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Many people want to learn SEO. You may be one of them.

Well, you may be curious about buying an SEO course and have many questions about it whether SEO courses are worth it or not.

I am writing this post because I have more than 5+ years of experience in content writing and SEO. I have also taken many SEO courses personally, which were free but hardly invested in a few courses.

So should you buy SEO courses?

If you are smart enough, you can gather free resources from the internet and learn advanced SEO tactics. But if you don’t have time, you can invest your money in buying an SEO course that may have the same content you can get from the free one. There’s one advantage of buying courses you may talk live with experts while they teach you and clear your doubts.

But many SEO experts do the same for free on youtube when they come live on their channel. You clear your doubts related to SEO.

You can also use Twitter by tagging or youtube and type #askgooglebot and ask questions related to websites and SEO to Google officials. Here’s the link to Twitter.

Let’s see some more information about this topic in detail.

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Types of SEO courses

Many think SEO tactics work the same on every platform, but that is not right. However, your content should be unique and have quality information to get the best results in SEO.

You can use SEO tactics and optimize your content on three platforms.

Blogging and content writing.

Emerging bloggers and content writers buy these SEO courses the most. The course mainly contains information about putting content on the web, structuring it, adding images, writing headlines, and all these things to make it worth reading.

Social media platforms.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest require content optimization, such as using the relevant hashtag, tagging similar accounts, and optimizing images using graphic design tools.


Doing SEO on youtube videos is very different from the above two Seo courses. In this, you need to write catchy headlines, create thumbnails, and write descriptions and tags which can help your video to appear on the youtube search.

Why do people buy SEO courses?

There are many reasons why people get converted as potential buyers for SEO courses.

  • People get influenced by watching videos on youtube and reading blogs.
  • Lack of time to find the right resources for learning.
  • They want to clear their doubts instantly.
  • They want to learn from basic to advance sequentially.

How to avoid SEO course scams?

There are many people on youtube and bloggers who have their SEO courses. The funny thing is that many of them don’t know about SEO, and they teach it to others.

I will not talk about a course or personal because I don’t want to defame anyone here. But if you are smart enough, you will catch them easily.

To identify whether it is worth it, you can do these things and conduct a little research.

  • Research about the person who is selling the course. Use the internet and see their background.
  • Read reviews about their courses, visit their channel, and see the comment section. If there’s too much negative feedback, don’t waste your time there.
  • Look for their project and authoritative sources that recommend them as SEO experts.
  • Never buy courses that claim 100% success. Because the success rate in becoming an SEO expert depends on you.
  • Courses without practicals about conducting SEO experiments are just sharing the copied content.

These things, if a course has, you should avoid them.

Is SEO certification necessary?

Learning SEO is more important rather than getting a certificate. You should have practical knowledge about SEO instead of having too many certifications. However, certifications are essential to get a job in any agency or company.

If you apply for a job, you may be asked to show your certificate. Also, you need to have experience of at least 1-2 years of handling SEO projects. For gaining experience, you can either work as an intern or create your platforms, such as blogs, youtube, or social media pages.

After learning and gaining experience in SEO, you can get these jobs.

  • Social media manager.
  • Content strategist.
  • Content writer.
  • SEO manager.
  • Content developer.

How to find SEO courses for free?

Simply typing on the internet will get enormous content for free. However, this content may not be sequentially arranged from basic to advance, but you can learn SEO for free quickly. I have listed the best platforms and linked them so you can learn them quickly.

To find free SEO courses, just type “free SEO course,” and you will get thousand of results.


Do SEO courses have validity?

Most SEO course comes with a validity of 1 or years.

How to learn SEO from google?

To learn SEO from google, follow the google search central youtube channel, read official google updates about SEO, and watch google approved courses on coursera.com.

How much does an SEO course cost?

The price of courses ranges from $100 -$500. It depends on the company on persons, authority, and their expertise.

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