How much time to get chegg answers – How fast the experts are?

If you are a chegg subscriber or are thinking of joining this platform, read this blog post till the end. It might help you save your money or help you to make decisions about joining the chegg platform.

There are many academic problem-solving platforms across the web, but chegg is the best among them.

There are many good reasons, but you need to get an answer quickly as a subscriber. Does chegg do this as per your expectations?

Chegg experts take around 30-35 minutes to solve and submit the answer. However, the maximum time limit for submitting an answer on chegg is 2 hours. The rate of submitting an answer depends on the type of subject, the number of experts, and how detailed the question is. To get the answers quickly, break down the question and submit it.

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There are other essential details that you should know about chegg experts. I am telling you this because I also worked for chegg as a managed network expert for the chemistry subject.

I started this part-time in year 2021, April, and did this till January 2022.

Talking about my experience giving answers, it would take me around 40-45 minutes to give a particular answer, including finding answers and writing and editing the answer.

You can read this chegg expert Q&A guidelines to know how an expert gives an answer and what you can do as subscribe to get the answer quickly. – Read it here.

If you want to know more about this topic in detail, you can read further. You can also read the best time login into chegg.

Conditions for getting an answer quickly on chegg

There are a lot of factors for it. You can read about them below to know how fast chegg experts answers.

Question length

Suppose you have uploaded a lengthy question that has various sub-parts or points. An expert will skip the question. Instead, try uploading your question in parts and submitting them separately.

Doing this will increase your chances of getting the answer quickly, as many experts will get the opportunity to solve it.

Time of uploading question

The best time for uploading the chegg question is between 8.00 am to 8.00 pm as per EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).

But there’s a problem: most chegg experts are from India, and Subscribers are from western countries, which brings a considerable time difference between subscribers and experts.

But on Chegg’s official website, the experts are recommended to be active from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am IST (Indian standard time). Students in the US have school and college hours during this time the frequency of getting questions is also high.

The number of experts available

Getting fast answers from chegg experts also depends on how many experts are in a particular subject.

For example, there are more experts in maths subjects than computer science. So if you upload a maths question, it is highly likable that you will get the answer quickly, whereas computer science expert is few, so the answer will come to you in much more time.

The nature of the subject and question

Nature means how complex the subject is and what question has demanded from the expert as the answer.

You will get the answer slower if a question contains these things.

  • Ask to draw a diagram.
  • Make a chart.
  • Solve an equation that has multiple parts.

For these questions, experts must write a lot and then submit the answer.

Language of the question

If the question is uploaded in any other language, English experts skip it or avoid it, so subscribers should convert the question into English and then submit it on chegg.

It is the best time to post questions on chegg to get answers fast.

The best time to ask questions on chegg on chegg according to USA time is. According to Indian timTimet is from night to morning.

If you are in the USA, the best time between morning and afternoon is to submit questions and get answers fast from chegg.

PST time EDT time
8:00 am to 8:00 pm5:00 am to 5:00 pm
chegg time to post question USA timing

How to post a question on chegg to get a quick answer?

There are a lot of factors on which you can get answers from chegg quickly. If you follow this, you may get an answer in less than 50 minutes. It is recommended to do this when you need the answer, as chegg provides you limit questions to ask. It would be best if you did not practice this unnecessarily.

Important things to know for getting quick answers on chegg.

  • Break down your question – Break your questions into small pieces and then ask experts.
  • Ask questions when experts are active – Upload your question when experts are active as per Indian timTimeom 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.
  • Mention in detail what you want – If you have uploaded five questions and want only three answers asap, make sure to mention it in the description.
  • Don’t upload exam questions – If you have read chegg guidelines, it does promote cheating, and experts don’t answer a question from the present year exams.
  • Don’t write about upvoting or downvoting – Don’t write about downvoting and upvoting on questions. Most experts ignore this and skip the question.

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FAQ about TimTime get chegg answers

Do chegg experts answer questions 24/7?

No, there’s a specific time, but few experts are always active chegg.

How many questions can we ask on chegg?

There is a limit of asking 20 questions. After that, you have to upgrade the plan to ask more questions.

Is chegg safe?

Chegg is entirely safe to use as it only provides academic answers.

Can students cheat on chegg?

Yes, it is possible, but chegg does not promote cheating.

What is the response time of chegg experts?

Most experts answer within 40-45 minutes.

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