14 Must-Have Resources For Starting A Blog Website Quickly!!

things you should have to start a blog

Many people are still confused about blogging and what resources they should have to start their blogging site. As blogging has become one of the best online income sources in the past few years, thousands of new bloggers are joining this community daily.

If you want to start from scratch, I have listed all the resources for starting a blog website. Please read this post till the end as I have also mentioned the cost of all the products and resources you need to buy.

Let’s start with the budget first, as you need to plan first on what scale you want to create your blog. Below down, I have listed three types of budgets. You can invest and start your blog if you fall under that category.

Overall budget to start a blog.

Low budget – Niche and micro-niche site.

Most people will go with the low-budget option as it requires low investment, and if you own a laptop, the investment will reduce up to 50-60%.

Budget – $500 – $1000

  • Other resources($100) – Optional paid advertisement is not required. However, you go for a small promotion.

Mid-level budget – Small and medium-level business.

This budget falls under your requirements if you want to boost your business online. This is ideal for those who have little investment in their business.

Budget – $1000 – $2000

  • Physical resources($700 -$1000) – Laptop, keyboard, desk and chair.
  • Digital resources ($300 – $500) – Website hosting, domain, SEO tools, and image editing software.
  • Other resources($500) – Hiring content writers and ads.

Large-scale budget – For large-scale agencies.

Ideal for setting up large-scale online businesses such as online shops, digital agencies and

Budget – $5000 – $1000

  • Physical resources ($1000-$2000) – Gadgets with high-end specifications.
  • Digital resources ($1000-$1500) – Hosting that can handle high traffic and premium website themes.
  • Other resources($1000-$1500) – Google ads, hiring an SEO professional.

To gain more in-depth knowledge, you can check out more information below about all the resources you need to set up a blog.

Here I have shared my experience setting up a blog and if you are looking forward to the same, go ahead.

Physical resources for starting a blog.

Laptop or computer

A laptop is a must-have resource when you want to start a blog. If you have an old laptop, that’s amazing, as blogging does not require any high-end computers.

With a personal computer or laptop, up to $500 is more than fine to start a blog. You can also do this on the computer, but I don’t feel comfortable due to portability issues. Check out some best laptops available for blogging on amazon.

You can also buy a second-hand laptop if you are low on budget. A decent laptop or computer is fine for starting and running a blog.

Here is the minimum specification a laptop should have for creating and running a blog.

  • Processor – Intel i3.
  • Ram – 4 Gb.
  • HDD – 500 Gb(not needed much).
  • Graphics card – 2 Gb (requires sometimes).

A good keyboard

Although the laptop has a good keyboard, I prefer using a mechanical keyboard for blogging. It makes typing experience suitable and increases the life of the laptop’s keyboard. As they are expensive, I like to avoid using them when I primarily work at home.

Although it’s entirely up to you whether you want to buy a separate keyboard or not, if you do, it will only increase your productivity.

Check out some best keyboards available on amazon.


It is optional but helps me focus and lowers the nearby distracting sound while working or writing blog posts.

Instead of buying headphones, you can also use a neckband or earphones. Just use them when you have some distractions in your working place.

Check out some best headphones on amazon.


If you want to do blogging the whole time, it will require you some space so that you can focus more on your ideas. Having a private room is fine if you want to write some detailed content on your blog.

If you don’t have a space, you can make a partition in your room and set up your blogging resources.

It will require significantly less space, like 5 ft x 5 ft is enough to set up a table and chair for your work.


Talking about the chair, no one talk about it when it comes to resources for blogging. But if you see blogging as a serious career option, you should do it in a disciplined way. It would be best if you got a good chair to sit in for long hours.

Don’t write content while staying on the bed or a couch. Doing so, you will write at a slow speed and feel lazy sometimes. Instead, set up a blogging space in your room.


The last thing on your need to complete your blogging resource is go to a desk. Buy a simple small desk for keeping your laptop on it. This also gives you a feeling like you are working in an office and you can do work for long hours as well.

Checkout best desk in Ikea

Digital resources for starting a blog.

Digital resources for making a website now. After gathering all the items, it’s time to sit up and create your website using these resources.

Domain name

Registering a domain name is the first step you will take the step for creating your blog or any website. It is the first thing that anyone chooses while starting their blog. Generally, it comes with the new hosting plan itself.

Tips while choosing a domain.

  • Choose a short domain name between 7 – 12 characters.
  • Make sure it should relate to your business.
  • Use catchy words while choosing a domain name.

Website Hosting

Based on your budget, you can choose a hosting plan accordingly. If you already have planned content and it is ready to be published and focusing on SEO and paid advertisement, then the chances are that you may get massive traffic in a concise duration.


The theme is the structure of your website. Using a good theme on your website will make your website look good and improve your UI experience. The theme contains specific fonts, titles, and design that makes your website and blog unique.

SEO tools

When using WordPress or custom-made websites, you can use SEO tools to identify the flaws in your site and correct them using this. Here are many SEO tools in the market. Here is a list of some of them.

  • SEMrush.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Surfer SEO.
  • Rankmath.
  • YoastSEO.

Overall, if you are in a hurry, only buy the SEO tools as they are expensive.

Tools and plugins

Starting a blog, you should always choose WordPress as your priority. S this is easy to use and navigate. Plugins make things easier, such as sending push notifications and adding code to your website without coding for long hours.

Other resources (Optional).

After gathering all the physical and digital resources for starting a blog/website, you can now focus on other things. It is recommended to use these other resources once your site is well established or you are earning a decent profit.

Content writers

Hire content writers to add more content to your blog. But this will take a lot of money, and hiring an experienced content writer is quite expensive.

Digital marketers

Digital marketers help you promote your website across various digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, you can create a post for social media during the initial day of starting your website.

Paid advertisements

Organic traffic is insufficient if you want to bring a massive number to your site. You can use paid google ads or any other paid advertisement source.


After reading this, you may make up your list of the resources you will need to start your blog. If I have missed something, please let me know through your comments, and for blogging, make sure to read more content on degreesetup.com.

FAQ on resources for starting a blog post

How can beginners create a blog?

First, start learning blogging by watching videos and reading blogs, and then create your blog.

How much time does it take to create a blog?

Gathering the resources and starting a blog website will take 2-3 days.

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