Are blogging courses worth it

If you are thinking of buying a blogging course from any professional blogger or a company, you should do proper research before spending your money.

If you don’t know, today, professional bloggers charge between $300 to $1000 for selling their blogging courses. But do you need it to spend this much amount of money?

Most bloggers sell the same content that you can quickly get on from free research. But as not more people have the technical knowledge, they spend their money on blogging courses.

So are blogging courses worth it?

Blogging courses are still worth it only if it comes with a specific price limit or has value-added to them as information related to new blogging techniques. The course should adequately cover every aspect of what new bloggers should do and avoid mistakes while blogging.

Other than that, it should have information related following things.

  • Setting up a blog.
  • Finding the niche.
  • Quality content creation.
  • Competative keyword analysis.
  • Competative blogging.
  • Updating the old posts.
  • SEO.
  • Creating graphics for your blog.

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How to get free blogging courses?

There is a massive collection of free data available on the internet about blogging courses, but you have to find them.

The best free courses are available on the big platforms.

I think youtube is a great platform to learn anything, and it has enormous information where you can learn anything. Still, as only a few people share accurate information, it becomes hard to find a legit channel here.

The best resource you can use is google SEO documentation to learn about blogging well. It does not cover complete blogging topics, but it has the best information related to content creation, and as a blogger, you should read it. – Read google SEO documentation.

If you want to learn about blogging, you can refer to these channels on youtube.

  • Income school.
  • Sixfigureblogger.
  • Bloggers are on the rise.
  • Niel Patel.

Thousands of people on the internet want to sell their courses about blogging, but not every course is worth it to buy, or even if it is free, you don’t have to spend time over it.

If you smartly search on youtube, you will get a lot of free information about blogging and content writing, but most people ignore them and move towards buying promoted things.

Are most blogging courses a scam? If yes, how to avoid them?

There is a lot of competition in the market related to blogging courses, and with many of them, people get confused about which one to buy and which one to avoid.

But as per my experience, here’s how you can too identify a fake or blogging course that is just promoted to make money.

Don’t buy a blogging course that has all these things.

  • If the blogging course is super cheap, don’t buy it.
  • If a course claims to build a profitable blog in minimal time duration.
  • Blogging course, which does not have any practical video.
  • Wrong SEO methods.

But not all blogging courses are the same, as few people have achieved success thru their knowledge about blogging and content creation.

To get a good blogging course read these steps, then only buy the course.

  • See the reviews related to the blogging course.
  • See what content the course provides. You can read that in detail in this post.
  • Check youtube videos that have purchased the course. Know about both positive and negative points about the course.

What are the basic things a blogging course should have?

Before you buy any blogging course and pay money, there are basic things that a course should contain. If any of the listed things are not in a blogging course, it might not be a good deal for you.

Setting up the blog.

Most of the bogging courses are purchased by new bloggers. New bloggers are those people who have not even made a single blog, and this is their first time.

There are thousands of videos on youtube about creating a blog, but what’s the point of buying a blogging course and watching free videos from youtube about setting up the blog.

Instead, try to find a course that tells you about blogging from scratch. If you find one, most of the doubts will be clear, and your basic knowledge also will become strong.

For setting up your first blog, these things are essential, and the course must have these things in their course.

  • Buying a domain name.
  • Buy a hosting.
  • Connecting domain with hosting.
  • Set up an SSL certificate if you don’t have one.
  • Setting up the basic settings of the blog.
  • Choosing a good theme.
  • Customizing the theme accordingly.
  • Creating important pages.
  • Branding of the blog(logo and favicon).

These are some essential and must-do steps when you start a blog.

Planning and content creation.

Another big reason to buy a blogging course is if it has a good plan of content creation or not.

This is the biggest mistake why most new bloggers fail as they don’t plan their content and execute their plan.

A blogging course should have these things for content creation.

  • Keyword analysis or search analysis.
  • Planning content.
  • Writing blog posts.
  • Images and graphics for blog posts.
  • Proofreading the content.
  • Editing the content.
  • SEO.


There’s no sense in making a blog and putting content on it unless and until you generate money.

Most blogging courses tell you that you can only make money through ads from a blog, but that’s wrong. As per my experience, if you have a well-written blog post and if it’s ranking first on the SERP page, then you make a lot of money thru other modes compared to just using ads on the sites.

Here are basic monetization options that a blogging course should include.

  • Information about various ads network.
  • Affiliate marketing tips.
  • Find affiliate products according to your blog niche.
  • Making and selling info and digital products to the visitors.
  • Paid consultations.

These are some basic ways to earn from a blog, and the most money you can make is by selling an info product to your users or making your products.

After reading 5-8 blogs of the most successful bloggers worldwide, my analysis shows that 60% – 70% of their earnings are from selling info products and 20% from affiliate marketing. In comparison, a small portion is earned from ads.

Content Updation.

If you don’t update your content regularly, there’s quite a chance your content will get outranked by others’ content.

In blogging courses, it would be better if they provide these things regarding content updation.

  • Competative analysis.
  • Write better content than others.
  • Add value to your blog posts.
  • Update your blog posts with time.

These are essential things that many bloggers fail to teach.


There are many blogging courses in the market. If you open youtube, many people will come up and tell you to take their course.

But I am sure you will be smart enough to buy the right one. After reading this post, it may help me find the best courses.

You can learn about blogging at from the blog posts we publish daily.

FAQ about blogging courses

How much does a blogging course cost?

It would cost around $200 -$600 most blogging courses provide resources as well.

Can blogging courses be resold?

You can get into legal trouble as this course has copyright law.

How much time it would take to learn to blog?

If you are a fast learner to become a professional blogger it would take about a year to learn to blog.

Best way to learn free blogging?

Watch youtube videos and read google blogs for learning free blogging.

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