Types Of Domain Extensions And Their Uses [A to Z list].

types of domain name and their uses

Domain names are significant today for online presence. Everyone wants a website and blog, whether a blog, business, or individual. But do you know what type of domain is suitable for you?

Here is the list of domain names and their use cases’ meanings. You can buy them and create a website or blog for yourself or others.

Types of domain names.

  • Top-level domain -.com, .in , .net.
  • Secondary level domain name – .co.in, .co.uk.
  • Country level domain – .cn, .in. .us .ca.

Info: The list of the domain names has been arranged alphabetically.

Domain name extensionTheir uses cases
.academyPrivate or government coaching or professional courses institutes.
.accountant A person or charted accountant who deals with taxes.
.accountantsFor consulting tax agencies and firms.
.actorUsed by most cinema or theater actors.
.adultFor age-restricted items or information.
.agThe top-level domain for Antigua and Barbuda.
.agencyFor advertising and Hr recruiting companies.
.airforceAny country airforce.
.archiFor architects and builders.
.armyAny country’s army.
.artWall arts, digital arts, and paintings.
.asiaUseful on Asian continents.
.associatesNames of firms and businesses.
.atThe top-level domain for Austria.
.attorneyFor a person who has legal authority.
.auctionIt can be used as buying and selling bidding platfrom.
.autoBest for automobiles such as car and bike companies.
.bandMusical groups and rock bands.
.barCafe and bars.
.barcelona City on the coast of northeastern Spain, mainly known for its football club.
.bargainsFor brokers.
.bayernInformation related to Germany.
.beThe top-level domain for Belgium.
.beerFor beer companies and manufacturers.
.berlinSponsored domain name for Berliners.
.bestIt can be used for product-based informational websites.
.betOnline betting and casinos.
.bidFor bidding purposes of buyers and sellers.
.bikeUsed for a bike-related website.
.bingoGame or fun related.
.bioUsed for writing biographies.
.biz.plFor a business based in Poland.
.bizUsed for business websites.
.blackIt can be used for social or cultural websites.
.blogBest for blogging websites for personal and commercial purposes.
.blueFun and water purpose.
.bostonBest for the local website in Boston city.
.boutiqueLuxury product for women.
.buildConstruction or engineers can use it.
.buildersCompanies involved in construction.
.businessBest for business websites.
.buzzTrending topics.
.bzDomain extension for Belize country.
.cabFor cab and taxi services.
.cafeCafe and restaurants.
.cameraSmartphone camera and professional camera lens.
.campBest for camping products related platfrom.
.capitalFor finance-related websites.
.carCar rentals and services.
.cardsGame cards and collectibles.
.careHealthcare or skin care or health-related topics.
.careersJobs and careers-related websites.
.carsCar company or manufacturing unit.
.casa real estate firms, contractors, and Interior decorators.
.cashMoney-related websites.
.casinoCasino gaming or destinations.
.cateringFood catering services.
.ccNon-profit or creative commons websites.
.centerIt can be used for any headquarters of a particular company.
.ceoFor top officials of companies.
.chTop-level domain of Switzerland
.chatUsed for chatting app website or platform.
.cheapFor discounts and sale tips.
.churchPerfect for churches.
.cityUsed for any specific city which does not have its TLD.
.clTop-level domain of chile.
.claimsFor legal or financial purposes.
.cleaningPest cleaning, dirt cleaning, or similar websites can use it.
.clinicDoctors and nurses can opt for this one.
.clothingBest for any clothing brand.
.cloudFor cloud backup services.
.clubFor nightclubs and pubs.
.cnTop-level domain for Republic of China
.co.inDomain for Indian companies.
.co.krDomain for the companies of the Republic of Korea.
.co.nzDomain for companies of New Zealand.
.co.ukDomain for the companies in the United Kingdom.
.co.veDomain for the companies in Venezuela
.co.zaDomain for the companies in South Africa.
.coachCoaching platform for any specific topic or subject.
.codesLocation, pin codes, algorithms, or game cheat codes.
.coffeeCafes and coffee manufacturing companies.
.collegeFor colleges
.com.agSecond-level extension of Antigua and Barbuda.
.com.auSecond-level extension of Austrailia
.com.brSecond-level extension of Britain.
.com.bzSecond-level extension of Brazil.
.com.cnSecond-level extension of China.
.com.coSecond-level extension of Colombia
.com.esSecond-level extension of Spain.
.com.mxSecond-level extension of Mexico.
.com.peSecond-level extension of Peru.
.com.phSecond-level extension of Philippines
.com.plSecond-level extension of Poland.
.com.soSecond-level extension of Somalia.
.com.tw Second-level extension of Taiwan.
.com.ve Second-level extension of Venezuela
.communityNiche about a specific community.
.companyPublic sector companies and firms.
.computerComputer-related websites.
.condosFor residential apartments
.constructionFor constructions
.consultingConsulting and HR agencies.
.contractorsUsed by contractors.
.cookingFood and recipes.
.coolWater or ice-related domain.
.countryUsed for any specific country.
.couponsCoupons and codes for discounts.
.creditMoney-related information.
.creditcardFor banking and cards.
.cricketFor information related to the game of cricket.
.cruisesCruise ships and passenger ships.
.cymrugeographic top-level domains for Wales in the United Kingdom.
.czDomain name for the Czech Republic.
.danceDance academy or institute.
.datingDating-related websites
.dateDating tips.
.dealsShopping deals.
.degreeAcademic degree or certifications.
.deliveryCourier or shipment agency
.democratRelated to political parties.
.dentalDental products are manufacturing companies or shops.
.dentistBest for a dental clinic.
.desiIndia-related domain extension.
.designAny design-related website such as fashion or interior designing.
.devDevelopers and coders can use this.
.diamondsFor diamond and jewelry merchants.
.digitalFor digital agencies.
.directFor Wholesale distributors and companies.
.directoryContact directory or any informational data.
.discountDiscount offers and shopping deals website.
.dkCountry code top-level domain for Denmark.
.doctorMedical professionals and best for doctors.
.dogDog and pet-related websites.
.downloadBest for utility and software download websites.
.earthUsed for conservation and protection-related topics.
.educationEducation and university.
.emailFor emails.
.energyNuclear power plants and the marketplace buy, sell, and lease minerals.
.engineerEngineering professionals
.engineeringAny engineering college or university. It can also be used for engineering firms.
.enterprisesUsed for small companies and business organizations.
.equipmentIndustry-related products and machinery.
.estop-level domain of Spain.
.estateFor real estate and properties.
.euThe top-level domain for the European Union
.eventsBest use for event management companies and firms.
.exchangeCurrency exchange companies.
.expertA person with expertise in a specific skill can use it. Mostly doctors.
.exposedFor myth-busting and facts-related websites.
.expressMostly related to fast-paced subjects but can be used on news websites.
.failUsed for videos, entertainment, and internet humor and sarcasm.
.faithSpiritual-related websites.
.familySocial blogs and communities can be created using this.
.fansFor fan communities or used for ceiling fans blogs.
.farmFarming and cattle industry.
.fashionTop domain for fashion-related brands.
.filmMovie-related sites.
.financefinance industry or financial services
.firm.inIndian companies and firms.
.fishIdeal for any fish-related products website.
.fishingBest for fishing-related blogs and equipment.
.fitIt can be used for dieting, clothing brands, or personal trainers.
.fitnessFor Gyms and fitness centers.
.flightsAirlines manufacture or Aviation industry.
.floristBetter for flower-related stores.
.fmCode top-level domain for the Federated States of Micronesia. Radio stations can also use it.
.footballFootball coaching.
.forsaleShopping-related sites.
.foundationNon-profit organizations and agencies.
.frCountry code top-level domain for France.
.funMeme websites or any entertainment sites.
.fundBanking and investments related.
.furnitureUsed for furniture manufacturers and companies.
.futbolAlternative domain name for football.
.fyi(For your information)Used by journalists, bloggers, and information providers.
.galleryUsed for art galleries and museums.
.gamesOnline gaming sites.
.gardenWebsite for gardening tips.
.gen.inThe domain name is used in India.
.giftsFor gift shops.
.givesDonation and charity websites.
.glassGlass artworks.
.globalMulti-nation companies.
.gmbhGesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung is related to germany.
.goldGold artwork and Jewelry.
.golfUsed for golfing-related online websites.
.graphicsGraphics designing websites and companies.
.gratisUsed for free information.
.greenUsed for biodegradable and eco-friendly websites.
.gripeUsed for forums with gripe-minded individuals.
.groupFor organizations.
.gsthe top-level domain for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
.guideBlogging site that provides a guide for a product.
.guruUse for a proffesional person.
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