How To Find Keywords For Your Articles And Blog Post For Free?

To become successful in blogging, you must hit the right keywords in the initial days to gain authority on Google.

Keywords are essential to find when you write content, as this helps you write about a specific topic sequentially.

If you got the right keyword, you might rank at the top. But ranking any page on search engines depends on three essential things.

  • Quality of the content.
  • How much authothorative source is.
  • The competition.

These things are directly related to each other. However, the main question is finding keywords here and using google only. Only a few bloggers have the budget to pay for paid keyword research tools.

There are too many paid tools in the market that many SEOs, content writers, and bloggers use, but here you will learn about finding keywords using google free tools only.

I have used two tools to find keywords.

  • Google search – To get the keywords.
  • Google Trends – To see the popularity of the keyword.

You need to target low-competition and long-tail keywords to find keywords for your article. After gaining authority, you can move forward and target competitive keywords with high traffic.

Follow these steps to find keywords for your articles.

Keyword research is essential because you can find the content not present or have thin content on search engines and provide detailed information about it.

  • Step 1 – Type the niche of the topic or keyword on which you want to write an article on google trends.
google trends keywords 5G

Here I have searched for “5g data cap.” As you can see, the search volumes are getting high as 5G internet services are accessible to people.

This is a short-tail keyword, and you can use it to write 5-10 blog posts to gain authority on this topic.

  • Step 2 – Type the keyword on google search. And see the results you get.
find keywords people also ask

The people also ask is a helpful section for bloggers and content writers. This helps you to know what people are looking for on the internet about a specific topic.

These topics are automatically generated when people ask about specific topics. You can use them as a sub-topic or the main topic for writing a post.

  • Step 3 – Find the long tail keywords and add them by creating an excel sheet.
  • Step 4 – You must visit all the pages on the topics you want to write about. Some pages have very thin or outdated content, which you can write and rank well.

In the above image, as you can see, the answer here is given by, which is among the most famous tech websites in the world.

However, you can beat this content if you focus on creating better content than this. I went to the site, and the content was written well; however, there was a lack of images and infographics. You may beat this if you add them by writing a similar topic.

  • Step 5 – Write detailed information. Make sure don’t stuff keywords or disobey the content guidelines while writing the content.
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