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Can google detect Ai content

If you have extensively used Ai content on your blog or website, it’s time to fold your sleeves. You may need to do a lot of work to improve your content.

Google recently came up with a new ” Google helpful content update“(GHCU). This update was mainly rolled out to eliminate the Ai-generated content and help the content with quality information.

Ai-generated content can be detected using various algorithms. As the content is mainly generated by spinning or scraping content from other ranking web pages, it can easily be detected, de-ranked, or de-indexed from search engines.

Ai tools are mainly used by copywriters and affiliate marketers to write product descriptions, but after this update, you may see many websites that have used this technique to build content on their sites.

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What is Ai Generated Content?

Ai-generated content is a group of sentences generated by AI tools used in websites and blogs for marketing and ranking purposes.

In the last 3-4 years, Ai tools gained popularity, and many people started using them extensively. These tools are expensive, and people love them because they make their work easier. However, comparing these tools with content writers, they are about 50%-60% cheaper.

Ai tools claim that they provide unique content, but in reality, they provide content by spinning the ranking articles or summarising the top ranking articles thru their system.

The content produced on these tools is also not detected as plagiarism tool. It looks genuine and unique. However, they look unique because of changing the words and using synonyms.

How can google detect it?

Google search works on various algorithms, improving with time to provide the best quality information.

It can easily differentiate whether your content is Ai content with human written content thru various signals; let’s look at them one by one.

  • Real-world experience – Experience using any specific product or service.
  • Emotions – Ai cannot generate emotions and opinions.
  • Similarities – The content generated on Ai may have similar information to what’s already on the internet.
  • Answer Target – Ai tools do not answer a specific question. It needs your command to do so.

Why should you not use this?

Avoid investing your money in these AI tools if you are a blogger; instead, try building a team of qualified people who can write for you now your website or blog for you.

If you have uploaded any Ai-generated text on your pages and blog posts, then make sure to remove all those things and write that particular content after researching that topic from authoritative sources.

You can get penalized for using the Ai content, which can be done by de-ranking or deindexing your website from the search engines.

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