Is Blogging Dead? Should You Start A Blog In 2023?

Blogging is among the oldest methods of content creation and sharing information with others worldwide. But due to digital advancements, thousands of platforms in the market have emerged in recent years.

Many of you may have a question about this topic in your mind that weather “Blogging is dead” or whether creating a blog today would be worth it or not.

Well, honestly speaking…

Blogs or blogging is not dead, and it will still be profitable in the future. There are numerous reasons for it, such as blogs and blog posts providing quick information, they can easily be edited, and anyone can create a blog to share their expertise about a specific topic with others. And due to these reasons, people still prefer reading blogs.

If you compare blogs with other content, such as videos or photos, it will still be the quickest piece of content that appears on search engines.

Let’s take an example, type anything on google, and I bet the answer you would get will be either from a website or a blog.

Things to do before you start a blog.

A few years back, anyone could create a blog using a couple of dollars and write whatever they wanted. But today, creating a blog with unique content that ranks on the search engine is very different and challenging.

Here are some tips that you can use on your blog to make it successful. You can read about all the tips that you can follow before you start a blog.

Research the niche and its background.

I have mentioned numerous times why the niche is essential and why niche blogging is best if you want to grow your blog in 2023 or beyond. Finding a niche that keeps you motivated to write and always makes you write would be best.

The best way to do so is to write what you like, such as for students interested in clothing, hair styling and traveling. For moms, they like to read about parenting, house decor, and all. So if you find one, you can write about multiple topics.

Look at the seasonality.

When you start a blog at the beginning of the year, suppose between January to march, then you have to find the right topic or check the seasonality of the topic.

To check the seasonality of the topic or niche, you can use a tool that google provides for free – Google trends.

Just enter the name of a topic or keyword and see the seasonality of the topic. If you see any spike, a particular topic is most searched during that particular month or season.

Generally, most new blogs take about 6-8 months to index and rank on the first page of search engines. So it is essential if you start writing about the seasonal topics 6-8 months before the actual search made by the searchers.

Google trends winter clothes topic
Google trends seasonal topic
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