How Does Guerrilla Writing Benefit Your Blog?

Guerrilla Writing Benefit

What is guerrilla writing?

Guerrilla writing is a part of guerrilla marketing, where you have to use out-of-the-box techniques to promote your content through unconventional writing and various marketing methods. It is a technique in which you have to quickly create content on a trending topic and gain the top position in search ranking while others are working on it.

To learn more about guerrilla writing and why it is essential for your blog. There are many advantages if you use this technique in your blogs.

For this article, I have researched a lot about this topic and concluded that this writing technique might work for new blogs much better than blogs that have already gained authority.

As a new blogger, you must use this guerilla writing technique, where you publish content as fast as possible about new and trending topics in your niche. If you do it consistently, your content may appear on google news and discovery, where you can gain an initial audience.

How to use guerrilla writing methods on your blog?

To use guerrilla writing methods, you must follow some fundamental practices regularly. Let’s see some of the tips in detail.

Write faster than others.

The big sites take time to publish an article or a blog post. To do this publishing work, the content has to go thru various stages. First, they must plan the content, write, edit, proofread, and publish it. A single person does not do this as they probably have a team to do this task. Also, they may operate during office hours to do this task.

You can take advantage of this and publish an article as quickly as possible. To write a blog post faster, you must be active and focus on these things.

  • Keep an eye on the latest news that is being published on the official websites of various companies. For example, this blog is about content writing and SEO, so I regularly follow google developers’ blogs and update whatever new things they publish on SEO I review them on my blog.
  • Stay updated – After writing the content, you must also keep an eye on its updates.
  • Write fast – Make your typing speed faster. You should develop the habit of writing and publishing your blog post fast. On average most writers write about 600-700 words in 30-45 minutes.
  • Publish fast – Publish your content as fast as possible.
  • Get crawled first – The more you publish content regularly, the more bots will crawl your content.
  • Indexed fast – If you have created content on a trending topic faster than anyone else, your content will show on search results faster.
  • Ranked first – The better you have written, the more content it will rank on the top of the search engine.

What is the advantage of guerilla writing?

  • Return on Investment increases.
  • Authority of blog increases.
  • Boosts your initial organic traffic.
  • Builds audience thrust in your content.
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