What Is The Best Time To Write A Blog Post?

Are you seeking advice on the best time to write a blog post?

Well, this is normal that whenever you get time to write a post or an article, you do it, but you have to also look forward to maintaining consistency in writing or publishing your content.

If you have just started blogging or are experienced, follow some rules to get the best output from your blog.

Moving on to Best Time To Write A Blog Post?

Most people read blog posts during the morning and evening as most have a day job, so they don’t open their phone or computer to read a blog post. So it’s better to write and publish your blog post in the morning between 7.00 AM to 12.00 AM and in the evening from 6.00 PM to 10.00 PM.

Let’s see all these things in detail and explore more topics related to this question to have much deeper knowledge.

The ideal time to publish a blog post.

Most people read blog posts during the morning time. The peak time is an AM hour before 12.00 AM, according to monsterinsights.

To publish your content at a specific time, you can create a weekly plan and schedule your post to publish your content as per the given time.

To make this happen, here are some steps that you can follow.

  • List out the ideas that you want to write about every week.
  • If possible, write at least two blog posts in one day, publish one, and keep another one scheduled for the next day.
  • If you write for seven days, you will have 14 blog posts.
  • With time you can write and schedule more blog posts for one specific period.

You can create a consistent blog and publish content daily using these steps.

How to know when your reader is reading your blog?

The best way to see when more people are coming to your blog is by using Google Analytics. I don’t recommend any paid tools for this, as google only provides the best and most accurate numbers.

To use Google Analytics for this, connect it with your blog, open your analytics dashboard, scroll down and find this option “When do your users visit?”.

As you can see in the above image, the time between 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM is the ideal time for people to visit my blog. At this time, they are active and use the internet.

What is the best day to publish content?

The week’s first three days(Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) are essential; you should focus on publishing content during this time. The last three days are (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) The traffic is relatively low compared to the first three days of the week.

It does not mean you should not write content in the last three days. If you write but publish at the right time, you will start noticing the change.

You can create content seven days a week but publish on the days you get the most visits to your blog.

How many times should you publish content on your blog?

It depends on your writing speed; you may publish one or even two to three blog posts daily. However, some professional bloggers hire freelancer content writers and publish 8-10 blog posts daily.

But when you publish your post, make sure it has quality information. Don’t publish your content by making a hasty decision.

When your blog is new or if you want to start your blog, the frequency of publishing content is low.

As your blog grows and gets visitors, it starts earning money which you can use to produce more content.

On average, a new blogger publishes about 10-15 blog posts in the first month, and after three to four months, the frequency remains constant.

Within a year, a blog starts generating income which can be used to buy content or hire content writers for your blog.

When to publish your post on social media for blog promotion?

After writing articles, it’s time to promote your content on social media platforms. In Social media platforms, people are primarily active in the morning as they wake up and check their phones and notifications.

If you use Facebook and Instagram to promote your blog, use the Meta business suite, and share your post there.

It also has a scheduled option that you can use and publish your content as per your required dates.

Tip: Social media posts can take 5-6 min to create. If it has information, facts, or anything else, you can create using it on canva.com. Create content in one day and schedule it for a week using Meta Business Suite.

Final Words

Publishing content on your blog is a tough job. It needs a lot of attention to detail, research, and editing. Some people leave blogging in the early days and do not create content with consistency.

You may be out of ideas early but if you read more, and study more about your niche, you may get more ideas from the doubts and create more content regularly.

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