ideally, if you a looking to create a multi-niche site, that’s a big no as per looking at the current updates by google.

Google doesn’t like multi-niche sites anymore.

Many bloggers in the past have created multi-niche sites in the past. During that time, their main focus was creating content related to the most popular topics people searched for.

By doing this, these sites have earned lots of money by getting traffic in millions. Now, if you start it today, that’s not going to work, as creating authority on multiple sites is not an easy job now.

It’s not impossible, but you should have to create authority on multi-niche sites.

  • Multiple writers with expertise in various niches.
  • Managing them would be costly.

These types of sites hurt SEO.

In SEO, if you have heard about Silo structure, it is the linkage between the pages of the same topics divided into various groups or categories.

Examples of silo structure of a niche site. This is an example of a hair care blog.

example of silo structure of a blog

Silo structure helps to understand the structure or architecture of the blog. It helps to build better internal links, which help users to go thru deep topics about a particular category quickly.

Creating a silo structure on a multi-niche site is hardworking and time-taking. You have to write about various topics such as tech, sports, and food and link them as per their relevancy. It is not a job for one man.

Comparison of having multi niche sites and niche sites.

Multi-niche siteNiche site
Needs more writers to create content.One person can start a niche site.
Requires a lot of expertise to start this kind of site.Expertise requires on a single topic interest-based.
Requires high operating costs. (Resources, content creators)A niche site can be started with a couple of bucks.
Takes time to build E.A.T.E.A.T can be built in less time.
Multi niche sites can get de-ranked after a google helpful content update.Niche sites that all have followed guidelines and created quality content for users may not get affected.
Time taken to research the topic is less.Niche sites contain research base topics of a specific category, such as guns, lawnmowers, and indoor lights.
Comparison of having multi niche sites and niche sites.

How to change a multi-niche site into a niche site?

Multi-niche sites need a lot of attention, but the traffic may get down on some of the websites after the google update.

Some basic steps are involved here if you want to change your multi-niche site into a niche site.

  • Find the best content on your blog that is ranking on the first page. You can use Google Analytics or Webmaster to do so.
  • Find a similar topic related to that topic. (keywords, queries).
  • Start writing posts around that topic and start interlinking them.
  • After getting the traffic, you can remove the old content that is not performing well.
  • Make changes to your website structure and design.

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