Change blog niche: Know the right step I took.

Starting a blog and deciding a niche for it is probably the most significant task. Today there are millions of websites on the internet. Some are useful, and some don’t even have content on it.

Today here at, you will get detailed information about how to change blog niche. And all other important things, like its effects on your site and how you can deal with it using some tips.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche or niche alone itself refers to a specific topic. The content present decides a blog niche on your website. Niche websites and blogs are focused on one topic, such as health, automobiles, digital products, etc.

For example, let’s take the example of Canva is a graphic designing platform. If you read it’s a blog, all the content is related to image editing and creating graphics. So the niche for this blog would be related to digital products.

Other than niche websites, there are micro niche websites and blogs if you deep down a bit. Micro niche blogs contain multiple blog posts written on a single topic only, such as bike repair, water faucets, home music systems, etc.

Steps to change your blog niche.

Read these steps carefully and make sure to perform them in your blog. A minor mistake can affect your blog. I have previously changed my blog niche, and I will share details about how I changed my blog’s niche.

Delete old content.

You need to delete the older content to change your blog’s niche. Here are the proper steps that you can follow.

You have to remove the post from your blog and the search engines to avoid uneasy 404 errors and redirection.

Steps to delete older content.

  • Login to your admin dashboard and removes the internal links with another post you want to keep.
  • Use the media files option to delete the images, videos, and other files associated with the post.
  • Now copy the link and paste it on the search console to remove it from search engines.
  • At last, delete the post from your WordPress dashboard.
remove older content using search console

It would take about 24 hours for a post to get removed from SERP pages.

Note: When you delete the older post, do it by deleting 2-3 posts daily. If you remove all the content once, you can see a sudden drop in blog traffic.

Change the graphics.

logo designs on

If there is any logo or graphical images representing your blog’s topic, change them with a new one. You can use canva pro or photoshop for making a logo, whichever tool you feel is convenient for you.

Make your logo simple by using simple colors and fonts. Don’t go on the more creative side and spend too much time designing a logo.

You can see the above logo, which took me hardly ten minutes to design in canva.

If you are using the tagline for the site, don’t forget to change it using the general settings on wordpress.

Change your social media information.

If you are active on social media platforms and have created a page related to your blog, change the bio and other information there.

Add information about what your blog is about and the content you put in your blog.

Research new content.

After removing the old content and adding some branding to your site, it’s time to research new content.

To research the new content, here’s what you can do.

  • Use competitive analysis.
  • Use Google Trends to determine which topic is trending.
  • Use tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to find keywords.

Add new content fast.

While changing the niche, when you delete the content to stable the traffic from letting it go down, start adding new content with 2x consistency.

When you delete one post, add two more new posts according to your new niche topic. If the old content is deleted, it will lose 50% – 60% of the traffic.

But if you work harder and more intelligently, your site can regain the traffic within a few months or even get more traffic.

Establishing E.A.T.

I have mentioned E.A.T. in many of my posts, which is an essential factor for rankings on the SERP pages. Read this complete documentation about E.A.T.

There are three simple rules to establish E.A.T. on your blog.

  • Create content with proper research.
  • Link to trustworthy sources where you took information from.
  • Get mentioned by highly authoritative sites by creating linkable content on your blog.

Following these steps would not harm your blog, and you can easily make authority in another niche.

How to identify your blog niche?

There was a time when people used to write about any type of content in their blog. But now, after so many algorithm updates choosing a niche would be better than writing content on multiple topics.

You can see the points below if you find it challenging to find the niche of your interest.

Steps to find a niche

  • Look at the things that you like to talk about and read about.
  • Find the products related to it on the internet.
  • Search how many people write and make videos about the topic you like.
  • See if there’s any specific book or magazine about the niche you like.
  • Identify the competition and see if big brands are involved or not.

What are the effects of changing blog niche?

There are three significant changes you will experience when you change your niche. These three changes are related, and if one of the factors is changed, all three will be affected.

Change in rankings

When the older blog posts were not deleted, the ranking was higher, but the rankings decreased as soon as I deleted the post within one day. You can see it in the above image.

This is normal and would take about 3-4 months to gain a similar position for the new content you have published.


It is evident that when the rankings go down, the traffic on the blog also reduces, and this would take around a similar time to get the traffic. However, you can use social media and paid advertising to get traffic from other blogs.


There is no doubt that earnings will also decrease with a decrease in traffic. But if you have changed the niche and targeted countries like the U.S.A., U.K., and European countries, the earnings will go up with less traffic.

But for that, you need to write quality content and share information that is not present on the internet right now.

If you see the trend, today, people use online services and digital platforms. If you find a good over this topic, you may earn a good amount of money after a certain period.

Is it reasonable to change the blog niche?

It is up to you whether you enjoy blogging on your current topic. Certain things you must know about changing the blog niche.

  • Change your niche only if you find it interesting to write about it.
  • Find a niche where earnings can be more than your current niche.
  • Consult with other bloggers as well about this decision to change your niche.

Other than that, I would not recommend changing your blog’s niche on the first and if you are doing well, just for the sake of money.

First-timers might face many difficulties if they make decisions to change their blog. First, make some money from your blog and take out your investment, and then you should start thinking about changing the niche.

Can you have multiple niches on one blog?

That time is over now when people used to write about entertainment, technology, and travel-related posts in one blog. As soon updated its algorithm about quality information from trustworthy people, all these spammy sites deranked.

If you are thinking of starting a blog in 2022, you must find a specific and popular topic that people are talking about, but not many people have written in-depth information about it.

If you find such a topic, the chances of success will be higher as not many bloggers are still writing on a specific topic.

Why shouldn’t you change your blog niche?

If you get the results I have mentioned below, you should not change your blog’s niche.

  • If your blog is more than five years old.
  • If your blogging grows each month by 5% or more than that.
  • If you are earning more than $1000 per month thru your blog.
  • If your blog is getting more than 50K visitors per month.
  • If your blog has over 100+ posts.
  • If your blog is featured and got backlinks from authoritative sites.

These are the results of a successful blog, and changing the niche would be a huge mistake for you. Instead, try adding new content to your present niche and make it rank on SERP pages.


I am sure after reading all these things. You can make your decision about changing your blog.

The things and images that I have mentioned above are from actual data. However, these can be different on other blogs.

Adding new content and changing branding and social media profiles are the essential steps, and skipping them would harm your blog.

Also, you see many videos on youtube about digital marketers and SEO experts that can suggest this topic but avoid those people who all after selling $20 blogging courses.

F.A.Q. About changing the blog niche.

What topic should replace my blog niche?

Topics related to web 3.0, blockchain, mental health, digital education, A.I., and A.R. are trending.

How much time does it take to change a blog niche?

It would take around 2-3 months to change your blog’s niche, including branding, adding content, indexing, and ranking on the first page.

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