How much traffic is needed to earn $100 with blogging?

make $100 from your blog

Many new bloggers have a lot of questions in their minds related to making their first $100 with their website or blog. Here I will cover your doubts about how much traffic is needed to earn $100 if you have a blog.

This is the most challenging phase, and most bloggers leave blogging before they even make their 100 bucks. You need to know some stats and facts to bring traffic to your site and make your $100 as soon as possible.

So how much traffic is needed to make 100 dollars from blogging?

If your blog has a decent amount of content, such as 20-30 blog posts, and you are getting monthly traffic of 6k-8k visitors, you can easily make $100 bucks. However, some factors affect the earnings, such as the audience’s location, niche, and type of content.

Let’s see things in more detail to clear all your doubts about this topic.

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Traffic requires you to earn $100 with your blog.

AdSense vs ezoic

Traffic is the primary source that you can use to make money from your blog. There are multiple ways you can do to attract traffic. Which we will discuss further.

Earnings vary from site to site. No one can figure out how fast can someone earn or make the $100 threshold from their blog. It can be done in a few months or take a long time for some new people.

Your aim should be to provide helpful content to your audience and make them visit your site repeatedly by providing them with meaningful content.

If you are a beginner, your goal should be making your first $100 monthly. To do so, you have to wait about 2-3 months. Let’s understand this with an example using a table.

The table below is examples and data that I have taken from income report sites such as bloggersontherise and did my research.

Blog’s TimelineTrafficTotal number of contentEarnings
1st month100 visitors10-15 posts$0-$5
2nd month250 visitors20-30 posts$10-$25
3rd month1000 visitors40-50 posts$40-$60
4th month3000 visitors60-70 posts$80-$100
Average earnings that a blog can make.

As per my analysis, the above average is 5-7 niche websites; I have to create this. Also, 4 months is the maximum time some bloggers can make up to $300 once their site becomes 3 months old.

How much money can you make from blogging?

Most bloggers earn between $800 – $1200 monthly if their blog is more than one year old. You can see the income report here on how a blog generates money. With time the earning also increase, and the blog gains authority and trust among the readers.

You can calculate your average earnings using free tools given on Adsense and Ezoic.

Types of website monetization that can bring you $100.

You should not focus on monetizing your blog for at least for first two months. You add content and wait for the organic traffic to reach your blog. Once you gain some audience now, you can monetize using these platforms.

  • Ad networks – 80-90% of bloggers earn their first income from ad networks. You can use Adsense or Ezoic to show the display ads.
  • Affiliate – You can also use affiliate links on your blog post, but for new websites, the conversion rates may be low, resulting in low earnings. However, if you are recommending high commission products, then one product can make you earn $100 instantly.
  • Info products – Not many people use this; you can also sell e-books and digital products. But do not expect much from it.

Factors that determine your earnings on the blog.

As you all know, high traffic means high earnings. But in some cases number of factors matter that decides your earnings. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Location of the audience – You will make more money if your content is viewed from countries like (the US, UK, Canada, and European countries) and earn less if your audience is from south Asian and African countries.
  • Device type – People viewing your content using a laptop and desktop see more ads than mobile devices.
  • The site’s niche – Blogs that contain informational topics such as science-related topics earn less than commercial-focused topics.
  • Ad network used – Most people use Adsense, which takes about 32% share of total earnings from the publishers. In my opinion, AdSense is the least-paying ad network. Instead, you can go from using Ezoic to receiving better payments.

Things that can bring traffic to your blog.

You must practice things to bring more traffic to your blog and increase your earnings. To run a successful blog, you need to do these things regularly.

  • Content – Add content frequently can make your blog traffic friendly for a long time. You can either add content daily or plan a schedule for adding content.
  • Social media – Share your helpful content posts on social media platforms, forums, and groups.
  • Advertisement – You can use paid ads to appear on the top of the SERP on some keywords.
  • SEO – Optimizing the content for search engines using SEO techniques can make your content rank on top.


Can you make $100/day from a blog?

Yes, it is possible, but for that, you need to add a lot of helpful content that can gain many visitors to your blog. It may also take you around 1-2 years to do so.

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