Why Should You Not Use AI Writers For Blogging?

AI writing tools for blogging

In the past few years, much Artificial intelligence(A.I) writing tools have emerged, and according to Growth Market Reports, Ai writing assistant software is expected to grow to $1 billion by 2028.

But as a blogger and content writer, there are many reasons why you should not use AI writing tools.

To prove my point, I have come up with some strong evidence to help you write better content if you own a blog or website. And also, if you are using any AI writing assistant and tools.

I have concluded and researched this topic after reading the latest update from google. The name of this update is Google’s helpful content update, and this update will highly impact the blogs and websites that have extensively used AI-generated content.

As you know, every piece of content that we publish on our blog gets indexed on google. And talking about the past 20 years, google came up with many guidelines for content creation.

Why should you not use AI Writing tools?

5 major points about not using AI tools

A.I writing tools use content intelligence and machine learning to generate content. And they uniquely use scraped content.

Ai writing tools crawl various pages similar to what you have asked to generate and give beautiful content that looks appealing. But, in reality, this software changes the synonyms of the words, adds similar words, and corrects the grammar.

In my opinion, AI writing tools generate mediocre content for bloggers; however, for marketing, it can be a good option.

Let’s see some drawbacks of using these tools and why you should not use them as a blogger.

Lack of In-depth knowledge.

Today if you want to start a blog, you will require three essential things.

  • Your expertise in the topic.
  • How well you write.
  • Give the best answer to what a searcher is looking for.

But Ai writers have content about the general questions. They can’t answer a question about minor things.

For example, if you want to create content related to golfing and use these tools, things might not work well for you as your content will not rank at the top.

This will happen because golfing is a game that humans practice. So people who all are finding an answer expect answers from an expert golfer or who has been through a particular situation.

They don’t answer real questions.

Using an AI writer, you cannot generate answers for people who ask real-world questions. If you do so, it would not be helpful for those who want a solid solution to their problem.

Also, Ai tools cannot give short answers people ask on the internet.

For example, if you search a query about ” how much does it cost to repair a desktop speaker.” A human-written article will appear in the search results.

Also, if you want to create YMYL content using an AI tool, that’s a big no as these topics should always be written by people with expertise and authority.

AI doesn’t answer a specific question.

In blogging, you must write about various topics under a specific niche. If you depend entirely on AI tools, they may provide the wrong data, which can negatively impact your blog.

These tools also do not follow the inverted pyramid rule, and every time you have to write a heading based on that, it provides content.

If you want to write super informative content, that can only be done with deep research and knowledge; these tools won’t make this happen.

Ai writing tools do not follow google product guidelines.

People who have written product reviews and information have to face trouble as their site may get hit by google new updates.

Recently, Google has come up with a new update named ” Google helpful content update.” it is mentioned that their rankings will go down on websites that do not follow several guidelines.

Here are some essential points that you should know about this update.

  • Your goal should be creating content for readers, not search engines.
  • You have to write an honest review by first hand buying them.
  • It would help if you did not use A. A tool for creating content in bulk.
  • Writing about the trending topics to gain traffic even if you don’t have expertise.

They generate content for search engines, not for users.

Automated writing tools generate content for search engines, not for users. If you read them carefully, they don’t carry a solution for a problem. Rather that they are generated to fill the content gap on the blogs.

As a blogger, you must provide a solution for your readers. That’s the main thing your readers are looking for.

They are helpful for marketers but not for bloggers.

Being a blogger, your main goal is to create content that has.

  • Information.
  • Solution for a problem.
  • Answer to a particular query.

These things you can do by educating yourself about a particular topic or subject and using AI tools for creating blogs will not create authority for your blog.


Why should you use AI-writing tools?

AI content-generating tools are best for marketers and copywriters.

What are alternatives for AI tools in blogging?

The best alternative is to hire professional writers who all have industry knowledge.

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