Should You Use Open ChatGPT For Blogging And Article Generation?

If you have watched videos or read blogs about open chatGPT(Generative Pretrained Transformer 3), you may have many questions about this platfrom and how this AI-powered system can help you create content.

Open chatGPT is a platform developed by a start-up company named OPEN AI. This company was founded in late 2015 and provides AI-based solutions to its users. Mainly this platform is in the initial phase and getting popular daily.

I have tested Open chatGPT for at least 10-12 days and used many of its features, such as:

  • Text completion.
  • Code completion.
  • Image generation.
  • Fine-tuning.
  • Embeddings.

As I am inclined towards content writing and blogging, I have tested this platform mainly for content generation, and I must say that it performs great. When you type a question and hit the submit button, it quickly provides the solutions.

For people who are not into blogging space, it may feel amazing to watch that, in split seconds, anyone can get answers. However, If you want to use this platform, there are some unknown things that you should know about it.

  • Open chatGPT-3 Platfrom has 175 billion learning parameters.
  • It is an expensive tool due to a large amount of computation power.
  • The answer it provides is based on absolute certainty, and relying on them may not be an advantage.

Why should you not use Open chatGPT -3 for blogging?

As Open GPT-3 is an AI-based program. And Google does not want to show humans the results of AI-based software. Other it’s already mentioned in Google’s helpful update that uses AI-based software for text generation, and blogs may lead to a loss of positions on the search results.

The same thing I also asked in Open GPT platforms, and here is the answer.

The platfrom OpenGPT claims that this platform can only be used for text generation. However, I know that it can generate some emotions too, but as a blogger or a writer, you should hire a professional guy who is more technically skilled and can write error-free articles.

Also, you can use this platfrom in very limited ways, such as.

  • Getting ideas for your article.
  • Generating outline.
  • Getting an explanation about any particular query or a word.
  • Generating tag lines.

For these things, you can use AI-based programs. But if you want to generate a 2000 words blog post, that’s a big no, and even if you do it, you must at least read it out, check plagiarism, find errors and add some human touch where you feel necessary.

Alternatives of Open chatGPT in blogging?

I will not list any other AI platforms in competition to Open chat because it’s against google guidelines. Rather than using these tools, you can learn content writing independently. Here are tips for doing it, and it is a better alternative than any other software or content writing available in the market.

  • Write what you feel and show your emotions thru your blog.
  • Conduct research and read what other experts have mentioned about the topic.
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