When To Monetize Your Blog? Know The Best Time To Apply.

When To Monetize Your Blog

There are two types of bloggers those who want to share information and those who want to share and earn a good amount of money from their blog.

If you have a new blog and are thinking of monetizing it, this may be the guide to help you out. In this post, I have mentioned detailed information about when to monetize your blog or what is the best time to join any monetization platform.

The best time to monetize your blog is when your content gets traffic. You can apply for monetization once you get 100-200 organic hits(users) on your blog. At first, you can join any ad network such as AdSense or ezoic and then move to premium networks after your traffic increases.

Let’s discuss this in a detailed way so that every doubt about this topic gets cleared.

What is the best time to monetize your blog?

You must follow some blog monetization rules to get the maximum output. Also, if you see some of the analytics or have achieved these milestones, you can apply for monetization.

1. If you have more than 30+ blog posts.

When you have completed writing 30+ blog posts, it’s time to monetize it. If you are still low on traffic, you will get approval from the platforms like Adsense and Ezoic, as these are the leading platforms that accept most websites and blogs.

But make sure your content should have all these things before you submit your site for review.

  • Your content should have quality and in-depth information about the topic.
  • You should write about 5-6 posts about a similar topic.
  • Create 3-4 categories; each category should have at least a minimum of 5 posts.
  • Your blog should follow content guidelines.

2. If Your blog gets more than 100 visitors per day.

If you are getting a reasonable amount of traffic on your blog, you can apply for monetization. This milestone can be achieved by writing a super helpful piece of information; some people might take about 3-4 months to attract 100 visitors to their blog.

If you find low competition keywords with high or moderate search volume, you can quickly get 100 visitors per day.

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What are the best platforms for monetizing?

You can monetize your website using more than 10+ ways, but most people only rely on ads to make money and lose a lot of earnings.

There are more than ten ways to monetize your blog and earn money.

  • Display ads – Using platforms likes Adsense, Mediavine, and Ezoic.
  • Pop-up ads – Show pop-up ads on your content.
  • Sponsor ads – Take sponsorships from companies and people.
  • Affiliate product links – Promote or recommend a product by earning commissions.
  • SaaS programs promotions – Recommend online programs such as photo editing software or ebook maker.
  • Ebooks – Write an ebook and sell it on your blog.
  • Online consultation – Take a certain fee from people and guide them about a product or field in which you are an expert, such as loans or online courses.
  • Brand Promotions – Promote a brand on your site using the content or simply putting it on the front page.
  • Link Promotions – Promote links to any product or brand.
  • Lead generation – You can sell leads to certain companies and brands similar to your niche.
  • E-mail marketing – Collect emails and send promotional mail of any product or service.
  • Sponsored content – You can publish content of others by charging some fees to them.
  • Selling courses – Create video tutorials and make courses about a particular topic, such as website designing.
  • Memberships – You can make your content premium for visitors by charging memberships monthly or yearly.
  • Selling backlinks – Backlinks cost around $300 each, but for that, you have to build a super authoritative blog.

Note: Except for display ads, all the other monetization options are for high-traffic websites and blogs. As per analyzing several big sites and blogs, I have seen a trend that they stop using display ads and rely on things like selling courses and promoting high-return affiliate products.

Is it possible to monetize a blog without ads?

Initially, during the new days of blogging, if you want to make money from your blog, display ads must be used. If your site is focused on affiliate products, generating money from affiliate links may take some time.

You may need at least 5k-10k visitors monthly to generate earnings without ads.

After that, earning money from your website is possible without showing ads is possible. You can also do this if you have done things like.

  • Created an online course.
  • Written an E-book.
  • Joined several affiliate programs and written rankable content similar to the topic.


How much time does it take to monetize a blog?

Once your blog is approved by an ad network, it may take about 30-60 minutes to show ads and put links on the site.

What to do if your blog is disapproved from monetization?

The primary reason would be that your content does not meet the guidelines of the ad network.

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