7 Types Of Content Creators And The Platforms They Work On!

types of content creators

There are over 200 million content creators worldwide, which is rapidly increasing. With the increasing number of content creators, the platforms are also getting diverse, and opportunities for creating content are also increasing.

Here you will learn about types of content creators and the platforms they work on or create their content.

Most of us know that people who publish on various social media platforms are known as content creators, but things have changed now, and content creators, the most successful ones, earn more money than a person with a regular 9-5 job.

There are various social media platforms, and on that platforms, people who publish content are called by various names. Here you will learn about the various content creators, and let’s see if you are among them.

Some of the most popular social media platforms and several content creators are on them.

Name of platfromTotal number of content creators
Youtube114 million.
Facebook60-120 Million.
Instagram200 Million.
Snap chat80-100 Million.
Twitter50 Million.
Linkedin20-50 Million

These are the numbers of content creators that I have researched from various data and stats sites. Make sure don’t get confused about the total number of users and the total of content creators. These are two different things.

The number of content consumers is always high compared to content creators.

Today if you want to create content on any platform, you have to have specific skills, such as:

  • Knowledge about the topic.
  • Confidence.
  • Technical skills.
  • Communication skills.

Let’s see what content creators are called and named on various platforms.

1. Bloggers

A person who shares his/her experience in text, image, or video is called a blogger. A duty of a blogger is to maintain his/her blog by regularly posting content. Millions of bloggers publish content daily, averaging 4 million posts.

The platform can be anything, such as:

  • Self-hosted blog.
  • Instagram blog.
  • Facebook blog.
  • Quora.

These are some of the common examples of blogs that post people use today. Now there are different types of bloggers, too, such as:

  • Food blogger.
  • Travel blogger.
  • Fashion blogger.
  • Personal blogger.

Before social media, people used to use blogger.com or create their self-hosted blogs using hosting and a domain name.

If you want to know how to start a blog, click here.

2. Content writers

People who provide text-based content to various companies and firms are categorized as content writers. The main job of content writers is to provide well-researched content to their clients as per their requirements.

Content writers primarily work at a company or as a freelancer. Most of them may know various industries, such as.

  • Technology.
  • Finance.
  • Education.

Based on their past experiences and their work, they get hired by recruiters. Mostly content writers are hired for copywriting, where they promote a specific product or service for a company blog or article space.

Read this about what qualities a content writer should have!


Youtubers are among the most famous content creators. From YouTube only, people started to know about various other social media platforms they can use to create content and earn money.

Every day about 4 million videos are posted on youtube by its creators, and 120 million people use this platfrom daily.

Anyone can create a youtube channel and make videos on any topic. Some of the topics that are highly popular on youtube are.

  • Technology.
  • Education.
  • Food.
  • Fashion.
  • Entertainment.
  • Music.

You can create videos on your smartphone and reach out to billions of people by sharing information thru youtube, so use it wisely.


When TikTok was launched in 2017, it boomed the internet. This platfrom started the rise of creating short videos, and many content creators came to this platfrom and became successful.

The main content on TikTok is about dance and music, and in 15 seconds, the creators have to tell the story to get the highest engagement.


People who create short videos for information and entertainment are mostly known as reelers. The highest duration of creating videos is 1 minute, but on average, most reelers create videos of about 30-40 seconds.

After TikTok, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube introduced short and reel video features, which gained popularity and distributed short video creators among them.

Creators on these platforms also got the advantage of reaching out to the most people, which helped them gain followers and subscribers.


Vlogging is primarily famous on Facebook and Youtube. It is mainly done for sharing personal experiences with other people. It is done daily. It is a kind of routine job, and every day you need to publish a video for your audience if you want to keep the engagement rate high.

Vlogging is best if you travel or move from one place to another. If you do this, you can earn a while to travel.


Gaming is a kind of industry that is on the top if you talk about content creation. The market size of this industry is about 232.02 billion. With that much potential, if you create content related to gaming and content related to it, you can gain much fame as a gamer.

As a gamer, youtube is the number one platform you can choose to create content. But Twitch, Hitbox, and Facebook gaming are the top platforms that most gamers prefer.

How to become a successful content creator on any platform?

As Per my analysis and what I have seen on most social media platforms. Many factors make someone successful on social media platforms.

  • Uniqueness – If your way of sharing information is unique, people will like to see you more, and hence you will get more likes and views on your content.
  • Engagement – Create engaging content, and your audience is curious about what’s coming next in your content.
  • Consistently – Be punctual with your work. If you take things lightly, your content will fail. Make sure to publish your content on time.
  • Be genuine – Your audience can spot you quickly if you show fakeness. Don’t show a fake lifestyle of earning. This will not help you to grow, and people will take you lightly.
  • Stick with your community – Always take feedback from your audience and ask for their suggestions. Don’t create content that you like. Create content according to what your audience like.
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