Calculate CF Score on Chegg – What should be the ideal score?

Calculate CF Score on chegg

If you are using chegg as an income platform, you must have paid attention to the CF score, or if you have not paid attention to it, you may be got an e-mail about maintaining the CF score.

Many of my friends and I have made mistakes in the past due to that. My CF score got low many times. But luckily, I gave specific answers correctly each time, and my CF score increased.

Here in this post, you will get information about the CF score, how you can maintain it, and some tips you can follow to increase the CF score.

What is the CF score in chegg?

Cf score is known as content feedback in chegg. It is a rating given by the students and users who post questions on the chegg. If they get satisfactory answers from the expert, they give an upvote in an answer, and if the answer does not meet the guidelines, the answer is downvoted.

How is the CF score measured?

Cf score is measured on 0% – 100% rating. If you have given ten real answers, and in that ten answers, if you got eight upvotes and two downvotes, your total CF score will be 80% percent.

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How to calculate the CF score on chegg?

cf score formula

You must keep an eye on your CF score because if it goes down, there are chances that your chegg expert account might get banned.

Steps to calculate your CF score.

  • Visit your expert dashboard.
  • Then go to my answers option.
  • In the filter option box, look for ” Total positive rated answers.”
  • And then look for ” Rated answers.”

Now put your numbers in the below formula.

Postive ratings :
Total ratings:

The Result is :

To calculate your total CF score, you can use this simple formula – Total positive rated answers / Total rated answer x 100.

However, in Chegg, you can see your monthly CF score on the dashboard, but it is also crucial to maintain your overall cf scores.

What should be the ideal CF score on Chegg?

ideal cf score

The ideal CF score to maintain is above 80%. You will start getting emails from chegg to increase your CF score if you go below that.

However, most people solve more questions to earn more from this platform but doing so will only help you close your account.

Instead of solving all the questions, only focus on those questions you know or can search about it on the internet easily.

Tips for maintaining ideal CF score on chegg.

Your aim should be to maintain your CF score at a healthy percentage. Your goal should be to get an upvote on every answer of yours. Here are some tips for maintaining your CF score on chegg.

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  • Solve question at night – If you belong to India or any other country, login to your chegg dashboard during school and college hours of US time. Because during this time, the chances of getting upvotes are likely to be high.
  • Give answers in brief – People like to get extra things. The same applies to Chegg’s answers. While giving the answers, elaborate your answer correctly and provide good examples to get upvotes. Also, sometimes students refer to other answers instead of posting a new one, and if you have written the answer briefly, you can get extra upvotes.
  • Convert your downvotes to upvotes -When you fail to give the correct answer on time, the students can give you a downvote. You can chat with them in the comments or give proper answers so that others can upvote it in the future.

Before you move forward, you should read the answering guidelines documentation chegg updates its guidelines with time – Read it here.

What happens when the CF score is low?

If your Cf score has been low for quite a long time, you will start getting emails to improve it. Along with it, chegg can also deduct payments if you cannot increase it for a long time.

Ultimately if your Cf score is still low and is not healthy, your account can get deleted from the chegg.

But sometimes, I have seen if you request them by writing an email, you can get your account back. But it happens in some rare cases.


Chegg’s CF score is an essential factor, and you have to be careful while answering the question because maintaining a healthy CF score is the only way you can work here.

Although chegg is a fantastic platform for job-seekers, it is the best place to show here and earn money simultaneously if you know any particular subject.

FAQ about chegg CF Score

Why is Cf score showing N/A?

It means you have not given or solved any answer.

What if you don’t solve questions for a long time in chegg?

If your Cf score is good above 80% and you don’t give any answer nothing will happen to your account but if your account has less than 75 % of the CF score it can be deactivated.

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