Content writer Vs Blogger: Know the difference!

There are a lot of misconceptions about content writers and bloggers. You should know that these two things are not the same. And if you want to know more about this topic, go ahead and read further.

So what’s the significant difference between a Content writer Vs. Blogger?

Content writers create content for marketing, advertisement, and lead generation for various firms and companies. Whereas bloggers create content for themselves, they are focused on personal opinions and reviews.

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That’s not it. There is more to learn about this topic. If you want to have a deep understanding, read the full post.

Difference between content writer Vs. Blogger.

content writer vs. blogger difference

You can see this table below to know and understand how content creators and bloggers have different jobs to perform.

Content WritersBloggers
Content writers can write about various topics through deep research.Bloggers write about a specific niche as per their interests and knowledge.
Content writers plan, write, proofread and manage the content.Bloggers share their views and opinion on what they feel like too.
They are more focused on ranking, top pages, and SEO.They create content for their readers and specific people as per their niche.
Content writers must learn grammar, punctuation, and spelling to write perfect marketing content.Bloggers need to learn about CMS such as WordPress, Hubspot, and Joomla.
Content writers are hired to boost or scale any business and services.Bloggers do their job as a hobby and later monetize it to make money.
Content writers get paid by the companies or freelancing platforms that hire them. They get paid on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.Bloggers make money thru their websites or blog. It takes about 5-8 months to make a new blog.
Content writers should have 2-3 years of experience to hire a good company.New bloggers establish their blog for about a year as they make various mistakes during the initial phase.
Content writers can switch to blogging but must stick to a specific topic or niche.Bloggers can easily switch to content writing in their area of expertise.
Content writers write articles and blog posts both as they work for companies.Bloggers can only write blog posts.
Content writers work as per their client’s orders. If they have joined any company, they need to work for 4-5 hours/day.Bloggers don’t have a set time limit to work; however, they need to publish 3-To 4 posts to maintain visitor retention on their blog.
Difference between content writer and blogger.

How to become a blogger?

Here are some easy steps anyone can follow and quickly become a blogger on the internet and open their blog easily.

  • Start writing practice – If you have knowledge but don’t know how to start blogging, you need to learn the skills of content writing and basic about how you can write on the internet.
  • Setup a budget – You will need to spend money on hosting and domain name to set up your blog. This will cost you around $100 for a year.
  • Learn about tech – You can watch youtube videos and read posts on degreesetup to set up your blog using WordPress.
  • Pick a niche and start writing – Once you set up your blog, decide on a niche or topic and start writing on it. But wait, do some research on what’s trending on the market. Don’t write thing what you want to write.
  • Wait for the initial traffic- It will take 5-8 months to get traffic on your blog. Some non-competative niche blogs get traffic in a short duration. Don’t lose hope and focus on writing more content during this phase.
  • Make your blog authoritative- Build trust over the internet about your blog using social media platforms and interacting with experts, and make your blog more trustworthy.

How to become a content writer?

To become a content writer, you must learn differently from what bloggers do. Let’s look at each one of them.

  • Learn about researching – As a content writer. You need to have patience and increase your research skills. As you work with many companies, you must provide proper citations and authoritative links from external sources in your articles.
  • Improve English and vocabulary – Increase your vocabulary and writing skills. Always proofread all the content twice before delivering it to the client.
  • Develop interpersonal skills – To get projects from companies, you need to develop interpersonal skills which deal with intelligence, creative thinking, decision making, and time management.
  • Build a strong resume – After working with 2-3 companies, you can build your resume. If possible, do internships with various first to get various projects.
  • Diversify your portfolio – Don’t just limit yourself by learning only one skill. Diversify and learn more technical things such as basic graphic designing and photo editing.
  • Give free consultation – Give free consultation to people. Using this method, you will build followers and increase your credibility.
  • Join platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr to ger projects on writing content.

How do bloggers and content writers make money?

There are various ways a content writer and blogger make money. I have listed the ways both the profession and how to make money.

Bloggers make money using the following ways:-

The average blogger earns about $100-$300 in the initial years, then each year, the earning gets 4x to 5x after they have established their site. Below you can read the sources thru which content writers earn money.

  • By Showing advertisement – Using ad networks like ezoic, mediavine and adthrive, bloggers make money blogging. For most bloggers, this is the primary source of earning.
  • Affiliate marketing – There’s no limit to earning using affiliate marketing; however, it depends on the quality of traffic and conversion rates.
  • Selling info products – Digital products such as PDFs, Ebooks, and tools can be a major source of earnings for bloggers.
  • Private advertisement – After a specific duration, many private advertisers will pitch you for advertising their products and services if your blog is popular. You can negotiate a good amount of money with them.

Content writers make money using.

  • Freelancing platforms – Platforms like, People per hour, Fiverr, and Upwork are the most common platforms that content writers use to get projects and earn money.
  • Taking contracts from local businesses or online sources such as problogger is also a reliable source to earn money as a content writer.
  • Consulting clients – If you are inactive in social media and have many followers, you may charge a particular fee and consult needy clients who have a fresh website/blog.
  • Website auditing – If you know SEO, UI, and UX, then you audit websites for charging a reasonable price.
  • Working for companies – Site like LinkedIn, problogger, and weworkremotly offers remote and fieldwork for content writers. You can apply there to work with multiple firms.

Content writer Vs. Blogger – FAQ

Which platform is best for blogging?

WordPress is the best platform to start a blog. More than 40% of the websites are using wordpress as their CMS.

Do Content writers more skilled than bloggers?

Yes, as content writers work with many clients, they diversify their skills with time. Whereas bloggers usually only write blog posts.

Is blogging a part of content writing?

Yes, it is.

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