What Are High CPC Keywords In Blogging Industry?

Keywords are essential whenever you want to write an article or a blog post. Using the right keywords on your blog, you can quickly drive traffic if you have an information piece of content.

High CPC Keywords In Blogging

Here you will learn about High CPC keywords that are great for driving traffic and making money using a blog or website.

To create a list of high CPC keywords in the blogging field, I have researched what’s trending and what people are searching for on the internet.

If you want to start a blog now, this blog might help you get the best keywords for your industry and find an excellent profitable keyword for yourself.

Note: For individual bloggers, this post is only for information. Don’t use these keywords on your site or your blog if you do not have any expertise or knowledge about the topic.

What are high CPC keywords?

CPC stands for Cost per click. The amount advertisers pay to google or any other advertising company to show their ads on the search engine or their website.

For example, If you have spent $800 for the keyword ” brown jackets” and get 250 clicks, Your CPC would be $3.2 for this particular keyword.

High CPC keywords are most important for bloggers and content writers for advertising opportunities. Suppose you have created content in the form of text or video. The advertisers bid for the ad spaces to show their ads on your website using google ads or other advertising platforms.

Google takes a commission and shows ads on various publishers’ sites. Publishers who have written content using high CPC keywords show ads on their websites and get high RPM and CPC.

List of high CPC keywords according to google adword for 2022.

Keywords Low CPCHigh CPC
Conference Call$2.54$28.98
Crypto $0.45$12.14
Note: Data from Google AdWords.

The CPC of the keywords changes each month. It also depends on the season and demand for a particular keyword.

The CPC and earnings of a blog also increase during the fourth quarter(Q4) of the year because of holidays, and people buy more products during this time.

Each keyword has significance, and its necessity is based on the users’ search intent.

List of Long tail high CPC keywords for blogging.

In the blogging field, as an individual, you cannot rank on the above keywords as some of them are related to the YMYL topics, and it becomes hard for individuals to write about these topics if you are doing this for the first time.

You must use long-tail keywords related to the main keywords to rank on the search pages and generate a good amount of income.

These keywords get high CPC for many reasons. Do you know why it happens? Here are the reasons.

  • These are highly authoritative keywords, and content is generated from highly authoritative sources.
  • You cannot outrank established websites by creating a blog individually unless you have a highly qualified team of people in that particular field.
  • The companies or websites sell products and services much higher than the CPC.

List of long tail keywords that give high CPC.

These keywords are great to look but don’t write content related to them as they are already associated with a company or a brand. There’s no use in writing content about it.

KeywordCompetition CPC
dental insuranceHigh$473
Car insuranceHigh$347
Tesla Tire InsuranceLow$254
construction accident lawyerslow$456
dell desktopshigh$990

These are some examples of high CPC long tail keywords. When I searched about a similar thing a few months ago, about 40-50% results I got were of no use. Every blog or website has the same information that no one will ever write.

Don’t run after money provide value?

I know everyone wants to earn money. But in blogging, you can get success only thru putting quality content. If you run after all these high CPC or low CPC keywords, You won’t get any success.

The best way to earn money thru your blog is to find the loopholes and fill that gap the others have not filled using their content.

For example – If your blog’s niche is about bicycles and you are interested in writing about it. At first, write all the content a bicycle owner would have on his mind.

Here are some examples.

  • How to maintain a bicycle?
  • How much does a bicycle pump cost?
  • What are some best bicycles for adults?
  • How long does a bicycle tire last?

These are some common keywords for a bicycle blog. And most people would have these questions on their minds if they owned a bicycle.

If you search about these keywords, their CPC will show low on many SEO tools such SEMrush or

Similarly, if your blog is on any other niche, clearly cover the most common questions without using fake or copied information or images to win the search results.

Which countries give high CPC?

Developed countries give the highest CPC and RPM. If you create content focusing on these countries, you may earn a good amount even in less traffic.

Here is the list of countries that give the most amount of traffic.

Countries Average earnings per 1000 views
United States$22
United Kingdom$19
United Aran Emirates$19
Data from ezoic degreesetup.com

These earnings are from this blog for the past three months. But talking about earnings, it fluctuates all the time each month. But the top countries where this blog makes money are from USA, Canada, the UK, and France.

FAQ about High CPC Keywords.

On what factors are keywords categorized as high CPC?

Any keywords are categorized as High CPC if it has more supply and demand.

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