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is blogging profitable

Blogging and content writing are fantastic ways of sharing information on the internet. But most people today think that blogging is dead after the rise of youtube and Artificial intelligence writing tools.

Yes, I agree that in the past ten years youtube platform has tremendously grown with its user and video content. Lots of content creators have emerged and earning good money from youtube.

But talking about blogging, I think it’s not dead, and it is still a profitable way of earning thru the internet.

There are specific reasons for that.

  • Blogs are a quicker way to get information.
  • It consumes less internet speed and data.
  • Blogs can be updated regularly.
  • Blogs are better for generating leads.

Blogging will not be dead for at least 10-15 years, and it will still be an excellent profitable profession.

Blogs can be made on any popular niche people search on the internet. There are always new things happening around us that you can write about.

How to earn thru blogging in 2023?

This question is essential and the most common: “how to earn from blogging?”

Writing content consistently would take you around 5-6 months to earn from your blog. However, some people get results much more quickly if they add content daily.

You can use three basic things on your blog to earn from it.

  • Display Ads – Using an ad network and displaying ads on your website/blog. show ads by joining ezoic on your blog.
  • Affiliate links – Recommending products to your visitors and getting commissions.
  • Digital products -Selling digital products such as courses, software, eBook, and data.

But to use ads and affiliate links on your blog, you will need traffic with decent visitors.

I researched about earnings of a new blog with about 10k visitors per month. A blog would earn about $300-$400. And from affiliate links, you can earn about $200.

Earning also depends on your blog niche, visitor’s location, and commission of the product that you are recommending.

With time as your blog becomes old and you will gain experience, you can earn more money.

After two-three years of blogging, you will know about SEO and content writing if you want to work for others as a freelancer or get hired. You can make profiles on freelancing sites such as Freelancer and Upwork.

Also, to get more exposure, you can make a LinkedIn account and write about your experience and work.

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Can beginner bloggers make money?

Beginner bloggers can make money thru blogging, but as their experience is low, the earnings are reasonably low compared to other bloggers who have started early.

People thinking that blogging is profitable should take a step and start a blog or not for them. I have a few suggestions.

  • Don’t start a blog by watching others if you don’t have an interest.
  • Start blogging as a hobby and find a topic you like to write about.
  • Before making a blog, take 2-3 weeks and research the domain name and content ideas.
  • Make sure the topic you will be writing has an audience to read.

These are some essential things that you should care about.

Other than that, as a beginner, you will face other problems.

  • The writing speed will be slow, and you will make many mistakes during the first few months.
  • You will have basic practical knowledge about SEO and content writing, and your blog post will not be optimized compared to an experienced blogger.
  • Earnings will be very low for the first year.

The above things are a problem a new blogger will face. But this is good for your growth as a blogger because no matter how many videos about SEO you have seen, you will only gain experience through practical knowledge.

What are profitable niches for blogging in 2023?

The best niches for 2023 are listed below. I will be updating the list as new things with time.

  1. Cryptocurrencies and investments.
  2. NFT making.
  3. Cryptography and blockchain architecture.
  4. Electric vehicles.
  5. Hybrid vehicles.
  6. E-sports.
  7. Graphic designing.
  8. New hairstyles.
  9. Cloud kitchen.
  10. Small business ideas.
  11. Work from home ideas.
  12. MCU universe.
  13. Web series.
  14. Life after covid.
  15. Video and image editing on the phone.
  16. Android applications.
  17. Second-hand phones.
  18. Waste disposal.
  19. Plastic alternative.
  20. Vegan food ideas.
  21. Cycling blog.
  22. The study from home ideas.
  23. Online degree.
  24. Cyber fraud.
  25. Earn money online ideas.

I will list these ideas from reading the news and trending topics more ideas with time.

Note: There’s no guarantee that these niche ideas, if you choose, will get success. Before starting a blog, you must know deeply research that particular thing.

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Can blogging be done full-time in 2023?

Taking about this decade, you have to do many things if you are looking forward to starting a full blog time. As competition today is too much compared to a few years back. You have fully dedicated yourself to this field.

Also, you must either have a good amount of money as an investment or must have the patience to make your blog succeed.

Talking about 2023, if you start a blog now, it must be a topic that has not been covered much or have deficient information on the search engine. There are some ideas you can look at.

If you are in any other profession and want to pursue blogging as a full-time career, only do this if you have these results.

  • Leave your previous job if your earnings from blogging have become doubled.
  • You have hired a couple of writers for your blog.
  • Your blog has more than 100+ blog posts, or you are getting 50K-100K visitors per month.

If you have got these results, then you are on the safer side to choose blogging as a full-time career in 2023.

Here are some tips you can follow to become a full-time blogger.

  • Write 2-3 blog posts daily, if not at least one post, to make your blog update and catch the competition with others.
  • Focus on increasing your earnings thru sponsored and affiliate posts.
  • Make sure to update your older post frequently.
  • Promote your blog by collaborating with other bloggers.


Blogging will be profitable for you if you know the proper techniques. There are a lot of ways to earn from a blog.

You can earn $100 from a post and $1000 from the same post if you know the right strategy of affiliate putting ads and recommending products to others.

To make your blog profitable, write authentic and accurate information so the reader can get real information. If you spam on your blog, you know what will happen to you.

FAQ about Is blogging profitable

How much time does it take to earn a good living from your blog?

It will take a year if you write content with consistency to earn from your blog.

How fast can bloggers make money?

If they use social media tools such as youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, bloggers can shorten the time, make their blogs popular, and make money faster through blogs.

What type of content is profitable in blogging?

Content that promotes and recommends products through affiliate links is considered profitable.

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