When To Hire A Content Writer For Your Website?

If you are thinking of hiring a content writer for your blog or website, there are basic things you must know before taking such a decision.

There are some basic guidelines by google that you must know before you hire a content writer. Now, after all these things, let’s jump to the main question of when you should hire a content writer.

You can hire a writer or group of writers once your website has a decent number of visitors and generates a profitable amount of money. You can spend your profit on resources for your sites, such as hiring writers, SEO, paid advertisements, and other things which add content and bring traffic.

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Why should you hire a content writer?

Hiring a content writer may have individual reasons, but it is essential for every digital contributor to do.

Professional content writers have years of experience and know how to write optimized content for the internet. Here are five significant reasons why you should hire content writers.

  • They can write the content fast.
  • They have years of experience in web writing.
  • They know which content can do better.
  • They can eliminate loopholes in old content.

Hiring content writers lower individual bloggers’ workload, and they can put double or triple the amount of content with the content writer’s help. Hiring them also benefits the website in multiple ways such as.

  • Increase site traffic.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Increase E.A.T of the site.

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Things to look at before hiring a content writer.

Three things are most important to know if you are hiring a content writer for the first time.

Should be an expert in a particular niche.

Make sure they know your industry or have expertise in the following field that you write about.

For example – Your website is about dogs, so the person you will hire as a content writer may be a veterinarian or someone who loves dogs.

Similarly, this applies to every website niche. You should hire people who know the industry. Doing so will make your content super authoritative, and it will be worth hiring them.

Written some trustworthy content in the past.

People who have written in the past on trustworthy and authoritative sites are professional writers. Also, it will be easy for you to decide whether you should hire them or not by reading their content.

Configure SEO.

It would be great if the writer knew about configuring SEO in the content, as this will remove the burden from you performing SEO on your content.

These are some qualities that a content writer must have. Although if you are a writer looking for a freelancer job, develop these qualities before applying for a job.

Platforms you can use to hire them.

You can use multiple platforms to give advertisements for hiring a content writer.

For giving advertisements, some platforms like pro blogger, and we work remotely charge between $80-$200 for posting a job. But As these sites get the most traffic, you can get a response for your ad in a few hours.

How much should you pay them?

Hiring a content writer is expensive, and If you have made up your mind, be ready with a budget of a minimum of $500 a month. You can also read about blog post costs to get an in-depth idea of how much you need to spend per post.

You can pay a writer in multiple ways. Also, in your advertisement, you need to mention how the payment will be made so that people who apply don’t have any doubts about payments.

  • Pay per word – the starting price per word is $0.03 and goes up to $0.5, charged by experienced writers.
  • Pay per article – the per article price averaging 1000 words can cost you between $30-$50. The exact price also applies on an hourly basis.
  • Weekly payment – you can make weekly payments of $100 for writing 2-3 articles per week.
  • Monthly Payment – Paying monthly is like giving a salary to writers. The average payment made is between $800-$1200.
  • Contract – You can hire writers for one year of the contract, but you need to calculate the budget first. Also, check a sample article of the writer you are hiring. The overall cost can go around $10k-$15k.

FAQ about hiring content writers

How much time does it take to hire a content writer?

After giving an advertisement, it may take 7-15 days.

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