Which Is The Best Hosting For A Niche Site?

These days people are more focused on creating niche sites and blogs. In one of the previous blog posts, I discussed the resources you need for creating a websiteSupposer a blog.

Buying good hosting is one of the vital things for a blog. If this is your first time buying any hosting service. It is recommended to read this post till the end.

According to the web tribunal, more than 330K hosting providers are worldwide. But I bet you have only heard about 10-15 names only.

People mostly use Godaddy and Hostgator for hosting their sites. That’s why they hold the majority of the market share, which is more than 20%. This is mainly due to extensive advertisement and marketing.

If you are reading this and considering buying a hosting plan for your niche site. I have created a helpful resource with some valid reasons why you should choose a specific platform and when you can move from that platform to get the best results regarding hosting for a niche site.

Which hosting is best if you want to start a niche site?

When you are about to start a niche site, I would recommend you invest your money in buying an aff, there hosting plan.

Even if you have a generous amount for investment. There are some reasons you should buy an affordable hosting plan.

A big reason to buy an affordable hosting plan is because of less use of resources of your hosting plan. During the first few months of blogging you may get less traffic. Then after putting content you may see gradual change in traffic and with increase in the level of visitors you can change your plan.

Best plans for hosting your niche websites are.

Hosting platfromPrice/yearly
A2 Hosting$85
These are the best hosting platform that you can choose and buy a hosting from.

The prices may fluctuate with inflation. However these are the average prices to buy hosting for an year.

I have been using Hostinger for more than 3 years now and trust me this offers great value and service in terms for starting a new website or a startup projects.

If you don’t agree with me you can read thousands of other reviews of hostinger other than this blog.

How many niche sites can be hosted in a single hosting plan?

Many hosting services claim that you can add or create unlimited website with their hosting plans but you should avoid this practice as this can put an effort on lot of

No matter how expensive the shared hosting plan is you should add only 3 websites on it. To get better speed and performance.

You can use shared hosting plans till you website is able to handle 20k-40 monthly visitors after that it may go down as resources may get exhaust.

To keep your site live you need to change your hosting plan. After reaching to 50k monlthy visitors.

Go for cloud hosting.

Without a doubt cloud hosting is really a good alternative after you site become famous and you started getting lot of visitors on a monthly basis.

I won’t give you too many options but if you want to choose a cloud hosting platform either you can upgrade to hostinger shared hostinger plan to cloud hosting.

Or you can choose hosting from digital ocean. Using digital ocean is quit challenging at first but you won’t get disappointed when you buy this hosting.


Time to warp up all the things and if you are still confused about selecting a hosting services then here is the answer in short.

  • Buy hostinger shared hosting if you want to start a new niche site.
  • Buy or move to digital ocean hosting if you niche site is working good and you are getting lot of visitors.


How much does a hosting cost for niche website?

The starting hosting cost around $50 for an year. You can create any type of site with this hosting.

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