How To Know That Google Released An Algorithm Update?

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to improve its users’ search experience. But as a content creator, you should keep an eye on all the updates that google updates to improve your content and avoid losing top positions from the search engines.

To stay up to date on the latest Google algorithm updates, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Sign up for Google’s Search Console: Register your website with Google’s Search Console, and you will receive notifications of algorithm updates and other important news. It provides a holistic and brief idea about how search engines work and what you need to know as a creator to improve your content. The first publications about any algorithm related to a search or other platfrom are made here.
  • Search engine journal: (SEJ) is a blog/website with various experts contributing information about the digital world, primarily digital marketing, SEO, marketing, and all. You can get information about various algorithm updates that google makes with real-world examples.
  • Search engine land is similar to or a competitor of search engine journals. However, both platforms have different types of content to offer.
  • Search engine roundtable is a blog run by Barry Schwartz. He also contributes to search engine journals. His blog mainly focuses on google updates and search news about various search engine platfroms.

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