What is a Micro Niche Blog? With Best Blogging Niche 2023

Micro-niche blogs are becoming popular now, and if you don’t have one, you should think to start creating a micro-niche blog.

But wait, do you know what a micro-niche blog is? If you don’t know about this topic, read this post till the end, as I have compiled all information about micro niche blogs and whether they will generate profit for you or not.

What is a micro niche blog?

Micro niche blogs are websites with detailed information focused on a specific topic. Micro niche blog has limited articles and blog posts of 10-30 pages. It does not contain any other information similar to niche blogs which are superior to micro niche blogs. Blogging in micro niche blogs is known as micro-blogging.

In these types of blogs, you have to work smarter rather than do hard work. By doing one week’s work and finding the right keywords, you can earn at least 2-3 years without.

A Micro niche blog should have these things.

  • Domain name-focused – The domain name of a micro-niche should be www. budgethometheaters.com, whereas a niche blog should contain a domain name like www. hometheaters.com.
  • Keyword specified -The content on a micro niche blog contains keyword-specified content, such as – how to create a budget home theater. List of things for home theater under $10000?
  • Content-focused – A micro niche blog is limited to specific content.

Example of microblogging

Microblogging is the practice of writing blog posts on a super niche topic daily or frequently. The content in microblogs is for a limited audience, and the content on these blogs is for solving a specific topic.

How to build it?

To build a micro niche site, follow these steps.

  • Invest in a good hosting service.
  • Find a fast WordPress theme.
  • Customize your theme and make your blog clean.
  • Set up all the pages, and your blog is created.

How to find micro-niche ideas?

To find micro niche ideas, you need to know your interest first. Then search about the topic that you want to get information about. If you find a content gap and no one has published it, you can create a blog about it.

To find ideas and get some stats, you can use them.

  • Google Adwords.
  • Google trends.
  • Google search.
  • Paid keyword research tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush.

How to monetize your micro niche blog?

Find companies and industries that make products and provide services similar to your blog’s niche, then you can suggest them on your blog, and you get a commission. Affiliate marketing and show display ads on your site are other opportunities you can use to monetize your blog.

How to rank your micro niche blog?

Practice these things to rank your blog at the top of search engines.

  • Keep publishing with consistency.
  • Cover all the topics about your niche.
  • Include proofs and stats in your posts.
  • Write unique and quality content.

Difference between a micro niche blog and a micro niche website.

Micro niche blogMicro niche website
Blogs have text content in the form of blog posts and articles.Websites have tools, downloadable, and other digital materials.
Updated regularly.No need for updation once created or frequently updated.
Used for marketing, sharing information, and earning purposes.Used mostly for businesses to sell products and services online.
Blogs are easy to create. Even an individual can do it.Web developers and designers develop websites.
Contain information related to a specific topic or industry. Such as painting, food, etc.Contains information about a shop or a company.
Difference between micro niche blog and website.

Advantages of micro niche blogs:

  • High conversion rates: People visit micro niche blogs to find answers in detail. As these blogs are topic specified, people get easily converted as they read multiple contents on the same topic.
  • Build email list quickly – Email list can be quickly built due to specificness. The visitors might want an update from your blog, so they leave their email after reading a few blog posts.
  • Requires low resources – Micro niche blogs have low traffic, so you don’t need to update or change your hosting plan to handle the high traffic volume each year.

Types of blogs

There are three types of blogs per size.

  • Multi-niche blogs – Multi-niche blogs are websites with content about several topics. The best examples of multi-niche websites are news and forums where the writers post every type of content.
  • Niche blogs – Niche sites target a specific audience and have content about a particular industry, such as tech, travel, food, and health.
  • Micro niche blogs – Micro niche blogs are super focused on one particular industry. In the tech industry, there are multiple topics, like smartphones and laptops. Micro-niche blogs will have content related to a specific brand’s smartphone.

Difference between niche and micro niche

Niche blogsMicro niche blogs
Contains information about a specific topic. (Example – Health, Fitness, Camping, Traveling, etc.) Contains information about the subtopic of a specific topic. (For example – Fitness is the main topic, and exercises, fitness accessories, and fitness tips are the subcategories)
Takes time to set up. It can be set up in a few hours.
Takes about 8-9 months to rank on SERP.It can easily rank in 4-5 months.
Many monetization options are available. Monitozation is limited.
Takes time to research the topic, and you may need to hire some expert writers.Topics are focused on a specific topic you may write about on your own.
Difference between niche and micro niche blogs.

Is a micro-niche blog profitable?

Micro niche blogs are profitable only if you do the right thing. If today you want to start your blog as a hobby or business, and if it’s not niche-specific, you have to compete with thousands of well-established blogs and websites.

On the other hand, if you start a niche or micro-niche blog today about a specific topic, your competition will be way less than multi-niche sites.

To make your niche blog profitable, you must do certain things first. Missing some steps can take you some time to make your blog profitable.

  • Focus on the content first – Create better and more helpful content for users than focusing on monetizing the blog.
  • Create authority – Make sure whatever the topic or niche you have taken for your blog, write the deeply researched topic and provide authentic information to your visitors.

Doing these things will gain an authentic audience for your blog, and they can trust your information.

Niches that you can choose for a profitable blog.

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Crypto
  • NFT
  • Web 3.0
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Pure energy
  • Solar energy
  • Food items

List of micro niche products that you can create a blog about.

  • Computer hardware.
  • Golf kits.
  • Lawn mowers.
  • Ovens.
  • Baseball kits.
  • Soundproof glass.
  • Graphic cards.
  • Shoes.
  • Bags.

You can choose from these popular niches and create a blog. Under this, there are various niches. You can pick a topic for your blog by reading this unique list of micro-niche blog ideas.

Tips to follow to make a profitable micro niche site.

These things will help you to add up things to your site.

  • Your niche should have at least 5-10 products on e-commerce sites.
  • Celebrities should endorse the products and services you want to write about.
  • At least one – two magazines should have been published related to your niche.

How to make money from a micro niche blog?

To make money from your micro niche blog, here are some tips you can read and implement on your micro-niche site – Read how to make money from a micro-niche site.

I have summarised the tips that you can read below. There are two recommended things you can do to earn from the blog. The first is display ads, and the second is affiliate marketing.

  • Apply in any ad network – Once you have written enough content on your blog. It’s time for you to apply on any ad network, such as Adsense or Ezoic.

Note: As per my recommendation,ezoic is far better than AdSense if you want to maximize your earnings. Join Ezoic Now

  • Look for a niche-based ad network – If you only depend on ads, your will be limited. However, joining an affiliate program is the best option to increase your earnings. Write your content related to affiliate products.
  • E-mail marketing – After a certain period, you can collect emails from your website visitors and send them promotional e-mails. It may contain an affiliate link or any info products.
  • Info products – After a certain period when your blog gets old, you can sell info products such as guides and life hacks in digital media like e-books and courses.

How to create a micro-niche blog step by step?

Microniche blog

Step 1 – Buy hosting and domain.

You will get a free domain for a year if you want to buy new hosting. While buying hosting and domain names for a niche site.

How to choose to host a niche site?

  • Choose a hosting provider of a reputed hosting company such as BLUEHOST or HOSTINGER. At first, you may use shared hosting for creating your first website.
  • Blue host – Bluehost provides great quality hosting. I had used this company’s shared hosting 2-3 years back, and my site never went down, or I got any issues from them. Buy shared hosting plans from Bluehost here.

Step 2 – Find a niche.

In the simplest way possible, here are some tips you can use to find a micro niche and become a niche blogger.

  • Find the topic that you have an interest such as ” gaming.”
  • Now, as gaming is a niche, it has different categories in it.
  • Look for one category, such as “Fortnite,” in gaming.
  • Now “Fortnite” is a niche and various topics are under Fortnite.
  • In Fortnite, you can create a micro-niche blog about “Fortnite redeem points” or “Fortnite skins.”

Similarly, you can create micro-niche blogs on various other topics as well.

Step 3 – Setup your blog

Setting up a blog is also easy; watch this video below, and you are good to go.

  • Install WordPress on your hosting.
  • Choose a WordPress theme such as oceanWP.
  • Set it up by watching this video.
  • You can also download plugins if you want extra features on your blog.

Step 4 Start writing the content

This is essential as most people do not focus on content and are busy making their site look better and looking to make money.

To start writing on your blog, here are some most important steps you must follow.

  • Find the long-tail keywords during the initial start of your blog.
  • You can use google search for this. Just type the keyword related to your blog.
  • Look for the auto-suggestions, visit the first 2-3 blogs/websites, and analyze their content.
  • Suppose you feel that the information on other websites is less or has some flaws. Create your content and write all the things that you know.
  • Make sure to link out to authoritative sources related to your niche.
  • Write at least 20-30 blog posts focusing on one topic and wait 2-5 months for traffic.


If you want to create a blog or website, micro niche sites are the most suitable for you as an individual. You can earn thousands of dollars a month by working only a few hours. However, most people quit blogging early as they don’t have patience.

FAQ about micro niche sites

What are some examples of micro niche sites?

cookforfolks.com, Hometheathersetup.com, and finegardering.com are some examples of niche sites.

How much time does it take for a niche site to rank?

It depends on your speed of writing, quality, and authority of your sources in your blog post. Generally, it takes 2-5 months for a site to rank on google and 7-8 months for your blog to get a good amount of traffic.

How to find ideas for micro-niche sites?

Visit degreesetup.com, search for micro-niche site ideas, and get your list.

How much money can we make from niche sites?

If the traffic is from US, UK, and Canada, you can earn up to 200-300$ per month with an average of 1k visitors per month or even more.

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