Google Adsense Account Suspended Due To Web stories! Know Why?

If you have an Adsense account and if it is recently suspended due to using web stories, here are the details; you must read and know about. First, let’s understand what web stories are.

What are web stories?

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Web stories are pages with HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. The main goal of creating web stories is to get featured on Google discover and attract the audience to read and generate visitors for your website or blog.

Why was your Adsense account suspended due to using web stories?

When web stories were released in 2020, many people on youtube gave wrong information about them. Due to this, many AdSense accounts got suspended.

Let’s look at the some of the main reasons why mistakes most publishers have made, and due to their mistakes, their AdSense account was suspended.

Policy violations

The main reason for the AdSense account suspension is not complying with google content policies. Many people have used shortcut methods to gain popularity using web stories and knowingly or unknowingly violated the policies.

If you have recently started blogging and want to save your blog content and Adsense account in the future, read the below documents and save yourself.

After reading all the information, here are three important reasons why your AdSense account got suspended using web stories. Read them carefully.

Use of copyrighted content.

While creating web stories, many publishers use copywrited content. They have used various companies’ images and logos and copied their other content. Some publishers have directly copied links to the images and text from an article and directly pasted them on their web stories.

Google content policies apply identically for every type of web page, whether a post, article, or web store.

Know how you can take permission for using copyright images and other media on your blog.

Ads manipulation.

Another reason is ad manipulation. To affect the ads to appear on your web stories incorrectly. Here are some examples.

  • Creating content out of your niche – If your blog niche is about education and you have created stories on movies and sensational topics to get attention and traffic. Doing this practice will lower the conversion rate.
  • False geo-targeting – If you live in India and have a local niche website and create web stories of any other country, such as “NFL from the United States,” there’s no use in doing this because people from the US will not get information from your website.
  • Keyword stuffing – Unnecessary stuffing of keywords on your web stories can make it look deceptive just to gain a position on the discover pages.
  • Click baiting The purpose of web stories is to provide information quickly and easily. If Publishers have created an incomplete story just to bring traffic. Don’t publish an incomplete story; provide a link to the page users have to visit to get complete information.

Deceptive ads

Don’t place ads in a way where users can accidentally click and visit the advertiser. This is mainly done by changing the Adsense code. If you want to change the code, read this document on changing the Adsense code.

Final words

Your AdSense account will only be suspended if you show ads on your web stories. You can avoid this and disable ads, but as mentioned above, avoid using copyrighted content and follow all the policy guidelines.

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