Google Ads Vs. Google Adsense: Know The Real Difference?

Google provides more than 200 products and services that it provides to people. There are two types of services that people mainly get confused about.

Here you will get to know the two leading platforms of google. Google ads and Google Adsense these two programs sound the same, but they have different uses, which I have mentioned deeply in this article.

You will learn about various things these two services provide, such as.

  • Their uses.
  • Who can use them?
  • When to use them?
  • How can you use them?

What are Google ads?

Google ads is an advertising platform that can be used to show ads on search engines. Advertisers bid to show their ads for a specific time in a specific location concerning a specific time duration. It works on the pay-per-click model. The higher you bid, the better your chances of ranking in the first position.

Uses of google ads.

There are multiple uses of google ads. Let’s see each one of them.

  • Search ads – The one which appears on the search results.
  • Video ads – Videos ads appear on youtube videos and some websites.
  • Shopping ads – Product ads appear on the top of search results and sometimes on many websites.
  • Application ads – Appears mainly on smartphone applications while you use any app or play a game.
  • Display ads – Appears in between website or blog content.

When to use google ads?

If you want to use google ads, there are multiple use cases.

  • For promoting your business – If you own a shop or a restaurant and want to gain people’s attention in the local area, you can use google ads.
  • For event promotion – Shopping websites and event agencies can use this when they conduct any event or sale.
  • Product promotion – If you launch any product, google ads are the best source to display it on the search results.
  • Youtibe channel or video promotion – New creators can use ads to rank on the youtube search page at the top. If you also want to make your video viral, google ads can help you to get views.

How to use google ads?

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is a program for website and youtube content publishers thru which they can show various types of advertisements to their content readers and viewers and earn money in return. It needs some requirements to join this platform from the publisher side.

Use of Google Adsense.

  • Show ads on websites and blogs – Online content publishers can display various ads on their content.
  • Show ads on youtube – Youtubers and bloggers use this to show ads on their channels and earn money from it.

How to use google Adsense?

Google Ads Vs. Google Adsense: Side by Side comparison.

Google AdsGoogle Adsense
Launched in the year 2000. (Previously named Adwords)Launched in the year 2003.
Website owners, businesses, and content creators use it to promote their business and content.Used by content creators and online publishers to show ads on their platfrom.
You can decide on ad budget, location, and duration to show ads.You can decide ad sizes, where to display them on your platform, and their categories.
Adwords is mainly used to display ads on search engine results pages.Adsense is used to show ads to visitors of the websites.
Google ads is a paid program.Adsense is free to join program.
Used for promotions. To get customers, increase sales.Used for earnings from ads.
Ads vs. Adsense
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