How Many Images To Use In A Blog Post?

images to use a blog post

Many new bloggers don’t know why and how many images to use in a blog post so let’s discuss this topic briefly so that you can do the image SEO correctly.

The quantity of images does not matter. You can add as many images as you want. However, if a blog post is a response post based on your topic, you can use 3-5 images. The staple post contains a hit list, then 8-10 images can be used.

And for guides and how to post, you can use images up to 15-20 if needed.

If you are a beginner, I suggest you read this post till the end to learn about using images in your blog post in detail.

How many Images to use as per word limit?

To make your blog post stand out from others, you need to get compelling images for your post. It will not benefit you if you copy others’ websites’ ideas.

According to the word limit, you should use a limited amount of images in your posts. As a content writer, you must put effort into the text and images.

Try adding images after 150 -200 words of text.

Here are some suggestions to use and add images per your post word limit. However, it is optional, and I suggest you not blindly follow this.

Don’t use images in a particular post if you feel there’s no need for images. Sometimes text does better than images.

You can see the table below to help yourself and use the number of images to help yourself.

Number of words on a blog postNumber of images you can use
300-600 words 2-4 images
1000 words5-8 images
2000 words8-12 images
2500+ words15-20 images
Number of images to use as per word limit.

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Number of Images to use as per post type.

There is various type of blog post one can write. But most people don’t know about it and practice writing identical blog posts on their blog or website.

If you include various types of posts in your blog, it will give options to your readers and increase traffic from various places.

Some people like to read simple posts, and some like to read step-by-step. Here I will discuss using several images in your blog post.

Main types of blog posts

  • News articles – If you have read any news on the web, it generally contains one image. It generally carries 300-500 words.
  • Response post – A response post is a kind of post that includes an answer to a particular query or question. This post usually contains 800-1200 words and 2-4 images.
  • Staple post – Staple posts are long-form blog posts containing in-depth information about any particular topic and are usually written between 1500 – 2500 words. Images used in staple posts are between 5-10 or sometimes more.

Other than that are multiple other blog posts that come in staple posts.

  • Product reviews – When reviewing any product, you should first do all original research per google new product update. You should take the images and experiences you share. For product review based on the type of product, 5-6 images are more than enough.
  • Food Recipes – Images are more important than text for food-related blog posts. Try to use images 8-10 while writing the blog.
  • Interviews/personal stories – Interviews and personal stories type of posts have fewer images, but as per the requirement, you can add images as much as possible.

How to use images from the internet?

Using images from the internet is a common practice, and millions of images are used daily.

But as a blogger, you should know about copyright materials and what to use and what not to use.

One can use three types of digital content categories on the internet. You will commonly find these things in music, images, and videos.

There are three options to use for using images on your blog post.

  • Free to use or creative commons license images can be used for free. However, in some cases, you need to credit the original creators of the images.
  • Commercial & other license images- Commercial and other licenses are those images that you need to pay for. Most websites and creators charge money or subscription to use their images on blog posts.
  • Copyrighted images – You can easily use copyrighted images on your website or blog by contacting the original owner of the image to make sure you don’t get scammed. You can use reliable platforms like Unsplash and Pexels to buy them. Sometimes creators won’t charge any fees. They need promotion or backlinks.

Image format and size.

The recommeded images size for a blogpost to use is 1200 px X 720 px. You can use multiple images size to make your blog post tempting and unique. For more information about using blog post images, you can look at this post – Blog post image size – What should be the ideal size?

How to avoid copyright and legal issue when you use any image?

No one wants to get into legal trouble. Using copyrighted products can do you so. But when you want to use any copyright image, as I told you, get the owner’s consent or buy it from any platform.

You can read some tips if you don’t know anything about copyrighted materials on the web.

  • Do not simply download any image from the web and use it on your blog.
  • Make sure you do proper research about the images before using them. You can use google images to check outsources.

FAQ about using images per blog post

How many images per blog post?

You can use 3-5 images per blog post. A featured image, the main image, the image at the center, and if possible, an infographic image can be used in a blog post.

Can I use only one image in the blog post?

Yes, you can. If your content is less only one image is suitable for a post.

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