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How Much Time Does It Take To Learn SEO

If you are new to the SEO field and want to learn this, then you may have several questions in your mind. This post will cover a common SEO question that may help you learn quickly.

So here, I will cover how much time it takes to learn SEO.

Depending upon your catching power, you can learn SEO in 2-3 months, but becoming an expert will take about 1-2 years. This is the ideal time because SEO is mainly done on a social media platform or a website to acquire organic traffic.

To learn SEO, you need to perform it practically on your own by creating a blog, Facebook page, or Instagram page.

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It took me 16 months to learn SEO from various platforms. The first content I read about SEO was google documentation, the starter guide for SEO.

Time In MonthsSEO Skills
1-2 monthLearn Basics
3-4 monthImplement essential SEO tips on your content.
5-8 monthLearn advanced SEO tactics.
8-10 monthImplement your content
11-16 monthWait for the results to appear.
Timeline to learn SEO.

To master SEO, you should have practical knowledge. And to gain experience, you need to work with content creators, writers, and SEO experts. Also, you need to experiment with your blog and website to find loopholes.

You need to keep things in your mind to learn SEO, which I have mentioned below. You can keep reading further if you want to know all these things.

What skills should you have to learn SEO?

You should have specific skills and knowledge about computers and their applications to learn SEO. Let’s see what skills you should develop before learning SEO.

Technical knowledge

The first thing you should have to learn SEO is your computer or laptop. For this, you don’t need a high-end machine. A laptop worth $500 will be enough for you. After buying a PC, you need to focus on learning these things.

  • Using computers and laptops – Learn to install and uninstall specific programs. And minor troubleshooting issues.
  • Using the Internet and search – You should know how a search engine works and how results appear when we type a query on the web.
  • Basic image editing – Learn basic image editing such as adding text, cropping, resizing, and converting it into various formats.

Learning all these things takes about a month to get familiar with everything.

Basics of coding.

For performing SEO, you don’t have to be an expert coder; you should know about it to make things easier.

  • Html and CSS – Configure buttons on your posts to know about various tags.
  • Php – This is ideal to learn if you want to work with WordPress.

This you can quickly learn in one-two week using W3schools.


SEO is all about writing. So to become a master in SEO, you should have a good command of a few languages.

  • Grammar – Learn and practice writing English or whichever language you are interested in writing your content.
  • Storytelling – Develop a storytelling method to write your content in such a way to engage readers.

What platforms are best for learning SEO?

I have also discussed this topic so many times in my previous posts. To learn SEO, there are multiple ways to get more ideas. You can visit here to explore more topics about learning SEO.


Google owns multiple platforms that you can use to learn SEO. You can read their blogs and watch their developer guides on their platform.

List of platforms you learn SEO from google.


Youtube has an enormous amount of content. You can follow multiple videos to learn SEO for free and apply it practically to your content.

Best youtube channels to learn SEO.

  • Google search central.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Semrush.
  • Brain dean.
  • Moz.
  • Search engine journal.

Online paid courses

You can take online paid SEO courses which cost between $100 -$500. The duration of these courses varies as per course, but you can learn it in a month.

Is learning SEO worth it?

As a content creator, you must know how to use SEO techniques regardless of the platform. So yes, learning SEO is worth it.

Learning SEO also gives you many advantages, such as.

  • It opens new doors in content creating industry.
  • You can build sites and optimize content with ease.
  • You can save a lot of money as you don’t need to hire an SEO expert.
  • You can apply for a job after learning SEO and gaining experience.

How hard is learning SEO?

Honestly, learning SEO is boring for those who don’t love data and stats. While learning, you need to see many videos and read texted documents. Also, you also have to write a couple of articles on your own.

So yes, it depends on person to person how they see learning SEO as a burden or a simple task.

Based on various videos and articles, I have concluded that SEO is easy to perform. You just do the following things.

  • Create well-researched content.
  • Your content should not be plagiarized.
  • Your content should have unique information.
  • It should follow the webmaster and platform guidelines.

These are some simple rules you must follow and implement in your content.


Is coding important for SEO?

Not really, but if you have learned the basics, that will be sufficient.

Is SEO Free?

Yes, SEO is free of cost if you do it by yourself.

Can you learn SEO in a month?

Learning about SEO can be done in a month, but to perform it and get its output may take some time.

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